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That's right folks it's delivery day. If you pre-ordered the Lumia 900 on AT&T you should have received your tracking number already. Most folks are reporting delivery should be by 3pm this afternoon. If you're like us, just sitting around refreshing your package tracking screen waiting for the 3pm delivery deadline, let us know in this thread: Delivery Day!! 

We are still talking in our "Official has your Lumia 900 shipped yet thread" thread. It seams that AT&T took their sweet time getting the orders out which has  caused a little anxiety for some. We have 22 pages and 435 posts in this thread at last count. For a one day total that's a lot of members trying to help each other on a somewhat stressful day. If you haven't received your tracking information, let us know in this thread:  (Official) Who's Lumia 900 did not ship?

Did you get your Lumia 900 already? This is the thread for you: (Official) I just got my Lumia 900

We have numerous discussions happening in our Lumia 900 forums, so don't just sit around looking at that tracking screen. Here are a few threads to get us going:

If you don't find anything of interest in this list or if you have a story to tell, go ahead and start your own thread. We want to hear what on your mind.

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From the WPCentral Forums: Lumia 900 delivery day


it's shipping FedEx, I'm glad I didn't preorder, my fed ex guy is the worlds worst delivery guy, I wouldn't have seen this til wednesday.  I'll go to the store on monday.

Yayy Im loading my music and apps on my beautiful Lumia 900 black version. Don't know if I want to switch to cyan now. The magenta case fits to perfection too. You all should've seen the looks on my hubby's and daughter faces when they saw my phone. First thing my hubby said was....When is Sprint getting one of these? LOL

Just got mine as well, loving it do far. I just wish that my charger came in the same color as the phone j/k One thong I did notice is that the Nokia marketplace section does not seem to be live yet. Anyone else seeing this? I wonder if they are waiting for the 9th?

Disregard my last statement about Nokia apps, apparently it took the marketplace a while to figure out I had a Nokia.

Lumia 900 received, on the charger right now will be swapping this out for wifey's bb torch tonight for her, I am jealous (contract not up until July), this thing looks and feels sexy sweet!!
Enjoy everyone, I hope the numbers are good for Nokia & WP7 this thing needs and deserves more attention!!

My black Lumia 900 got delivered to my local corporate store at 1:00pm. I was there at 1:05. My rep got it all setup and put on a screen protector for me. Also brought out the gel and other cases from the back room for me to pick from. Everything goes on display Monday morning.
Silky smooth device. Never used anything larger than a 3.8" screen, but the Limia feels comfortable in the hand. And for any kb phone users out there, typing on the 900 is darn close to perfect. No worries.
Spent a good while getting everything installed and setup. Now I am just enjoying my new phone.