Windows Phone Central podcast starting at 4PM EDT

It’s been awhile, but we’re ready if you are. In about 90 minutes we’ll have another podcast with Daniel Rubino, Sam Sabri and Jay Bennett. We’ll be talking Windows Phone 8.1 and Microsoft’s upcoming Build developer conference. We’ll of course highlight some of our favorite apps and answer your questions.

We’ll start the podcast around 4 PM EDT. Which means it’ll be 1PM PDT for all you in Los Angeles and Seattle. Londoners and others will be listening in at 8PM GMT.

Just head to the Time and Date website to see when the podcast will be starting in your time zone.

Have any questions or topics you want us to talk about in the podcast? Get them ready and join the chat! We’ll have the podcast up on the home page and will send out a tweet when it’s ready. See you then!

Pro tip. Tweet us any questions or topics you want discussed on the podcast.

Daniel - @daniel_rubino

Sam - @samsabri

Jay - @JayTBennett


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Windows Phone Central podcast starting at 4PM EDT


Ha ok! That stuff will probably be above the heads of Dan and I. We'll see if Jay can glance over the info real quick since he'd have a better chance of understanding it. 

Awesome! The whole "all Microsoft products" sounds very interesting. DirectX 12 on WP8.2 or 9 could be pretty cool.

Well about wp8.1, with all the messaging apps im still wondering hows skype gonna improve, still no able to send pics on chat, the keyboard cant be change to horizontal, and still slow as... Besides that seems the most complete. The build in mssg app is the best for me, quick and to the point... Is that changing?

Anyone know if snapchat stores photos after they have been deleted. Thinking about the whole thing it probably wouldn't be very hard for them to just take whatever your sending and store it somwhere

please talk about mozilla abandoning the winRT platform and how will microsoft pitch winRT at build given it took the VLC guys basically a year to work around the limitations of winRT and mozilla just gave up.

Come on, dude. VLC had to rewrite their entire audio stack multiple times and there's 8 million lines of code. Give them a break. They're way understaffed for the huge undertaking. I mean, hell, the Android app has been in beta for like 3 years.
Plus, Mozilla said it had nothing to do with with WinRT, it was the adoption rate. Plus, as Paul Thurrott pointed out, when you use an OS, you generally use the default, like iOS and Safari, so its not a surprise that Modern Firefox didn't catch on.

two stories: FF and VLC. both hugely popular x86 apps suddently struggle to make it to winRT. I have nothing but praise for the devs, but MSFT better start preaching miracles at build since after mozilla abandoned winRT, a lot of devs are questioning if this API isn't a dead end MSFT dug and will end up abandoning.

BTW Thurott doesn't have a freaking clue in life. Both mozilla and google have been very critical of MSFT for IE can tap into APIs that store devs cannot and survive certification. Basically MSFT couldn't create IE as a store app if it had to get it to the same standards they are asking of mozilla and google. If not winRT, then at least offer a win32 compatible interface for store apps that can be first class citizens in the "metro" world, but retain all their win32 parts. All this needless refactoring just to work around the inmature winRT isn't helping.

I'm assuming you're talking to me. No, i think they're waiting for BUILD for the API changes to begin development them.

I want to know if I should upgrade my phone now to a 1020 or hold off for the release of the WP 8.1 handsets? Any more info on Martini?

As a Surface user, I'm afraid 16GB storage would be extremely crippling.  Also, they discontinued the original RT 32GB.  My girlfriend had an issue with her RT 32GB and they replaced it with an RT 64GB. 

Windows 8.1 update 1 officially supports 16gb of storage, the OS uses less space, so there is more free space for the user.

anyone know if you can turn off sms toast messages in 8.1 two of my friends returned their Lumia`s because of this issue...

Arrgg I hate google .. I wanted to find the link because they didn't post it and because google is BS I had to log into g+ to find it here is the g hangout plus.google.com/events/ccvbl9lqg7b97i5vt4e051q444s