Windows Phone Central Poll - Do you use your Front Facing camera?

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It's pretty but do you use it?

We’re not going to deny that in today’s smartphone world, if you’re going to sell a high-end Windows Phone (or even mid-range) a front-facing camera is a must. Presumably used for face-to-face video call, the technology has been around for years but is only becoming mainstream since 2011.

In Windows Phone 8, users will have Skype and other VOIP options built seamlessly into the OS, offering a fluid experience akin to making “regular” phone calls. And with 4G LTE finally gaining ground nationally here in the US, data bandwidth seems more than adequate for video conferencing.

While all of that sounds good the question for us to you who currently have a front-facing camera is do you use it?

It seems silly to ask but we never use ours except for a few times to test Tango Video or Skype. Other than that we can’t be bothered with the technology. But we’ve often seen those with children using FaceTime on the iPhone to keep in touch, so perhaps we’re in the minority here. The view seems to be that everyone wants a front-facing camera and it's a must-have feature but few of us are actually using it. Are we wrong?

So go forth people, be honest and take our poll. If you do use it, tell us in comments how often. If you don't, let us know why you don't. Too awkward, not enough data speed? Will widespread adoption of Windows Phone 8 and Skype across Microsoft change things?



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Windows Phone Central Poll - Do you use your Front Facing camera?


Yup. Use it to Skype with friends and family. Also works great to take pics of the kids and I to send to family members that live in other countries

I use it all the time. My girlfriend being in another country, it really is very important for me to have a ffc. I have an HTC Radar but would have preferred to buy the Nokia lumia 800 with it's larger storage and amoled display but the deal breaker being that it has no front facing camera.

HTC Trophy, Don't have one. I think it would use it though for Skype. And tango video chat. And I'd use it as a mirror of I was out. Or take a picture of myself for a photo editing app.

I had a Trophy that's how I got hooked great little phone. I use my FFC to talk to people all the time when im in WiFi since AT&T doesn't have unlimited data...

My HTC Radar has the latest firmware and the FFC works just fine.
But have used the FFC probably twice just to test it in Tango and Skype. Normally, I just use voice to do either Tango or Skype.

I have a Trophy, so that's a no go, but my roommate has a L900 and she uses the FFC to make sure there is nothing on her face, in her teeth, her makeup and hair are fine, etc. She uses it after just about every meal and when she gets in the car.

I think, there should have been one more option in the poll for someone and probably many people like me: 1-5 times every couple of months.

Only to take pics or as a mirror but not for Skype...if my girlfriend had wp7 other than her hd7 which doesn't have a front facing camera then maybe I would Skype. I have the Titan by the way.

HD7, don't have but it'll come handy once in a while. Only problem when I use the rear one is after a while my phone gets hot and starts to get uncomfortable to hold. So may be on a tablet..perhaps...more..
I've to admit tho, the rear cam comes handy once in a while when I need to show friends something without having to reach out for my thinkpad.

I'm a US Air Force firefighter and work 48 hour shifts away from my 20 month old daughter. I use the camera via Tango to talk to my wife and daughter while at work. It really is pretty great to be able to "see" them while at work.

Used it once when I bought my phone to make sure it worked. Other than that I couldn't care less about it.

Only on occasion. Pretty much to take a rare photo of myself + someone. Of course Skype and Tango force me to use it as well.

Same here. What's the use case? Your kids live in a different country and you just have to Skype with them while sitting in a bus instead of doing that from home or the office? I never understood it. 

Very little; the call quality of tango and Skype isn't good enough to use routinely. Also most people don't use ffc on calls, we just talk traditionally

I use it quite a bit, maybe almost regularly. The times I use it are generally when I'm with my girlfriend, and we're out somewhere and I want to check in on Facebook and add a photo of the both of us. It works really well for these things and for Facebook.

I never thought I would but I use it often.  Usually for comical shots with friends or a niece/nephew.  It helps that the 900 has a decent FFC. 

Are you kidding me??? I love my FFC and use it every chance I get. Skype, Tango, pictures, flirting (lol). This was the one thing I was missing with my previous WP(HTC Arrive). Now that I have it (Nokia Lumia 900) I can barely put it down. Every month since April I've gone over my 5GB data allotted by 1GB. Only thing I wish I could use it for is conferencing while I'm away from work instead of my PC. I really wish other video conferencing apps were available from the big names in the WP market, or at least third-party apps. :-)

I used to have a Samsung Focus flash (now with the girlfriend), and I'm sure she used 400% more times the ffc in a month than me in 4. So that's why I have a shinny new white lumia 800

I have used mine a few times to Skype with my wife. Actually I would really love to use it a lot more but my friends never get on Skype or don't answer my Tango calls except for every once in a while.lol Lazy bumbs. But definitely using it all the time this fall when the baby arrives(our first) and I'm at work and stuff. My wife will just have to get used to it.lol Also I do use it to take pictures of myself or when my wife and I are out together.

But I have tested most of the phones' ffc and I have to say the Lumia 900 has the best one of any phone I've tried.

Nope, never used it that much with my previous phones. That's why I now have a phone that doesn't have a front facing camera. To be honest, I started using phones with front facing cameras in 2008. Since then I only made about 4 calls using the camera. Never really used it to take pictures coz let's be honest, those cameras are crap. That technology is completely useless to me.

Yes, use with Skype, Tango and taking picture with my children. It would be nice to use it as a facial recognition to enter the phone.

I would use the front facing camera if I had one. I have used them on other phones of siblings that have them, and the biggest issue I'm encountering is that the front-facing cameras have low quality. Pictures don't look so good. I love taking pictures of myself with family members or just of me. They should make the same pixels for the front cameras as that of the rear.

Tango with my kids everyday.. Sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. They are 5 year olds twins with iPod touches. They and I love it.

The reason why you don't see many CALLS (what you would notice because pictures are so common nobody notices anymore) is the same reason why most people aren't on the speakerphone in public. It's like watching two people argue out loud in public. It kinda makes everyone uncomfortable. The CAMERA people use for self portraits and group photos all the time. They should probably out a better camera on the front for those who like to take pictures of themselves :-)

Use it to tango with the few friends that have the app. Skype outbound to friends when I see them online. Would use it even more if Skype could receive inbound calls. I use my PC or iPad for inbound right now.

As the old saying goes "... Its better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it..."
Plus its also an annoying bullet point that everyone would pock on in comparison to the competition that have it.

I've used it a few times in Skype, which I think is cool and will be awesome in WP8 integration.

Lumia 900 and I use it regularly to Skype friends and family abroad. And as a mirror. And to discreetly take pics of the weirdo on the bus behind me and post on Facebook :-D

I use it a lot. I do some video blogging and use the front cam canto shoot myself. I also take self portraits. I've only used tango and Skype, once each.

I've used it a lot. I've used it to try on new glasses, for Skype, to take photos and video of me and my daughter, and as a mirror to look at my kid in the backseat while driving.

I voted 'no', even though I don't own a Lumia 900 (Lumia 800 user here, by the way).  I voted based on the previous phones I use that have them. Understandable if people want to keep in touch with their family, friends or loved ones while on the go (provided that they sign up to a good plan), but I prefer to do that with a PC's webcam compared to that of a phone.

Don't have it on my Lumia 800 but I don't really use it much on my iPhone either. Depends though..when I am away on a trip I use it almost everyday with Facetime, but then again I can do that with my webcam so it's not really necessary. 

Users would love to have the option though even if you don't use it much. As long as its there as an option you could use it if necessary or if you turn narcotic. 

No use for FF, never was in the middle of 2000, still isn't. But for a company using video conference its great, but only for companys.

I don't do the skype or Tango video call thing often but the camera is invaluable when I do. I also use it from time to time for that arm's length group photo that always takes multiple tries when I try to take it with the rear camera.

i barely use it for skype and tango aside from that i have no real reason too i hate taking pics of myself and i hate other people taking pics of themselves on my phone when they ask me to see it. its pretty useless i kinda wish i had a lumia 800 instead of a lumia 900 just because i prefer the size but i have no complaints lol

I have never used it, but can see the potential for specific occasions. For example, if someone wanted real time verification on a product, item, etc. But even then, most people just text or email a picture.