The Windows Phone Challenge racks up 40,522 wins for Microsoft and very few losses

The winners is...

All good things must come to an end and so does the Windows Phone Challenge at Microsoft Stores in the US as April 12 was designated to be the last day (Evidently the contest is still going on in many stores)

Although the Smoked by Windows Phone Challenge will remain forever controversial, there is little doubt it made waves and got the OS noticed (hey, any publicity is good publicity). Guess we didn't figure Microsoft were tallying up every single win (and loss) though perhaps it shouldn't be a surprise. Here are the results:

  • Won - 40,522
  • Lost - 462

We're assuming that these numbers are just for the US at the various Microsoft Stores and don't include the expanded contest in places like Italy, Malaysia and Brazil (to name a few). Even Nokia picked up and ran with it in London.

If our math is correct, Windows Phone has won 98.87% of the challenges which is, umm, really high. Of course, we all know that the challenge favors Windows Phone as the tasks are predefined, but Microsoft has made some changes to make it more fair to challengers.

We're sure the naysayers will still cry foul though. Fair enough. The publicity stunt started a great conversation about the efficiency of using your smartphone for everyday tasks and put the spotlight on Windows Phone for once, something we rather enjoyed seeing.

Source: Microsoft Store (Facebook)


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The Windows Phone Challenge racks up 40,522 wins for Microsoft and very few losses


Well done windows phone team!! Congratulations!!! I hope to see more of this type of marketing. Hopefully wp8 can outperform other platforms in a lot more ways.

This doesn't matter. iPhone is selling like gang busters. These will not help when Nokia is no more. after that who is going to sell Windows Phone devices???

That's funny...Nokia hasn't been the leader in smartphones since they hit the market more than 10 years ago with their Symbian OS. And WPs have many different manufactures like Android devices, iPhone users know everything though :/

Chaotikchiken that was funny that u said Symbian doesn't out do apple lol can u tell me y Nokia symbians out sell apple 3to 1 then u know that Nokia has been on top in the last decade do ur research better iPhone only really sells well here in the U.S. every wer els its Nokia and samsung

After watching that CNBC video yesterday with all those guys tripping over themselves in regard to iPhone; this comment doesn't surprise me. ;)

If Nokia goes away which I highly doubt then people will just buy HTC,Samsung,LG,ZTE & Huawei WP devices nice try loser.

Fantastic article.
I just love Windows Phone gets a rather small victory, it still walks away as being remembered as, possibly for, a controversial campaign.
It’s kind of beautiful actually, being talked about.  Extreme numbers can only surprise you so many times.  Yeah, a bazillion phones were sold. Uhh… that’s what they do… sell.  Doesn’t mean other phones aren’t and will not sell as well.  Plus, people buy new phones and upgrade. There’s choice.  Right now, there are probably quite a bit of stores that would successfully switch some iPhone and Android users.  But we don’t need one of those, switching campaigns.  Oh Jobs.

Especially important is the publicity. Cry foul all you want but being able to publicly demonstrate the strengths of your platform is huge. Heck it was enough to make me try out a second hand HTC arrive. While i find this particular device lacking (camera, screen, ECT) i do find the OS to be far better than IOS and android. None of them will likely be perfect for every user, but for me wp7 comes out on top. As a sprint employee i can't wait to get a new wp8 device. Hopefully it will be a wp8 lumia with the 41MP camera backed by an S4 "pro" chip.

I have the arrive and I love it. Except as you mentioned screen and camera is terrible...keyboard bug makes me wanna throw this phone.. Keyboard closed on me least 8 times typing this...

I understand the frustration about the keyboard bug, but don't blame your phone for that, blame your provider for not updating it. I'm glad I don't live in the US so I don't have to deal with these carriers.

One this which I would like to see is how this campaign translates to increasing chatter amongst other smartphone owners and the market share increase. Only then can we term this campaign as a success or failure. 

I convince about 1 in 10 that WP is better. Granted I won't brow beat IOS and android to do so; just merely comment on the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Win phone still has a looooong way to go. Pretty much anybody "tech savy" still laughs it off at this point. But that's changing! People are taking notice. Uts not a sprint, its a marathon.

"Pretty much anybody "tech savy" still laughs it off at this point"
I find that the "tech savy" people are the ones adopting it first...
Are we talking best buy employee "tech savy" or  like IT pro "tech savy" ? 

I agree that these challenges favour WP, but then again, it's a publicity stunt, of course it's going to favour WP, that's how marketing works, you highlight your strengths and hope nobody asks about the rest :) You can disagree with this but like it or not, this is how it works so Microsoft has to go along with it. On the other hand, taking a picture, tagging the people in it and uploading it to Facebook is something most average users do regularly so I don't think it is too biased.

OMG! Ricardo Dawkins is in the WP Central forums?! ^_~
He used to troll the Zune HD forums and do nothing but naysay constantly. Seriously Ricardo, just go away....

As a developer, the only two markets where we can see important numbers are USA and ITALY, all others have very small numbers... Please share your stats too :)

IPhone and Android are starting to get wise about this challenge. Soon enough they will find a way around the fact that Windows Phone is kicking there ass and the challenge will be no more.