Latest comScore report shows slight Windows Phone growth in the United States

Windows Phone 8.1

ComScore has released data for smartphone industry market share in the United States for April 2014. According to the data, Apple is the leading smartphone manufacturer with command of 41.4 percent of the market share while Google leads the platform market with its Android OS with 52.5 percent of the market. As to the most used smartphone app? Facebook ranks at the top.

Platform data shows that Android and Windows Phone were the only OSes with growth from the past quarter with the former gaining 0.8 percent and Microsoft gaining 0.1 percent arriving at a 3.3 percent market share. Apple's 41.4 percent platform share was down 0,2 percent while BlackBerry's 2.5 percent share was down 0.6 percent from the beginning of the year. Symbian was constant at 0.2 percent share.

As to top smartphone OEMs, Samsung was the only one that grew. Gaining a whole percentage point since the beginning of the year, Samsung now owns 27.7 percent of the smartphone market, which is second to Apple's 41.4 percent. LG, Motorola, and HTC are in similar positions with between 5 and 6 percent of the market.

In terms of apps, Facebook, YouTube, Google Play, Google Search, Pandora, Gmail, Google Maps, and Instagram are among the top used apps.

Source: comScore


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Latest comScore report shows slight Windows Phone growth in the United States


Google owns most of the top apps but somehow doesn't have the resources to make windows phone apps. Anyone find it odd..? Probably not but it definitely shows how they feel about Microsoft.

Personally, I get everything I need through WP, especially those lovely apps that download YouTube videos to my phone, so don't care, just saying :-)

That's because the founders of Google used to work at other tech companies in the 90's where Microsoft ate them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nothing but sour grapes.

Of course they want to kill WP before it gets too big. But I have been living Google and Facebook free all my life and don't feel any need to have accounts at either company.

As a major software company, who's interest is to shareholders, wouldn't it make sense to cater to the largest group of people? There are actually laws that make it so companies have to do so... Plus it makes perfect business sense to do so anyways...

Fiduciary duty, shareholders can sue the board for not looking out for their financial interests. Do a quick Bing search for more info.

But google will not make their apps for WP. Why is that? Wouldn't they want people who use their services be able to use them on all OS's?

Why would i want to use google services anymore on WP? Bing is just about to catch up(at least in english) and Maps is just fine. Outlook works okay even though it is always laggy accross Europe and youtube.. well .. this would be the only standalone app i would understand people to want. I dont need it though. music can be provided via xbox and the browser can manage to play them as well

Bing is not up to par on web search as google is. Though, bings maps are much smoother and faster, video search is much more impressive, unlike google they show news in the home on Bing like yahoo does. Also google actually changed their image layout to how Bing has it yet Bing has a better filter system for images.

@EvoLuTioNHeaVy Haha there you go finally someone who thinks and has long term goals. Lol


See, I'm washing lettuce. Soon, I'll be on fries. Then the grill.
In a year or two, I'll make assistant manager
...and that's where the big bucks start rolling in!

                                              -Coming to America / Microsoft's march with WP.

These numbers are discouraging... but what's most discouraging is that a lot of this is Microsoft's own fault.  I mean, seriously... no new flagship device last Christmas... or... this Spring?!?  It's ridiculous.

Yet in Europe Windows Phone is close to getting #2 place is several big markets.  Imagine what would happen if Windows phone was seen as the second most popular smartphone in Spain.  App makers would need to support it to continue to be successful there, and naturally Spanish apps are easy to port to South America and parts of America.

The same for the UK, to me the US is a sideshow right now because it is lagging behind Europes adoption of WP, Microsoft-Nokia can advance the platform much better by concentrating on the markets where they already have some success to force app makers to either support WP in that market or lose access to that market.

Yet Microsoft still concentrates its development for US first, which seems a wasted opportunity to me.

As long as there is growth of any kind, I'll take it. I liken WP to that of the mac OS market share which I believe is under 7%. However it is still very cool to own a MacBook. So though WP is at a paltry 3.3%, I would love it to grow into a product that has some real cache behind it. Now I know that's not the case with the many low-end WPs out there but a guy can dream right?

@HotJava with that name you must throw your MacBook in the garbage and go Android. Or change your name to Hotc# and get a Surface. Lol

Surface 2 here and a dell xps w/ win 81. I plan on being a proud owner of a surface pro 3 shortly.

It's not that cool to own a MacBook. All it means is you paid more money for less function just to try to look cool, which is the antithesis of cool.

I don't make the rules nor do I set the trends. If u don't believe that it is considered cool to own a MacBook pro then we are living on different planets. I'm just acknowledging a known fact. For the record, I'm a MSFT fan boy rocking a wp1520, a surface 2 and. Dell xps with W81. I don't own any apple products but I still acknowledge that they have the coolness factor on their side at the moment.

The mac book is starting to get a reputation as a hipster device. All style over substance. People will start being branded a hipster even without the beard and glasses. :)

Can definitely see how the 1520 and Icon exclusives have not helped WP's share. Guess MS is content with their paltry 3%.

i'll play armchair quarterback CEO. since the largest growth was the 5 series phone, which was just sold on prepaid plans for ATT and tmobile in the us, they should release a 5 series phone for prepaid plans on CDMA networks like verizon and sprint. Not that I use them, but I hope to see them to further the growth of the windows phone.

How about a 4 series that is equivalent to the specs of the junk Androids sold at your local grocery or drug store, but that actually connects to the Windows Phone Store. The average poor Joe has only one Windows Phone device that is still regularly $99. How about getting something dirt cheap-$50 range, that can steal even more of the massive low end market.

That would be the X line in the days of Nokia. In the future OEM partners will take care of that price point.

1520 should have been released on all 4 major carriers here in the US simultaneously. Samsung seems to good success with that strategy!

Used the recovery tool the other day and went back to WP8.Me Tile on 8.1 was my biggest issue.Why the hell did they get rid of notifications on the Me Tile on 8.1 :/ Even IOS 8 is going to have Facebook baked into the OS and Microsoft takes it away.Let me give you some advice Microsoft quite taking advice from the Message boards because those people don't use WP.

well whatever they use they will soon advice to centralize communication and information in WP :) Android centralizing.. apple centralizing.. just well .. windows.. decentralizing

A few things. First, its in beta. Second, notifications moved to the action center which can be accessed anywhere unlike in the me tile. Third, they are changing how things work with social apps in the me tile. Apps now connect to the me tile giving the developer control of how it works with the me tile. More social apps can be connected to your me tile then and integrate directly instead of having two different apps where the one in me tile isn't as functional and a full fledged social app that is the same thing yet has more. Now its one app that connects to the me tile. To post on multiple social networks you simply need to download a new app such as unishare.

Yes, I do know the Dev Preview is basically a beta.Don't care for the action center, not needed when you have live tiles.Microsoft can go the html route like they Did with Cortana with the Me Tile.The only good job Microsoft has done is driving away there main user base.

I have hard time picturing Windows Phone having a significant share in the US anytime soon. So many young adults/teens (my generation) are into their iPhones and feel like Android is a secondhand phone and majority dont even know Windows Phone.
My friends are amazed that Im on the WP train to this day.

I completely agree. I have one of my friends who decided to buy a windows phone, but everyone else thinks I'm weird for not owning an iPhone.

I rather be different and not have what the majority have anyway. Actually I get compliments on my Nokia Lumia 920.

Says a lot about people these days. My sister and I have had similar experiences. It's a shame people are so caught up in image.

It's been fascinating to watch the progression of the platforms in business. One of the companies I visit regularly is in a six floor building with all the executives at the top of course.

The iPhone came and I saw it on the bottom floor first. A few years later, it had spread up to the middle floors, the execs were still on BB's. Fast forward to today. All the execs are on iPhones. The bottom and middle floors are all Android. This year, I spotted a couple WP's on first floor.

That's actually pretty cool. I bet Windows phones make it up to the exec level before Android :)

In Europe wp is growing much faster (17% here in Italy).
All the people got iPhones here too, but they are switching (it s not yet "exclusive" if always owns it, it s just boring...).
Android is dominating now but WP is second (passed iPhones).
Why is this not happening in USA too :( ....?
I convinced I suppose more than 20 people to switch (I promised to refund them the phone price LOL). Maybe you,USA WP owners, are not evangelizing enough :D ...

Actually in Italy WP fell below 13%...
Said that I am not surprised at all; no flagship devices that create traction for Nokia brand.

The only way to maintain a steady .2 market share when other phones are selling is to also be selling, so yes, something was sold.

Nope....they could just be second hand handsets that people have reverted to using for whatever reason. I dare say there are still tens of millions of Symbian handsets out there that are just sitting unused.
In some ways, Symbian is still a better OS than the three market leaders we have today. The 808 still has the best camera. Symbian also has better multitasking. & in Whatsapp at least, it has a better and more highly supported app :).
I do love my 1020 though...it definitely beats Symbian in most areas now that we have 8.1

I don't know maybe im crazy but I think its hard to show any real growth when your competitors are coming out with new phones that generate excitment while there is nothing new from Microsoft/Nokia in the US aside from a low end phone.  I'm itching to get a new phone (A HIGH end windows phone) and there is nothing new and almost no news (aside from rumored codenames) about new high end Windows phones.  Its frustrating.

Agreed, the first wave of people who grabbed the 920 and 8X (like me) are due foe an upgrade this fall and we need a device ASAP! I do not like the 930 at all, but I'm sure something will pop around the end of the summer.

I have my 8X still as well and considered the Icon but just want to hold out a little longer. If I see a successor to the 1020 or the Icon (I'm on Verizon) I will pay the $200 to upgrade instead of waiting for a price drop like I have been doing. Also, I wish the exclusives would stop.

Yeah You're right there hasn't been a flagship windows phone since the lumia 1020. I'm saying that because the 1520 and the icon are exclusives and 930 is just a repackeged icon which is rediculous since the icon has been out for a while. I'll be eligible for an upgrade but there are no windows phones on my carrier (or any carrier for that matter in Canada).

I hear you. Selection of Windows phones here in Canada is brutal. Thankfully picked up my 1020 a couple weeks before my carrier ditched it. The only phones they have now are the 520 & 625. Just picked up the 625 for the wife as a bb replacement & she loves it.
Besides the screen resolution I'm quite impressed with it for a "low end" phone.

1520 definitely high end-not sure how much higher end you can get than that.
I just put 8.1 on mine and don't see how WP can be dismissed anymore. All the features people have crying for are all here as far as I'm concerned. Notification center, file manager (including attach multiple docs to an email!), down load email images automatically, delete multiple images & texts, VPN, store whatever you want to an SD card, word flow, back up, separate volume controls, Cortana, etc. Yes, some things still need work but most of the features that WP lacked are here now-no excuses!

There are a lot of people, me included, that are not interested in a 6" devices. A 1520, in the 5" range, would make me replace my 920 while waiting to see what Goldfinger will bring in the game. A 930? No thanks...

1520 is last years high end.  I'm not going to pay top dolar for old tech.  I'd have to buy for $625 because tmobile doesnt offer it.  The new procesors and QHD are now available and I'm going to wait until the Note 3 is out and If windows doesn't have an updated 1520 by then they will have lost a customer because I will get the Note 3.

I was wondering about that too. I'm the resident Samsung hater here and I can't believe the Note 3 is something they would wait for when it's old news already and the 1520 has more legs considering the OS it runs.

Yes I meant Note 4 and it hurts because Im totally anti gogle but if Nokia/Microsoft don't release a phone I want there isnt much in the 5.5+ inch range and I have a note 2 which I like aside from Adroid side of it.

Bullshit-it's not old tech. It just came out last October. You must be a techno-dork that goes and gets every new latest and greatest device as soon as it comes out. The never ending quest. And really its getting to the point of diminishing returns with processing power, ram, display resolution etc. How much more do you need?

Its not how much I need, if I'm going to pay a certain price and the new tech is here and being released I'm going to hold out the 1-3 months and get the newer tech.  If Nokia had released the 1520 to Tmobile when it was released I would have bought it then, but not now.

The day you buy the latest tech,.,,, by tomorrow its getting obsolete.... but hey, dont let that stop you.  How much more tech do you really want???

I buy the latest.  Example last october I would have bought the 1520.  Its June now, I wont pay $625 when new phones will be out in 1-3 months with new processors/screens/abilities.  Its simple.  Why buy older phones when the new ones will be out shortly for roughly the same price?  No clue why an educated comsumer would do that.  But hey feel free to spend your money the way you want.

agree, it's pathetic and part of the problem is the carrier exclusives. hard to market the lumias when there are 6 different models, each for a specific niche, and then different carriers within that niche.

This Chuong H Nguyen guy really likes Google-related news. I think he tried to hide his love for Google by writing a title that would catch a WP user's eyes. However, the title is clearly misleading. The article is not about a slight growth of the Windows Phone platform. It's about Samsung growing in sales and Google having lots of its apps among the top used.

When I was looking at Android phones Sunday the idiot referred to WP7. I had to correct her. It didn't help that WP have app issues as they had to display apps that are available on WP. She didn't know what to say when I told her that WP OS had a better UI than Android. But WP7? Really?

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

First of all, all articles are written with a WPCentral staff, with this one being assisted by Sam Sabri, so any bias towards a platform is diminished.

Second, data is data. Go look at the 'Total U.S. Smartphone Subscribers Age 13+' stats. What we reported is exactly what is in there: Windows Phone grew by 0.1% in three months. What the source article chose to focus on is not what we're focusing on. That's how data works, you find the bits you're interested in, and in this case, that's Windows Phone market share.

I was like huh? LOL I had to re-read my statement.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

If you choose it to promote Windows phone data, why was 95% of the article about Android? I think that was the guys point.

Data is what it is, but if you're trying to focus on a small portion of that data as Daniel argued, you have to elaborate that small portion. This article is all about Samsung and Google (and even Apple) and then it just mentions Windows Phone on the run.

I guess you were trying to reply to me. Anyway, don't take it so personal, Daniel, you're a grown-up guy.

I'm not a journalist nor anything like that, but I study English Teaching and Translation, so I have to study how to write essays, articles, letters, etc. And even though data is data, when the title of an article represents such a small percentage of its content, then the title is misleading or simply wrong because the title must relate to the main topic. In this case the main topic is NOT Windows Phone's growth. It's Samsung's growth and Google invading the app stores. If I wrote a title like that in an article like that at college, I would simply fail.

Still, every time I read an article written by him, Google is somewhere in the mix. So I'm sure you guys try hard to avoid platform bias, but I guess this time is evident he likes Google. Nothing really wrong with that, but I'd rather be told, "Hey, I like Google and might become obvious at times" than reading an article which title was written to try and fool me.

This is just reporting numbers, and doesnt seem that onesided. This isn't as bad as Dana Wollman at Engadget, who either rates any windows device as mediocre or wretched, and then gives any chromebook A++ ratings.

Wow, I almost want to read a few of his/her reviews just to upset myself. Chromebooks are a good idea but I can't stand behind anything Google any longer.

Easy on Chuong H Nguyen killer.
It is not his fault. He is a creation of the current mobile community. Soon when WP is in front of all he shall enjoy writing about WP.

It's bad form to beat your chest when you're on top. Something the Apple shits never figured out and can't understand why everyone else despises them.

That's what they need actually... Cool in house games studio to create the most addictive puzzlers, action, platforms etc. If they can get exclusive games they could be known as the OS to use for casual gamers, XBOX fans and business users with the office suite. They also need to focus on Nokia's camera tech and be the go to phones for photographers. Audio is wrapped up already with the HAAC mics in the Icon/930.

They are literally shouting on a goldmine. I'd post $250 on contract for a Surface phone that combined all of the above and the rest that they do well on already.

Nah. They create a cool name, but since they're a software company first, they'll release it on iOS and Android first. Been there. Done that. It's really hard to understand Microsoft's way of competing.

Need More devices on ATT, and especially Sprint. Limiting the options to specific carriers really limits your potential. I just added my wife to the WP user base with a 1020, but I want to upgrade my 920 to something like the Icon, but have to stay on ATT for work. Iphone started out with this limited representation in the market as well but now all the major phones are widely available except WP phones.

This is a good point because those are the considered the budget/value carriers as well. Good service, good phones just less money. Get those users on board and they will spread. I'm actually glad that Windows Phone hasn't become too popular just yet. It is finally reaching parity with the competition so its best that most smartphone users experience with it be more complete than we aficionados have had.

They might never come back if they tried it at 7.5 and 8.0.

Symbian constant, while BB shrank. Does that mean the market didnt grow at all or are they still selling Symbian. And if so, do they outsell BB? Or is BB negatively selling (buying back their Phones)? :P

The real issue are exclusives lol. You want your phone to reach the masses so you release it on 1 of four major US carriers. Makes no sense. With Microsoft backing, hoping second half of 2014 sees some far reaching product releases by microsoft mobile oy. I want to see a Lumia 1030 available on all 4 and the 530 available on every mom n pop carrier in the states. Give me that job title

I'll believe it when I see it..... In other words, when 2, or 3, more people besides me at work have WP devices then we're getting somewhere... There's about 30 people per shift.. Most have Android devices.. So I'm talking 15 Android devices, 10 iPhones, and 5 WP devices.. That sounds pretty reasonable to me..

Got 5 in the same building I work in, a few more in another, seems to be a fair amount of windows phone growth in the DFW area! I'm stoked!

I've seen a few around town. Once getting an oil change, once on lunch break, and another at the pub. I think it's looking up.

I think they should be sure to release in multiple color options like the 920 because they stand out more. You might spend more to get it, but it'd like free advertisement and a product differentiator, so why not try?

Nokia was making progress penetrating the USA. Since the merger was announced, we've not heard enough about new drool worthy devices coming to the market.

as another person mentions, a lot of people are coming up on their renewals. Retaining all of those people is critical if MSFT hope to build market share. What cool device that is clearly better than what they have now is available for them?

Yes, the developing Asian, Indian and African markets have more easy opportunity for growth. But msft/nokia also need to grow market share in EU and USA, too.

This has been written about 100 times before. Train and incentivize the carrier store employees; release cool beautiful devices; target development of key apps. Make advertising that shows benefits and unique capabilities. Execute flawlessly, and drive quality up. People respond to quality at a good price.

it is frustrating. The pieces are there. The talent is there. The execution is stumbling along.

what can be done? Let's hope the Nokia group can be enabled and inspired to do great work. They have the skills. Now give them the resources to make some amazing drool worthy devices.

With the new *amazing* iPhone 6 and ios 8 on the way, this will change will quickly. Ugh... USA is there hope?

I don't know how amazing the iPhone 6 is, and while I have NEVER owned an Apple product I deeply respect them as an "enemy".   They release products with a very refined aesthetic sense and market them very well.   I simply do not count them out and I also expect that they will release something of relative quality if not at times groundbreaking.    So clearly I don't expect Apple to roll over.   I also expect defections from WP and Android to iOS with the release of the iPhone 6.    That's given they finally release a phone with a display size more alingned with the market at this time.

Even though Microsoft had a significant mobile presence here in the US, Microsoft was quite delayed entering the "modern/touchscreen" mobile market.   They entered the market after it had already coalesced into two main dominant camps.   That's another MS f*ck up born out of what, hubris and miscalculation?  

IF Microsoft, MM and secondarily their OEM allies excute well over time WP can continue to grow and solidify a significant third place here in the US.   It WILL take time.   It WILL take sustained good if not excellent execution.

With Samsung's Galaxy phones and the Apple iPhone dominating the martket its going to be hard for Windows Phone or Blackberry to gain much market share, other than from each other.  Bit of a shame really.

I'd rather iPhone obsessed than Android obsessed, especially Samsung devices...

I have no issues with iOS. It is a worthy competitor to Windows Phone and vice versa. Android is a poorly cobbled together OS and doesn't belong in the computing industry. It is functional but buggy as hell. I don't understand how people put it alongside iOS yet dismiss Windows Phone (app count aside)

Interesting that Symbian stayed steady. I would expect it to be rapidly declining. Especially in a market that still has some growth left in it, staying steady actually means it has grown a little.

Does Symbian cover series 40 devices (candy bar style phones).
If so, I'm not surprised at all that S40 market share has grown. Smartphones (Android at least), are confusing and unpredictable. When people want a reliable bit of tech to make calls, send texts and Whatsapp....there's nothing better than a battery efficient Nokia Series 40 device.
Even further down the scale, I picked up a Nokia 100 for £5 (~$8). The FM radio and call quality was up there with my 1020 for stability and quality. It also has a hardware torch, a speaking alarm clock, 30 DAY battery life, & a loudspeaker. I was personally v.impressed by it.
So yes, I can see there being room for simple smartphones in this world. & that perhaps explains why Symbian is still maintaining a little market share.
Blackberry on the other hand - it has no relevance anymore...and no real USP over the smartphone competition.

Surface phone with the same build quality as the tablets that's linear between all carriers, this would easily boost their sales.

First let me say I love W8 and WP8. I have 2 Windows 8 tablets and WP8 Nokia 925 and 1520 but I am starting to realize WP8 might just be dying. W8 will eventually succeed because MS has 96% of the desktop market. WP8 will likely remain flat or decline in the US but grow internationally with low end devices. We are missing apps and without them WP can't push forward. None of my banks will make a WP8 app and I have begged them to. I have badgered others to get key apps on WP by sending them emails,etc. Like State Farm Insurance and Bank. They just keep responding with too much cost and not enough volume to warrant the expense. I don't know how we solve this but without more quality apps that developers at the request of consumer and corporate businesses I think this whole effort may end. Even MS is releasing touch version of Office on Android before their own tablets as done on iPad. Reason quoted is volume. I think we are seeing a change in direction and strategy with MS with their own hardware.

Disagree with WP dying.   I think that MS's acquisition of Nokia's Devices and Services division created a pause in significant releases from Nokia.    While it would have been MUCH better to have a stable of phones ready to release along side of WP 8.1, unfortunately that's not happening.    However MS is giving away WP to OEM's and we are seeing interest from small OEM's because of that.   We are seeing news about WP devices from HTC and LG.   We know that MM/Nokia is going to be releasing Goldfinger and Daniel thinks it's going to be quite the phone.   He also suggested it may get released on multiple carriers.   We're looking at that in November.

It's simply unreasonable to expect a meteoric rise for WP and unfortunately Microsoft and for that matter Nokia, DOES stumble at times.   WP is not down for the count.    We're going to be getting a second wind in the last part of the year, but don't expect a sprint out of the blocks.

Do whatever you want, but I know I am staying the course.   I love my 920 and I am excited to see what's coming.   I AM hoping that MM doesn't miss an important opportunity.   I'm much more interested in a 930 type variant with an SD Card Slot and Glance, if it also comes with whatever is gesture control, great.   But I hope to god MM is coming out with a phone in the category I am interested in because gesture control isn't going to overwhelm my interest in the size and features I desire.

I am certainly not saying utopia is around the corner, it's going to be a long struggle.   However I believe that MS can pull off having not just a de facto third place position, but a third place that attracts significant developer interest.    And from there, we'll see what happens....

You know it is not impossible so I will not discount you out of hand.  I'd love to see a 930 variant with a SD Card Slot, Glance and a vapormag chassis, if that is what you are calling a Surface 940, I'm all in.

Timing a significant release with a well designed stable of phones from multiple OEM's would be excellent and I hope it happens.    Do I really trust you, no.    I'd be thrilled to be wrong though...

You are just looking at the app side of it. I know that counts as a lot (and sadly too much) but with all of the features that 8.1 has I think WP is pretty much on par with Android and iOS now. This in turn has to lead to more sales and the eventually get the app gap filled.

What I like about windows phone is that it is different from the other two...IOS and Android...which have only very small differences....and ios fans talk about android as of they are completely different....hate those people.....hope windows goes to a level above apple....the people should change...#SWITCH

As an android user who bought a Lumia 925 for full price and like it and was ready to pay full price for a new WP flagship after the build conference only to be very disappointed.  In the meantime the M8, S5 Z2 and now G3 coming.  WP will never breakout in this scenario.  

As far as I can gather, the only reason WP hasn't taken off as well as it should in its home country is because of the carrier issue!

We may put too much emphasis on apps but it is a fact. Users basically have smartphones for apps. And everyone has their own list of apps that they feel are important to them. Carrier issue is one thing that is an issue. Apps, carriers, developers, and devices are all needed to make this a success. And for Papicho Brazil may be better. More WP phones per capita than the US why? Cheap WP phones and no one in the country can afford Apple.

If you're a CEO do you keep your executives (Joe and Terry) in charge of widows phone which clearly isn't working for MSFT and give them one last chance, or do you replace them and get somebody who can give WP the growth it deserves? How long have Terry and Joe been involved with WP? Assuming they worked on it for two years before its 2011 release, that would be nearly half a decade.

I think second chances are long gone and we're in the fifth chance. Nice guys to say the least but clearly they don't know how to compete in the mobile OS game. Bring a blood thirsty manager or VP from outside or inside that will get this platform the growth it deserves.

It doesn't help matters in the U.S. when there's a paucity of available devices.   For a flagship WP, your only option is basically a phablet on AT&T, not a type of device that's everyone's cup of tea due to the size.   And it's been out since last year.   No hint of a new device this Spring and Summer when competitor devices are also releasing.

The last real WP mainstream flagship device is still the Lumia 920, which is beginning to get long in the tooth, so to speak.

When you don't offer anything to sell........you won't have any sales.  Shocker, I know.

Aesthetics(looks) and fluidity are the key selling points of Microsoft. Keep working on software looks more. I am sure a translucent notification panel a la IOS style could make thing more interesting. Bring back the background image in Photos and Music. Good luck MSFT and I love my lumia720 at 8.1.