Windows Phone dev Liquid Daffodil giving away all apps for free for Surface launch


"Outsider! Outsider! We have your apps! "

Here at Windows Phone Central, you most likely know the developers at Liquid Daffodil—they make Outsider, glƏƏk!, Cowlick, CumulotweetusCalendar Search and more (9 apps in all).

In fact, Liquid Daffodil just launched two new apps recently called Nate & Frenchy’s Random Axe and Nate & Frenchy’s Life Coach. Both apps are entertainment apps where you place your thumbs on the screen to either randomly generate trivia, numbers, tweets or get some life advice. With bold graphics and a bit of chuckle, Nate & Frenchy will surely keep you amused.


Because the Surface RT tablet launches this Friday, Liquid Daffodil has decided to give away all of their apps for free until that date (~72 hours only). They're calling it  the “Until My Surface Comes” Special. Makes sense.

That’s over $12 in apps for nothing and once you lock that in, it’s $0 for you forever. That means there’s no reason not to try their popular community app Outsider (which will keep you busy for a long time) or either of their Twitter clients.

You can grab all of their apps below and all should be free as of this moment, everywhere. Remember, this is only a temporary sale, so act fast.


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Windows Phone dev Liquid Daffodil giving away all apps for free for Surface launch


This is how a developer should advertise their apps. I don't see why some of them leave. They'll be back when WP8 comes out.

I find this
You need to sign in with a Microsoft account on your phone before you can get apps from Windows Phone Store.

Yes, chances are it won't be the last! There are alot of fans out there that can't purchase apps for one reason or another, and this gives them an opportunity to get some great apps. In the end we know it all "comes back around" anyway. Liquid Daffodil believes in "Code Karma". :)

Go to a store with a working display. Reset the phone. Sign in with you Microsoft ID. Reset phone again to clear your account.

No, Outsider Extras is, well, "extras", like ALL 600+ Wallpapers used in the app over the last Year+, the ability to "Hive Swap", as well as ways to customize your Lair...hopefully you've unlocked that in Outsider already! :)

We try and do an offer like this 5 or 6 times a year. There are alot of Fans who just plain don't have the ability to purchase apps, for one reason or another, and this let folks get the apps the "would pay for", if they "could". :)

I have most of Liquid Daffodil apps both twitter apps which I can't figure out which one i like the best so I use both one during the day the other at night. eh good stuff guys....

Having fun with Nate and Frenchy. But I'm not sure why anyone need know their couple status.

Thanks Liquid Daffodil. Add to Contacts is a great app that I use every week. Keep up the great work!!