Windows Phone emoticons cheat sheet: Part II

Emoticons Part II

Last week the Windows Phone Blog made a nice little cheat sheet for those emoticons in Text messaging--you know, when you type a ':-)' and it turns automatically into a smiley. From that post we learned from Microsoft's Michael Stroh that while comprehensive, that list was still only partial of all the ones our phones could recognize (and you added some of your own in comments).

Now, Michael is back with a second list of more obscure emoji and boy are they unique. We've barely memorized more than a handful from last week and now we need to find room for "cat", "gift" and "the moon". Kudos to anyone who can do these on the fly and we'll still put out a soft-call for an app to store all of these for quick access, should anyone want to take the challenge.

Source: Windows Phone Blog


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Windows Phone emoticons cheat sheet: Part II


ok it makes it "interesting" not to have these preset on your phone so that you need to know what the "code" is but I just sent a message trying out a few of these and it's very very tedious. we know soon enough someone will write an app that you can use to send messages and insert these emoticons easily, but the message app won't be as good as the native message client and so we won't be sure whether to use it or not. So MS should just do us all a favour and when we scroll across on the current emoticons button on the keyboard (which currently only shows faces) we can insert all possible emoticons.

If you look at the list of MSN messenger emoticons they are the same for WP7.5 Mango
so things like cigarette (ci) will work and handcuffs (%) can be added to this list, see link for a few more:
Would be nice to see some cross compatibility with other mobile OS's but I dont suppose that will ever happen, although if microsoft want to make it big in Japan (which Im guessing they do) then this is just the tip of the iceburg as in Japan they use emoticons far more than we do and in some cases its part of the way they communicate, we do it for fun, they do it for functionality! 
Great site and app WPCentral! Keep up the good work guys

Could you stop calling these emoticons emoji please? They are *not* emoji but plain old emoticons.
But then it just shows why WP7 isn't a success for Microsoft. Most young people today only use emoji but MS only supports their years old MS messenger emoticons... 

Maybe you should read the definitions again then. They are not emoji they are graphical replacements for (western) emoticons.

"...we'll still put out a soft-call for an app to store all of these for quick access, should anyone want to take the challenge."
Challenge accepted!
*Locks self in bedroom for weeks*