Windows Phone exclusive Kinectimals now available for iOS

Kinectimals iOS

Just like they did with the Xbox Live and Halo ATLAS apps, Microsoft has brought over Kinectimals to iOS, where players can enjoy interacting with their cute, cuddly e-animals. The title was only released a few months ago on Windows Phone, but features Xbox Live achievements and connectivity with the Xbox 360 version. The question on many minds is -- of course -- why is Microsoft releasing these apps on other platforms?

For the Xbox Live app, Microsoft provided iPhone/iPad/iPod owners with limited functionality for the online gaming service. It still comes nowhere close to what Windows Phone provides with achievements and true integration. As well as this, the app gives iPad users an insight as to how a Windows 8 tablet app could look like, with the Metro UI being implemented. For ATLAS and Kinectimals, the former is again providing functionality to other platforms (so the software giant doesn't come across as creating a monopoly) at a fee while the WP version is free, while the latter is to not only earn revenue from the fairly large iOS market, but it could be that Microsoft is almost attempting to re-brand itself. The only downer is Kinectimals was supposed to be exclusive for us Windows Phone owners. What do Apple followers think of the big M? Excel, Word and Powerpoint.

Perhaps we are seeing the company attempting to change that perception? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Kinectimals can be downloaded from the AppStore for $2.99 for those with iDevices.

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Windows Phone exclusive Kinectimals now available for iOS


i think this is a bad idea on MS`s part.... for this specific game its not the end of the world....... 
but exclusive Items are part of what brings People to a platform ( on some part )

Like the Xbox Live app should have NEVER been realesed to IOS ... to force Xbox Users to switch to WP and away from Iphone.   same thing with HALO app  

i guess MS rather make 2$ an app rather then possibly selling 700$ phones and it makes it Sound like MS is more in it for the short run rather then the long run..


The reason people buy Xbox LIVE games are for achievements. At this time achievements are still exclusive to WP7. If someone was going to get a WP7 device for Xbox LIVE games, it's because they wanted the achievements that come with them... so in order to get those they still need to purchase a WP7 device . I don't see very many people buying WP7 devices JUST for Xbox LIVE. I got mine because I loved the OS and everything it does. Porting these apps, that implement Metro, will in turn show user of iOS devices how great the interface is. It's really just free advertising for WP7 and the Metro OS.
To not release the My Xbox LIVE app would be not only alienating, but IGNORING a large section of Xbox's user base. And I hate to point this out, as it should be obvious, but WP7 =/= Xbox. To not release these (great, in some cases) apps would be a waste, not to mention restrict exposure for the devs that take the time to make them.

that’s not 100% true ...
 i dot buy Xbox live games for achievement . personally i couldn’t care less for achievements..  Useless bragging rights ( that even PS3 offers now )
  i got my WP because of the SUPPOSEVELY integration with my Xbox and PC ... being unique compare to other OS.
  so if the Iphone does it why would i buy a WP.... ill go back to my Iphone with the  WAY BETTER games/apps ..  and this is basically saying .. DONT BUY A WP!!! you can do it on IPHONE!!

this is free advertising for apple... not to mention FREE AMMO for Apple FANBOYS ... just gave them one more reason not to switch.......
MS Eco system = is failing cause of things like this…. What the point of a MS ecosystem if I can do it on apple product.
Its like if they started doinfcross platform between Xbox-PS3-WII   … that in gona happen!!!

I have to admit that I did go back to my US live account instead of the Japan one to keep earning acheivements on my established avatar. While I don't seek out accheivments or strive to "S Rank" a game, I do like to have those points added to my score. It feels good to get an acheivement so some reason, much more so than the ridiculous PS trophies.
I agree that XBOX is definitly not the main pull for the system for many main stream buyers. My fiance baught her IS12T for UI design and social features, and my father is looking at a HTC Trohy for the easy to use UI, social, and email features. I have some friends from my previous office that saw WP7 for the first time, and they were blow away by the live tiles, social feature, UI design, and xbox support. Then they are blown  back by the high price. The Fujitsu phone is still a little pricey, but "free" with a two year contract. (You end up paying a little extra each month for the phone, which rasies the monthly cost.)

Sorry but would someone explain what exactly true integration is? To be honest the gaming hub works just like an app, both Kinectimals and Halo Atlas on iOS interact with the xbox 360 and the only difference at the end of the day is achievements. Actually I'm pretty sure Microsoft could make achievements work on iOS if they and Apple wanted to. And I'm sure many WP consumers would gladly swap achievements for iOS' game catalogue.
My point being that argument gets old when it comes to gaming at least.

Would like to know this as well. The games hub on WP7 can view achievements, send messages, view friend status, watch videos, change your avatar (which requires a separate app), view your profile. All accomplished in what basically is an app.
On ios, you can do the exact same things without being required to download an app to modify your avatar and actually being able to send beacons, which on WP7 requires the Companion app which in turn requires your 360 to be on AND you have to first search for the game rather than being able to select if from a list.
So apart from achievements, what exactly does Xbox live on WP7 have over Xbox live on ios? What does this "integration" that sets it apart really amount to? Just asking.

Integration means you don't have to download it seperatly it just works right off the bat. Mango released some new features for the Xbox Live hub I'm sure Microsoft isn't done yet. Stepping stones

Terrible move. Isn't MS supposed to want to sell more Windows Phones?
This gives iOS users one more reason to not try WP7. As a WP7 developer I feel betrayed...

I don't get it either.  It's like, are you kidding me?  This just makes me think, well, why not just get an iPhone or an iPad.  Why would I even think of getting a Microsoft phone or a tablet? 
There are TONS of apps that exist on IOS and not on WP7, and nice ones too. And I don't see them coming over to WP7, or minimally it takes a LOOOOOONG time.  Look how long it took to get Audible on WP7.  It's finally coming to WP7 but in March... maybe.
I love the WP7 platform, the UI, the speed and the integration.  And, I use Microsoft products all day long.  But if unique apps like One Note and Office are going to be put on IOS, I'll probably get an iPad and not a Windows 8 tablet (which isn't even out yet)
We need a unique app or apps that are EXCLUSIVE (At least until it becomes mainstream) to WP7 and the Metro UI.  Get users over to the platform and THEN port it over to the other platforms.  I mean isn't that just common sense?

Microsoft should release Office and OneNote after Windows 8 tablets are released but Windows 8 and Windows Phone provide a different way of using your device its really up to you do you want to put up with icon grids or a beautiful Metro UI. Do you want the ability to multitask or not. Do you want to be able to access your desktop, xbox live integrated zune pass etc.
All the positive press briefly talk about Xbox Live and they sure dont talk about Kinectimals people love Windows phone because of the metro interface and the social integration, office integration etc its just all there you don't need to download anything.

great move.
works on iPod touch too, which is VERY popular with young kids.
but even for phones, widtholding quality software to people locked into 2-year contracts (and/or just preferring iPhones) is an absurd business plan. the more MS software iOS people use the better it is long term for MS, Windows Phone and Windows 8 alike.
MS has enough resources to program for WP7, if apps are late or missing that is a differnet story entirely.

No, there really is no stretch of the imagination in which porting WP7 exclusives to competiting systems is good for Windows Phone.

I wonder how this conclusion is always put forward, yet no actual explanation is given. I guess the thinking is people will suddenly realise how much they want to leave the platform they are enjoying so much to move to WP7 because they now have access to their own platform exclusives AND those on WP7. Makes sense.

exclusivity was pretty stupid (if it was even the case or previously announced). It was "exclusive" when released first on WP7 but just like "Word" exclusivity on Tandy comptuers back in the day would have been STUPID so is limiting $1.99 games with popular microsoft assets.
iPod touch deserves these games, and MS doesn't have an equivalent today.

Not a very well-thought out argument. Windows Phone is Microsoft's platform, and we all want it to succeed. Exclusive titles help WP to do better by providing increased incentive for people to switch over. That's not stupid at all; it's simple logic. By taking their games to competitors' products, they weaken the Windows Phone platform.

It was one thing with the My Xbox LIVE app or the Halo Waypoint app. Both those things could be accessed from any phone browser via the xbox.com website.
But Kinectimals is one of the few Windows Phone exclusive games the platform had. Especially since it's published by Microsoft Studios itself. I'm a die hard Windows Phone fan but I'll admit, this shakes my confidence.

Looking at it from a different view, I think Microsoft is trying to win people over to Windows Phone and Xbox. With most apps, it's their chance to put a real rendtion of Metro UI in more hands. The carriers aren't showing off Metro (Windows Phone), so this is another way at them. And then there is the pull toward Xbox. Apple TV doesn't have games.... Yet. We are about to see a full-on battle for the living/family/media room, and Microsoft wants Xbox to win it.

I like the title of this article...
is it just to get clicks?
because honestl kinectimals wasn't and isnt the Halo for Windows Phone. exclusive? yeah, but it was boring and crap.
xbox live titles are not better than non-Xbox live titles, and this is a perfect example how crappy some Xbox live games are. and i dont think Dance Central 2 will be any better.
until there is no multiplayer or a real integration (not stupid QR) and i can control a kinect game with a Windows phone like they have shown it... these apps and games are USELESS and stupid
people are complaining about this? but i wonder how many of them have bough this super exclusive... oh yeah the best exclusive on earth and the reason wh everyone wants wp7. 
and honestly i think if this was removed from marketplace, it would be a 1 less crap on marketplace.

A lot of us like Kinectimals a lot, actually. Just because it's not your thing doesn't mean that it bombed. And Kinectimals coming to iOS is a part of a pattern that we already highlighted in the article. Long-term, this trend will likely slow down adoption of Windows Phone among gamers.

i like the "this trend will likely slow down adoption of Windows Phone among gamers."
in fact it made me laugh...
do you really believe "gamers" want kinectimals? i guess you don't have an xbox or kinect, because what gamers want is real hardcore games not animals controlled by your hand. oh, in this case a phone!
but i understand you :) now my grandma can be a gamer for playing kinectimals :D cool.
seriously alot of people who hears Windows Phone has xbox live integration think at least 1 game you can have multiplayer against xbox, or pc. but guess what? no, not yet. but wait Wp7 doesnt even have a real multiplayer games against other Wp7 users... while iOS have rainbow six, call of duty, even mmorpgs, also nice games like Infinity Blade.... but of course... they will leave iOS for kinectimals you are right, because kinectimals is the best game among gamers! woohoo.
xbox live is crap on wp7, achivements isn't enough for gamers. and these "exclusives" are less than important. yeah among GAMERS

Of course I have both an Xbox and Kinect. In fact, I've even reviewed the console version of Kinectimals on another site.

Again, you're projecting your limited view on others. As I said, many readers here (and myself) love Kinectimals. It's not as good as the 360 version obviously, but a good showcase of the phone's graphical prowess and 360 connectivity. It does not matter whether you have a personal interest in this game - many other people obviously do.

I'm pretty sure you're trolling, and it's a good idea to stop while you're ahead.

I don't know if it is wrong for me to say this but I hate the feeling that WP7 games are no longer exclusive to me, a WP7 owner. Even if I don't play the games, I'm not sure I like the looks of this, MS better not make a habit of this, it'll make my respect for them drop a bit. Like the others have said, it makes you wonder why buy a WP7 if they are going to start doing this? Hopefully this doesn't happen much anymore.

Don't be so short sighted guys. MS is trying to reach the largest group of people in one fell swoop.
It also shows good faith. How many apps have Google and Apple made for WP7?
Also, the money made from this may even go towards more games for WP7 so i don't see a downside to this

to me, they're basically showing that they don't have full faith in Windows Phone, and although it makes sense from a quick revenue point, all it does is harm Windows Phones chances in the long run.
it reminds me of when Sega finally gave up on hardware and the dreamcast, and started producing software  for Playstation etc

Its a gamble but here look at it this way why aren't thse apps being released for Android?
If you look at all the tech sites your going to see Skydrive available on iOS and WP7, Xbox Live available on iOS and WP7, Kinectimals same thing. Basically it takes Android out of the equation. Android is pretty much the Windows in the mobile marketshare and I am pretty sure Microsoft wants that title back.
Maybe they are aiming for the Android marketshare instead of the iOS marketshare look at Ben the PC guys latest  tweet about #Droidrage.
If they can convince the general public that these programs are only for WP7 and iOS people wont just flock to iOS right away for their next phone they can either spend 199$ for an iPhone X or 0.99$ for a Windows phone which has apps they want.
Think about that ;)

The problem is that Android IS the windows of mobile because they allow developers to do pretty much whatever they want - with the limitations MS has set for developers they aren't being the windows of mobile, they're being more like Apple.

I do have to say this worries me a bit as most others I'm sure but in the end I prefer the WP7 OS over iOS and having the ability to add achievements to my LIVE Account is one of the main reason I will mainly play games on my Phone over my iPod Touch!
Hopefully this does not become a habbit or maybe it is some secret plan to get more Devs to build there games on WP7 since Microsoft themselfs are now supporting more then just there own platform!
As long as games keep coming out on the WP7 there is no real problem here! I also imagine WP7 will keep getting the MS Games first... if we start seeing iOS getting the games the same day or even before then there might be hell to pay.

I'm really disapointed to see Microsoft spending resources porting what should be WP7 exclusive content to iOS. If it is going to be ported, it had better be a very limited trial-like app encouraging users to get a WP7 device so they can enjoy the full experience.
I'd like to see Microsoft developers focusing on porting more of their apps to WP7.
How ridiculous is it that a killer product like Microsoft Photosynth is only available on iOS ?!?!!

Microsoft made it clear they want the Camera experience the best on the Windows Phone platform. I wouldn't be suprised if we see something like photolabs and photosynth integrated into the phone maybe for the Tango release but most likely for Apollo.
Same thing goes for Skype, Skydrive, Outlook, Lync, Xbox Live Companion, Zune Companion etc even Facebook 1st party integration. They have alot to do and Mango is just a small little taste of what is yet to be done.
I expect alot more when Apollo arrives thats when they are going to market Windows 8 like crazy Windows Phone 7.5 is just a small little taste of what is yet to come.

I really think this shows how innefective Steve Balmer is as Microsoft's CEO. There's a real lack of shared vision and direction across the company. Letting the Microsoft Studios team undermine the Windows Phone team.

This just in, MS will be release Halo 4 and all the previous GoW games for the PS3. Well maybe not, but hell, I dont' see why not. Seems like they have no intrest in keeping their 1st part apps/games 1st party. Might as well go all out. 

This is ridiculous! Do they have Halo on PS3 and Wii? No. Are they going to release Kinectimals on either of those platforms? Of course not. Regardless of the quality of the game it is a Microsoft game and should,therefore, be exclusive to the Microsoft platform. You don't see Mario, God of War, Uncharted, SOCOM or Zelda on Xbox do you. This would be unthinkable on a gaming platform! And as for google and apple releasing apps on WP7, google has one app that has never had an update and apple has never released an app on WP7.

For over a decade software exclusivity and proprietary services have plagued the technology industry.  Over that decade we have been complaining, picketing and downright refusing to use a manufacturers products because they represent those things.  We've claimed they've stiffled creativity and innovation.  We've screamed about how they've prevented users from being able to have equal choices by forcing an entire ecosystem down our throats.
And here we are.  It's the end of 2011, Steve Jobs has sadly passed.  Microsoft has finally created a brillaint mobile OS and now we are seeing small hints that those former days of MS holding all of its cards to its caged chest may be slowly fading behind us.
This is what we've been crying about for over a decade... and now, here we are, finding something else to cry about.  I really don't understand this.  I barely comment on these posts... I love this site and I think in general there is a lot of creative, positive discussion that goes on here (with the rest of the Mobile Nations sites in general as well), but my God people...
There is so much to come out of cross platform, cross ecosystem interoperability that the implications are infinitely staggering.  But here we are, worried that our phones will become less awesome because iDevices have access to MS apps.  It's not really anything to be afraid of.  Use what you like... as will others.  All this does is give EVERYONE more options on what they want to use and how they want to use it.  Choice is never a bad thing.
I am a member of the IT community, the former owner of an original iPhone (3G and 3GS), an early Android adopter (( T-Mobile G1 and Nexus One) aslo a former Linux user) and a current owner of an HD7 now happily drowning in the Windows Ecosystem.
Good job to MS.  Their evolution over the last few years has been amazing, they've had more open preview programs and betas, talked more openly about what they're working on for the future and now sharing things that were up until very recently, proprietary.  This will only get more awesome.
There's cake here, it's not a lie.  You can have some and eat it too.

well said! The thing is that M$ has no choice in this matter if you think about it. M$ marketplace is so underwhelming compared to the competition, it would be irresponsible to think that they can survive based on exclusive M$ apps only. They have no leverage right now. If M$ had 200,000 apps, then maybe the exclusivity argument might glue, but unfortunately, no leverage with 45,000 apps compared to 300,000-500,0000.  And more choice for everyone is better for all. It is ironic that now people are clammering for more exclusive content when it wasn't the case 10 yrs ago. Boy have we been spoiled!

And porting away their exclusive apps gives them leverage? How does this help grow the "underwhelming" WP marketplace? WP7 exclusive features were there to give users a reason to buy a WP7, grow the userbase and grow the ecosystem. At that point, it makes sense to port exclusive features to ios but now, when WP7 is struggling to attract users, this only takes away a reason to use WP7. Xbox division gains, Windows Phone division loses, thats what it amounts to.

Xbox and MS other profitable ventures are what's keeps WP7 development going right now. Doing what they can to keep them profitable is good for WP7.

Why are you here? Can you load OSX on any type of non Apple PC hardware? Can you play DRM music downloaded from iTunes on anything other than Apple software, without a workaround. Does Siri work with Anroid or WP7? I'm only going to feed you once, so don't bother responding. 

I agree. This is good for people. More options and choices are better. My son has a 360 and an iPhone so this can benefit him. It's almost as if MS is "putting people first." Strange, that.

Unfortunately most consumers are just ignorant and love to complain if they don't get things 100% their way. They're idiots comes from upbringing, parents were probably idiots too!

I normally like apps being platform-independent, but this troubles me because of three points of context:
1) Windows Phone's biggest struggle is still arguably that many popular apps on other platforms are exclusive to those platforms.
2) Microsoft has been structurally changing around their WP department (see the Andy Lees article).
3) XBOX Live and Skydrive apps were also recently released for iOS, features that Windows Phone previously touted as exclusive features and reasons to purchase the phone.
The phone still struggles with app availability (though I'm completely satisfied) in that it lacks many, many apps and games from other platforms. Even when some of those apps arrive, it's often months or years after the version for other platforms, and often comes with fewer features or neglected update schedules.
Because of this, I'd argue that Windows Phone needs to cling on to its exclusives as well as it can, to show that it doesn't just have metro-styled clones of a subset of iOS and Android apps, but that it has its own, original apps and games. This move doesn't prove a lack of support in Windows Phone, and I see the merit in giving other users a taste of what WP offers, but I wonder if it's been taken a little too far, and because of that I definitely worry that a bad precedent has been suddenly created.
WPCentral writers, it'd be great to hear a response from Microsoft about these concerns. Although I'm sure you're already trying to make that happen.

Come on ppl, we WP7 users are not petty, are we? What's the problem if they get a taste of a product we have on our ecosystem. Maybe they change sides and come join us on Live. I have no problem with that, and it makes me have no desire to have one of those ithings (they should drop that isomething, it's starting to sound as ridicule as 80's hairdos). What makes the diference it's Metro, and Live, and the synergies, not the apps per se.
And... don't even compare Live ecosytem to that think istuff has, their "achievements" implementation is realy poor compared to the one we have, same as with Xbox, and we've been here for less than a year. Yes, I do believe shit like this is a good move, it doesn't hurt WP7 or Live a bit.
Same as with PS3 PSN (and a fine example is its "Trophy" system, an after thought really bad implemented, they need to "syncronize trophies" they don't have it integrated).
As an integrated social/entertainment hub nothing comes close to Live, and Kinectimals being on ithis or ithat isn't goint to change it.

This arguement of people getting a taste of the MS ecosystem is just stupid. This is just more reason for people not to come to Windows Phone cause they can just wait until it comes out for their platform
Why would you leave iOS if you can get everything Windows Phone is getting? People don't care if it's part of MS ecosystem. They will just see that iPhone getting everything. It just makes the iPhone's app arguement even stronger. It's bad enough iPhone has way more apps than Windows Phone. Now you wanna port the few apps we have that iPhone didn't have, making iPhone app catalog stronger? very bad move
I think this is just gonna keep people with iphone rather than bring them to Windows Phone

In general, I think you'll have a more difficult time getting iOS and Android users to switch then you might have getting new people to jump onboard. However, if an iOS or Android user gets hooked on 3 or 4 main apps (say Netflix, Words with Friends, Kinectimals and Pandora) and then decide to replace their phone, odds are they will take those apps into consideration when switching. And if not totally locked in/in love with the OS, they might switch if another OS looks promising and doesn't require them to sacrifice those main apps. The odds of you getting someone to go straight up from iOS, Siri, iCloud, etc over to just using Microsoft exclusive apps seems a lot less likely.

Kinectimals is a good game to move over think about how many kids have iPOD touch's not alot of kids/teens have WP7's yet.

A lot of tears on this post!  Come on, 'guys' - dry your eyes :). 
Windows Phone is but a 'blip' on the revenue sheet for Microsoft, and will never be a cash cow for them even if they didn't port this, or any other app.  At the end of the day, Microsoft wins - be it additional consumers of XBox 360, XBox Live Gold membership, A PC with Windows, or a Windows Phone. 
I've read a few Apple boards, and those folks are very pleased with this app.  At least this app is not free - again, Microsoft wins!

I think it is a difficult sitation for Microsoft. On the one hand, exclusives keep current cusotmers happy, but if no one knows about them except existing customers, do they really draw new customers in?
WP is starting to get some good press, and I think that anything MS can do to get their name out as a supplier of good phones and mobile apps can only help in the long run.
Since there are so many more non-WP users than WP users, it probably comes down to the fact that building good will with non-WP users is a better bet then keeping exclusives for existing users. I would hope that as the platform gains more traction, there will be more true exclusives for WP.

Personally, I've never seen exclusives benefit anyone or anything but fanboys and their ridiculous arguments. Its no big deal

I know it hurts not being able to say my phone does this and yours doesn't. the bigger picture is Microsoft offers products and service to an array of people. They don't just have one horse in the stable to look after. They shouldn't forsake their customers just because they don't choose WP7. I hate that I can't get a Fios DVR app because Verizon feels WP7 market is to small to develop for. What if Sony make a cross platform app for the PS3, and Xbox starts to loose market share because of it?