Windows Phone Facebook team taking feedback seriously, detail upcoming version 2.5

Facebook for Windows Phone

Fantastic news for all of you users who use the official (and sometimes panned) Facebook app for Windows Phone: Version 2.5 is nearly complete and getting ready for release.

What's more, the Facebook team has been listening to all of your feedback, taking it to heart and to their software devs. As a result, version 2.5 looks to be a fairly rich update with lots of new features, such as:

  • Threaded messaging - Full Facebook threaded messaging including group messaging, all in a beautiful Metro style design.
  • Tagging - Now you can tag friends and locations in your posts in the ‘with’ and ‘at’ format.
  • Delete posts and comments - Use the tap and hold context menu to delete posts and comments from your wall.
  • Active links in posts - Tap on links in posts to go directly to the content.
  • Updates to the photo comments and likes page - The photo comments and likes page has been updated to match the posts comments and likes page. You can see a hint of the image at the top of the page, pull down and you can see the whole thing.
  • And finally, by popular demand...you can now ‘like’ comments!

We're not huge Facebook users but even we want some of those features ASAP, especially liking comments.

As far as to when the release is coming, the team noted  "We’re just going through our final rounds of testing and sign off then we’ll be able to share it with the world." which sounds quite close to us. Hopefully this will make some of you happier with that app and Microsoft, eh?

Source: Facebook; Thanks, Daniel P., for the tip!

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Windows Phone Facebook team taking feedback seriously, detail upcoming version 2.5


Looks like it should be a nice update. I still wish Microsoft would just implement fb messaging into the people hub somehow. If they did that I'm pretty sure I wouldn't need the app.

I think the messenger connection is messy.
When Im on facebook on my computer and have messenger connected i get messages both to the site and to messenger, annoying!
When I leave facebook Im still online to facebook-people through messenger, I dont want this!
They should integrate fb-chat without messenger-connection.

Not sure I follow, but why not turn on and off Facebook chat in messaging in Settings? Its separate from Messenger.

I was looking ike crazy for that option before, must have been added in a recent update. Thanx for the tip.

Most people think you are on a comp and type, type, type. I know FB combined them...so who knows if it's possible.

Facebook Chat is purely an instant messenger in the Messaging Hub.  It has no offline messaging support.  So if the person signs off, you can't even send them the message you were finishing. But at this point, their thinking is, well just switch to SMS.  The FB Chat doesn't even always receive the messages when it's sign on but you're using it somewhere else, so the thread is broken anyway.  The problem with that is not that it never picks up those messages, it's that it does so randomly.  
Sometimes when you go back to your phone, it may not even get the most recent messages that you would need, but it was signed on the whole time.  Messenger seems to work great though, even going so far as mirror my avaliability on my phone, to my Desktop, if it were signed in. But unfortunatley, I have like only a handful of random friends who use Live Messenger.  At least at the momenet...

Not mine :-D Talked, nagged and got the important friends on there, its after all free sms. I got Xbox so it feels more natural to use messenger, and how extremly well Xbox and WP7 communicates...sigh, me happy. FB chatt is some shaky even in a browser, its just darn rubbish...for me.

Thanks, I really like the implementation but an offline message support as well as reliable traffic would be pretty sweet.

FB Chat on WP7 works like how FB Chat used to work before they merged it with the private messaging system, which as you said, only works if the contact is online. It also works the same as Windows Live Messenger with your Facebook account connected. In my case I am able to receive messages on my phone at the same time as WLM (connected to my FB account) and on the FB site (via browser) itself, dunno why you have problems with it. I hope they'll add full FB Messenger support to Messaging though.

In fact I'd rather they add the new FB app features to the People Hub, but well, at least it's coming!

You can have FB messenger linked to the people hub. All you have to do is activate FB in your hotmail account and your done. Just Bing the info and follow the steps.

What WixosTrix and phazer89 said. Basically, some kind of offline messaging support. Only because I have friends that use fb chat and fb messages instead of something more universal, like email.

Well, as far as the WPCentral team goes. Not sure about Rich or Jay, but George is barely on it, same with me (I use it for testing) and Seth doesn't have one, so for the team here it's accurate :-P

Not saying though for you folks, that's different.

I can't wait for this update. The FB app is painful to use. Now we need MS to improve the built in FB & Twitter features.

if there's just one thing i would ask for to improve the built in FB feature is offline facebook messaging. so, send a message via FB chat, and the person receives it when they log on fb. right now you can't chat if they're not online.

Great..I got Lumia 900 for my wife last week,and one of her major complaints is about FB app. she cannot like the comments that her friends/famiy posts. she previously was using iPhone 3GS. so she has to either go back to 3gs(using home wifi) or use computer to do this task..i am not an avid FB user, so I didnt notice this problem even though I have been using WP7 for more than six months! so hopefully, this update comes soon..
ya, one more thing that she misses is the FB timeline which is available on iPhone...they are not talking about it :(

Couldn't she just go to people hub to like a comment? iPhone users are just use to going to apps to get anything done.

whoa, touch.facebook.com is actually usable on WP7 now.  Much better than the standalone app.

Hope the quick links at the top right work better. I can't be the only one that has problems with them am I?

Awesome features!
Now just fix the lag and hangups when loading data. It feels totally broken when I cant navigate until it has loaded the data. Its like im back on WM 6.5.

This is great, but If they make the all amazing, it'll just be kinda defeating the purpose of Microsoft implementing social media into the phones OS.

I want MS to give developers the ability to integrate their apps directly into hubs for a more integrated experience.
1. Messaging apps like WhatsApp, Tango etc can be tied into the messaging app. So you can carry the same convo with someone over several different apps.
2. Viewing the Twitter stream/News Stream of the Artist that you have to be playing in the Music Hub.

Even though I agree with the first idea to an extent, it could get quite messy if not done right as half the time you'd have no idea what platform you're talking to someone on which could cause issues due to individual app limitations. The different companies would also likely need to work together to make their platforms x-compatible which I can't imagine will happen.

Sounds like it's slowly becoming an app that might be worth having after all. I've hated the FB app since I've had my WP7 no matter how many times they've updated it. I've always found the mobile site just works 110% times better so I've always stuck to it (with the exception of having to sign in again whenever I clear the history & cookies - which MS would separate the two like on iOS).

People talking about the fb chat thing in the message hub, I find it annoying like if I sign into fb chat on the phone and after a while sign out if I log onto my computer it says im online and I always normally have it off by default so like does that mean I've been online since I was on my phone or when I just logged in? And I do wish they would make it so it says im in a phone when signed in on phone

really nice news! I just hope that someday the landscape option for typing a message will come as well... 

I hope they never integrate FB Messenger into the app.

What I would **REALLY** like is a way to turn off game status posts. If I never see another Farmville-type "So-and-so has a new pig" I'd be happy.

I hope they do have a better FB messenger in the app.  Half the messages that don't show up in the Messaging app always show up in the FB app, so it would be better to just use that and integrate it somehow with the text switching.

One thing I wish they include is the capability to pin birthdays on to the home screen. I know we can pin events, but birthdays would be awesome for people like me who are forgetful of their dear friend's birthdays ;)

So still no timeline support then? Still no highres pic upload? But I am almost sure it will still be laggy as hell...

Now if they could make notifications faster, so we wouldn't have to wait 20 minutes to get notified we received an offline message. Why can't they make it instantaneous like Whatsapp or like the message hub?

Still waiting for the ability to type in landscape mode.
In most screens I can still only type on portrait mode. Damn annoying.

Hopefully they improve picture performance...someone will post a picture, probably 3/4 of the time if I try to view it will just never load. Both WiFi and 3g.

I hope they bring the Shake to Refresh back to refresh pages. Can't wait for the new features...

How about updating Facebook for Xbox... I mean I thought after the metro update it would be so much better.

What about search??? Until I can search the entire FB database from the app I will have to keep using the browser, which is extremely slow...