Report: Windows Phone gains market share in Europe, loses ground in Asia

Windows Phone

Microsoft still hasn't shared any valuable marketshare data about Windows Phone penetration around the world. Until then, we’ll rely on data from market research companies like Kantar, IDC and others. Today we’re looking at some new data from Kantar about Windows Phone and its growth (or lack thereof) around the globe. Find out if Windows Phone was a winner or loser in your region.

Last month we learned that Windows Phone was the fastest growing mobile operating system in Europe. Today we're learning that Windows Phone holds a 9.7% share of handsets in Europe. Let's look at marketshare for Windows Phone in various regions around out planet:

  • Gained 1.2% for new total of 5.3% in the USA
  • Gained 2.1% for new total of 7.4% in Germany
  • Gained 3.4% for new total of 10.1% in GB
  • Lost 0.3% for new total of 1.0% in China
  • Lost 0.2% for new total of 0.2% in Japan
  • Gained 4.2% for new total of 16.1% in Italy
  • Gained 3.9% for new total of 4.7% in Spain

It's interesting that Windows Phone lost marketshare in Asia, while gaining in various European markets. The data above looks at a three month period ending in February 2014. The lost/gain percentage reflects a year-over-year change. For example, a year ago the United States saw Windows Phone finish Februrary 2013 with a 4.1% marketshare. Which is why it gained 1.2% for a new total of 5.3% marketshare to end February.

Source: Kantar Worldpanel ComTech


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Report: Windows Phone gains market share in Europe, loses ground in Asia



I wonder how did they gain in Europe without a flagship phone for half a year. still no 1080p phone (read up to 5'). Perhaps they will fix it this week.

Gaining marketshare is the opposite thing of having flagship phones ;) Best selling Windows Phone is the Lumia 520. But still. There are plenty of flagships out there. Lumia 1020, 1520 etc. Which are way better than all those fancy Galaxy S5's which is being commercialized everywhere. Samsung really dissapoints on camera quality and phone quality and I have a Galaxy S4 next to my Lumia 920 and iPhone 4S so I know the differences! And tomorrow is a big day for WP8(.1), since I got my Galaxy S4 I know android is never going to satisfy me! To many problems with Android.

Can someone pls ban those who keep posting that seems faster and "first!!" comment? So annoying and completely unrelated! How old are you guys? Like 12? This is not Kindergarten!

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Well, its gonna take more than the 520/525 to bring market share up.. They need a lot of 5.5"+ devices because those are extremely popular in that region.

Sure, even on Indonesia, I saw most of my friends were comfortable of using their 5"+ smartphones. If Nokia can cut its price more to reach the lower-budget level...

so you are Cambodian, right? But your name doesn't seems like cambodian name, however let's be friends.

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Hey Sam, stop spinning stats. The important is to compare against most recent data. In that respect WP is actually loosing ground in all important European market. We all know why. Nokia mostly sells cheap phones as 520. Until the Motorola released far superior Moto G last November. Results? Nokia 520 can't compete sells dropped. The question is why Nokia didn't make any worthy improvements on this phone. Sad but true.

That's ironic....last week we were talking in a topic for the "Free market" app about apps and their prices in specific areas like China (that they don't have enough money to buy apps cuz the sallaries are low) but they can buy the overpriced iPhone.

So next time i don't want to hear that the apps in China should be free or have lower prices than the United States.

There is a general mindset in majority of China about getting as much as possible for free, when it comes to phones and apps. Here in the US I have seen, and done myself even, that we sometimes pay for apps that have unlimited free trial and the pay option is like donation. There are hundreds of small companies in China that produce low quality non-Google Android phones. People buy those and then use their local custom markets (Non Google) to install apps. In such market/country, WP will obviously have a tough time to exist.

agree. I live in China. I see another reason could be lack of apps or lack of quality in those apps that are most commonly used in China. For example, up to now we only have one functional bank app or two in WP store. Another example could be wechat, a very popular Chinese IM app. It almost took us 2 years to have a version with functionality similar with Android or Ios version. Or YY app, similar with facebook in China. Pepole have been expecting that since 2012 and it finally landed in WP store just a week ago. No need to mention missing features of WP os itself. With wp8.1 coming, if it comes out as we expected, I think there'll be huge increase of WP users

I'm a Chinese.i think the reason why WP not sells well not only because of the lack of apps and poor app quality.also because of the lack of advertisements.people not know about WP.and even though Nokia not produced phones anymore.disappoint about the deal between Nokia and Microsoft.and I think WP not looks cool,at least I don't like the start screen,as well as many others,WP is well known for its lack of apps or not known to most of the people!if without Nokia logo on WP after the Microsoft and Nokia deal,I think Microsoft and WP would face a much more terrible situation in China,many of those Chinese buy WP cause of Nokia not WP.

Have you ever saw a Apple store in china, always packed, unbelievable..... Ads, all the stuff

Only Nokia flagship store in shanghai was in a great location...closed to years ago lol

The nations of China, Japan and Korea have lots of money invested on iPhone that's why Windows Phone does very poor there.

Free apps market is a cause of WP Marketplace only supporting Credit Cards while people in asia mostly use Debit cards. Support for debit cards can fix this loss.

No,you totally don't get it,the payment ain't no problem in China,the big problem is lack of app and the poor quality of apps and the lack of advertisements,and no price competitiveness when compared to Android,android phones are much cheaper and powerful,

In addition,at the same price,in China you can easily buy a quad-core soc phone at the same price of Lumia 520

Actually in Italy iOS has 13.6% market share in the 1st quarter 2014, down 9% from 22.6% in 1st quarter 2013. 

I'm Italian, you made me hungy :/, but enjoy the spaghetti! And yeah i just think Italians have a good taste for OS's, and 8.1 is going to make sure the market share will continue to rise!


Ciao :)

I'm Italian, I guess that's because we like how the lumias and the Os look like(at least I do) and cause we've always been in love with Nokia. When I bought my Lumia I was very hesitating cause I had originally planned to buy a Note2 and stick with Android, but then the 920 was way better looking, had lots of cool features (camera, Qi charging) and it was a Nokia which is itself a synonym of quality here. Needless to say, after almost 1 year and a half I'm still completely happy with that decision.

Yeah Europe's always ahead in style by 1-2 years, let's just hope those numbers translate into gains in North America and Asia in 1-2 years :P

I think about this because this is the smalest WP on the market today and since Peter Jackson make wonderfull middle hearth movies in New Zealand, my question is : Is Frodo Baggins own a Lumia 620 ?

Gained in the East, lost in the West. Good job some Chinese OEMs will be making mass produced cheap units. Should help change that...

Oems in China should give to Nokia more money fot the patents...i know that this sounds like patent troll but it the only way.

It's not surprising that they have no presence in Japan. The problem there is just a more extreme problem that Windows Phone faces everywhere: there aren't any Windows Phones for sale. In the U.S. there are a handful, but they're spread out on different carriers. AT&T has a great selection with like 5-6. Verizon has an okay one with like 3-4. T-Mobile's sucks, with like 2. Sprint's sucks even worse with like 1. And they all suck collectively because if you go into Best Buy or any comparable store, none of their kiosks even have Windows Phones at all. In contrast, walk in any cell phone shop, either an official one or not, and you're inundated with dozens and dozens of Android phones. Most people don't even know Windows Phone exists.

The problem is very severe in Japan, where you haven't been able to buy a new Windows Phone since WP7 launched more than 3 years ago! Even the official Windows Phone Japan Facebook page long ago threw in the towel and stopped updating their page. If Microsoft really wants Windows Phone to succeed they need to do a much better job of getting phones out there, prominently displayed on shelves and available for purchase, in all markets, on all carriers. It's pathetic that this is the state of Windows Phone years and years after it launched. It's like they're not even trying to make a dent.

So true!!! The stores by me are atrocious. I've learned im better off buying online than in store. Sadly this is the retailers fault for not trying to push it or even display it.

YES!! ENOUGH with the carrier/country exclusives! WE CAN'T AFFORD IT ANYMORE. Why do they keep doing this to themselves?? "The all new Icon, only on Verizon", "Lumia 920, for AT&T only".. WHY DO YOU DO THIS? :C

Well, that's because WP8 never were marketed in Japanese market. Microsoft didn't sell 'em, because it's dead attempt (but there were really good toshiba wp7 handset, and it was only waterproof wp7 phone :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fujitsu_Toshiba_IS12T ). It's sad, that Bing maps doesn't support Japan though :( Really disappointing for me, as I frequently travel there.

I guess they will come back with WP9, when winrt apps will have some traction in japan and will work on windows phone out-of-box, w/o extensive porting from XAML to Silverlight.

The Japanese market is completely outside of MS' control.  If people think that the carrier situation in US is bad, Japan is like ten times worse when it comes to carrier control.

So true, they ballsed up the Lumia 1520 in Australia by making it Harvey Norman only, however the 1320 has nationwide carrier support as well as being available in a multitude of stores and, surprisingly enough, I see Lumia 1320's out and about but not a single 1520.

Hell my sister got the 1320 for two simple reasons, firstly, it's Nokia, and she understands that name when it comes to mobiles and secondly because it is running Windows, which is the same as her laptop. Because they both run Windows then they must work well together (my sister is the epitomy of the mainstream user, she had a Samsung Galaxy S2 before this and hated it becuase it was too confusing and it always complained about memory issues).

Microsoft NEED to market this shit properly, piss off this scroogled crap and just go bare bones, the "Unified Platform" idea. Also they need to throw money at manufacturers so that they can market their products as well.

I can be sure that plenty of people would go the 1520 on plan as a sufficient choice over the Note 3 (plans in Australia are the key to success, it's why Iphone is still such a major, dominant player, they saturate the carriers and make the plan options appealing) if they were only given the frigging option to do so. People in Oz are much more likely to get a new phone for free on a $99 monthly plan (Hell even on a, say, $60 plan, the phone is around 15-20 bucks extra on top a month, paying twenty bucks a month for 24 months is a butt tonne easier than paying hundreds all up front) than spend 800 bucks to buy it in a shop, it's just a fact.

They better not balls up the 930 availability over here or I'm going to frigging riot.

WP needs two things...
The 8.1 update and great new phones that are NOT exclusive to some obscure us carrier.

Couldn't agree more! Imagine how many 1020 & 1520's sell this past year if available on all carriers? MS & Nokia still don't get it. Sad.

Carriers are getting WP but not in a consistent manner like the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and HTC One. Each carrier gets different iterations of same product and some get certain ones. I think that's why WP (Nokia) doesn't move forward much in US.

I couldn't agree more! After WP8.1 there MUST be a kickass carrier-free phone that can officially be sold everywhere, even online on Microsoft store and others stores like Amazon.

I got a 925 and would have loved to get a 1520 on T-Mobile. I would have gotten it in a second, but no it's only for AT&T!!!! Idiots! They are not smart at all.

bought my 1520 at ATT

called them up after 5 months, they unlocked it

I Put it on straight talk



Windows Phone FTW!!  my grampaw use ipone

They need more 520/620 phones on all the prepaid carriers across the US. They also need the 1320 on prepaids.

"It's interesting that Windows Phone lost marketshare in Asia, while gaining in various European markets."


Interesting but no surprise at all. I've said it over and over again: NOKIA. People in Europe still love Nokia and all they needed was for Nokia to return to good phones. If Microsoft wasn't so dumb they would see that and by this time next year, there was a real chance Windows Phone would become a real serious player across all european countries thanks to Nokia. They threw that away. So now enjoy growth while it lasts. Assuming Nokia won't return to phones in 2016 (God I hope they do), by that time people who bought the last Nokia phones to come out should be looking for replacements. When they don't find Nokia on the shelves, they'll go elsewhere. And that elsewhere, with over 80% of the market, is very very likely an Android phone.

Microsoft better think long and hard how they're going to try to avoid the bleeding.


As for Asia...I don't know how those markets works. But they seem to be quite shallow (specially China) if we consider the craziness around the bloody iPhone.


As for Japan, one word: SONY. If Microsoft really wants to penetrate that market they'll have to strike a deal with Sony to produce Windows Phones. Otherwise Apple will keep rulling followed by Sony's Android devices and Samsung's Android devices. Samsung is not likely to push Windows Phone in Japan the same way they didn't pushed it anywhere in the globe.

Nokia brand is here to stay, even on the future Windows phone devices. And yeah Microsoft should do a deal with Sony.

Thing is: It's not. Microsoft can not use the Nokia brand on future devices once the deal is done. They can only use it on Asha or S30 phones.

DJCBS: you are straight up wrong about Microsoft not being able to use the Nokia name on smartphones. I had the pleasure of meeting the Director of Cloud Solutions at Microsoft, and I very clearly asked him if they could use the Nokia name on smartphones, twice to be sure. He said yes, and they will continue to license the name for 10 years

No, I'm not. What Microsoft will be able to use for 10 years is the Nokia name on phones from the S30 and S40 series (dumbphones and Asha phones). Not smartphones.

The Director of Cloud Solutions at Microsoft knows very little about the deal apparently. Which is normal since it's not his business to know the details of it.

I would suggest you (and the director if you meet him again) to go read the DEAL itself as published by Nokia and Microsoft, presented to the authorities and the shareholders. It is plain clear. Microsoft can NOT use the Nokia brand on smartphones, period.

More important than a Sony Windows Phone in the Japanese market would be ANY Windows Phone 8 in the Japanese market. Windows Phone 8 never launched there. Very poor effort on Microsoft's part to secure Japanese OEMs at luanch of WP8.

It is not MS' fault.  Japanese carriers' has an even stronger ironfist than US carriers.  They dictate the features and software that gets put into the phones to the OEM, and then OEM then make the phones.  The lockdown nature of WP doesn't allow for these kinds of business models, hence the high adaptation rate of Japanese OEM towards Android, but it is also because of this that Japanese OEM made terrible Android handsets (Japanese OEM aren't strong in software for the most part) and that set the fertile breading ground for iPhones which "just works (at least better than Japanese Android phones)".  MS should hold their ground as the carriers and OEM keep getting burnt by domestic Android sale which would force them to change.  It will be a painful few years for sure, but the Japanese market is isolated enough that I don't think it matters enough that MS should react NOW.

They were there for WP7, they could've been there for WP8 if they had wanted to. Yes, the Japanese market (not just cell phones, but every aspect of it), is one of the most peculiar in the world. Japanese consumers are staunchly jingoistic in their purchasing decisions. But Windows Phone is Microsoft's product and it's 100% their responsibility to make sure it's in as many markets as possible.

It will be wasted effort to try now as you can lead the cow to the water but can't make them drink.  Japanese people are very adverse to change which they didn't induce themselves, they HATE external pressure which pressures them to change, the change must come internally.  The game has to be played smart and currently the market in Japan is not thirsty enough for a third option, MS would be wasting resources in trying to make them change when such resources should be spent elsewhere.  Also as currently no Japanese OEM is worth anything outside of Japan (not even Sony), there really is no point trying to cater to the Japanese market at this moment in time.  Improve WP and MS service first and make it popular in area such as Europe and US, then the Japanese will come around themselves.  Forcing their hand now will just result in another XBox 360 and WinMo which both failed miserably despite them trying to "have a presences" in Japan.

Why would Europe move over to Android if they're already on Windows Phone? If people recognize the UI, they would gravitate to that assuming Microsoft can get the message across that Nokia phones=Microsoft phone.
I'm also skeptical about people flocking to Windows Phone if Sony is also selling equivalent Androids since (I imagine) they would push the Androids more. Whether they would or not, I agree that the more OEMs the better.
Btw, just out of curiosity... Would you stay with WP if Sony made them? Or would you go to their Android line?

(Edit: sorry. Long post =P)
People are not stupid you know? They won't buy a message that "Nokia phones = Microsoft phones". Because it simply isn't true.

Some will, sure, gravitate towards something that looks the same, granted they can see the OS before buying. Which many don't. In the consumer market, people buy the brand. The Nokia brand has a solid trust foundation in Europe and other markets. So when people go they buy a Nokia because they trust the brand. When people buy a Samsung, they don't buy it because of TouchWiz. They buy it because they know the brand to be a trusted manufacturer. Microsoft has zero tradition in mobile phone making. All the hardware they have to show is the Surface which isn't a champion in sales at any rate (the Xbox isn't a good example because there's zero Microsoft branding on the Xbox. Many people don't even associate the Xbox with Microsoft). People know Microsoft as the Windows-maker. And that's it. For them to give Microsoft phones a chance, Microsoft will have to bust their arses off with enticing promotions to try and convince people to give them a try.


Oh I'm not saying people will flock to Windows Phone if Sony makes phones with it in Japan. I'm saying that it's their best chance once Nokia's gone in Europe and for Japan in general. For Europe, because Sony's Xperia phones are very popular so people have created a trust-relationship with the brand.

In Japan because Sony is the second or third mobile OEM in the market. The first is Apple. Then Sony. Then Samsung. We've already seen how Samsung deals with WP. Sony is boosting their mobile division to gain more market share. So this would be the time to strike a deal that would allow Sony to have more diverse offering. You like Sony phones? Here's an Xperia Z2. You don't like Android? Here's the same hardware but with Windows Phone - the W2 (fictional name, obviously).

Sony will be looking to push forward their entire mobile business. Unlike Samsung, they have a reason to equally push Android and Windows Phone as long as their offerings are the same on both phones (aka that Microsoft allows the replacement of Xbox stuff with PS stuff).


And to satisfy your curiosity: yes, probably yes, I would stay with WP if Sony gave me a Z2 with it in it. I don't say I wouldn't get an Android Z2 too (I've been very very tempted to get the Z1 Compact), but it would definitely be Microsoft's best chance to keep me as a daily user of their mobile OS once Nokia's gone.
(Mind you, I intend to keep using WP because I own a 1020 that I use exclusively as a photographic camera. So even if I move my daily driver to Android, I'll still be using Windows Phone every time I use the 1020 to snap shots)

I don't know where people keep getting this idea that Samsung is the top 3 in Japan, there must be some crappy site which spreads this falsehood because I keep seeing this repeated time and again.  Korean brands struggles very badly in Japan and Samsung is 6th, which you can't imagine from their global success.

BTW the top smartphone maker by share in Japan for 2013 is Apple, Sharp and Sony.http://getnews.jp/archives/505501  You would never think Sharp is successful either because they have almost no international presences.  Japan is a weird market and MS had failed many times before with their tactics with things like the XBox and WinMo, I don't think it is a mistake that this time around they are taking a different approach.

Well Android already has between 70% and80% market share in Europe and is still growing. WP mainly wins over iPhone users and new smartphone owners which is not bad neither. I guess it'll be something like 80/15/5 for Android /WP/iPhone long term in Europe.

android is already at it's peak, old, slow and bugged, it will go down like ios (not for the same reasons)

Hey please dont simply accused Asian as shallow. We use what we want. We dont need to follow Europe or America. I have all 3 OS in hand now, all are not perfect. FYI, Asian love all this tech stuff as much as you do, if not more. 

I can categorized my fellow Asian as follow (IMO) ;

iOS : status symbol, dont care much about the tech/spec

Android : for customization and power user

Windows : to try something new which have good spec and low price (as for now, should change after 8.1 update as now the UI I think still lacking)

Everyone are entitled to their own opinion, but try not to degrade others while you do.



It's inevitable in Japan and China as both have a lot to offer in the Smart Phone market.


Still gaining more than losing which is a really good sign! Bring in Windows Phone 8.1!

Promotion sucks, at least in my country. While you can see Samsung ads on TV every now and then, I don't seem to notice any WP devices getting aired. And we are a HUGE fan of TV here. I don't blame OEM's, as Android is still more promising. Microsoft should have been more active promoting WP.

I don't know about your country, but at least here in my country Nokia is a big name (hopefully we don't have samesung's ads), Windows phone is in the 2nd place behind the lagdroid and some carriers like Vodafone are trying to promote Windows phone devices to the people.

Yeah it is, greeks believe that Nokia phones are unbreakable and they have quality and this is actually true about Nokia phones.

I'm in Indonesia, the last base of Blackberry's stronghold (13% of the market on 2013). Android is still dominating the market with 81%, iOS 4% and WP with slightly less than 2%. Nokia is still a big name too though, but it doesn't sell anymore in high-end devices. Asha series sell quite well here.

Really? Because despite Nokia's popularity in Portugal too, Vodafone doesn't do that here. Actually, I once spent a while talking with a nice (and quite cute) Vodafone salesgirl and she said that the orders they had was to only advise and sell Windows Phone devices to customers that specifically asked for them.

When I asked her why, I think you can imagine what was the answer.

lol I wrote it in the comment above: "Nokia's popularity in Portugal too, Vodafone doesn't do that here".

Figured, but just making sure. I would've thought you'd be from Finland due to your love of Nokia. Also if Nokia never existed what phone manufacturer would you buy from? I would pick Apple or HTC.

LOL No, I'm not. But did you know that Portugal has a ratio of 2 cellphones per inhabitant? Meaning, we have twice the number of cellphones than people in the country. And half of those...are Nokia. We are 10.5 million people. So there are around 20.5 million phones here. If half of them are Nokia, it means there are around 10 million Nokias here. Finland only has 5.5 million people. So...we have more Nokias here than they do in Finland lol


Anyway, I had 2 phones that weren't Nokia: an Alcatel Easy (yeah, it's old) and an Ericsson T10s (long before the partnership with Sony. And yeah, the "s" thing isn't original at all =P). The Alcatel was nice but it was back when you could only have 10 contact numbers on your phone I think (was it 10? Or 5? Can't remember...God, I'm old lol).
I have terrible memories of the Ericsson T10s. The antenna was a nightmare. I honestly only bought it because it was that season's fashion.


So I don't have much personal experience with day-to-day use of phones that aren't Nokia. But I do have family. My sister is a big Samsung fan and I've seen how crappy Samsung phones are. My late father was also fond of pre-Google Motorola and those weren't bad phones. My personal trainer is an HTC fan. And my friends either have iPhones or Xperias.

I have to say, from all those, I would pick Sony. I'm fairly familiar with Sony's hardware quality and I hold them in high regard (though nothing beats Nokia).
If there was no Sony, I would probably go either Motorola or HTC (though probably not Lenovo's Motorola. I'm very suspicious of Chinese OEMs.

Or maybe Asus. I like Asus a lot and their PadFone's are cool though I've looked little into them. (Note: Asus is from Taiwan aka the Republic of China. the OEMs I don't trust are the ones from the People's Republic of China aka "China")

Basically, yeah. Spied for spied, I still rather be spied by fascists in Washington than by communists in Beijin. Though ideally, being European, I would like both to keep their noses out of my continent =P lol

Exactly, why spend more money and effort on sales training about WP when you can sell Android very easily, eventhough the sales person knows nothing more than what's written in a brochure. For distributors, that would be just another costly expense. Again, I don't blame them, it's business. Knowing WP position in the market, Microsoft shouldn't have expected much from OEM's and distributors when it comes to promotion.

If only that was the problem. But no.

The answer she gave was: "Windows Phone lacks functionality and apps and then people would complain and return the phones and that would be bad for the carrier".

Which is far worse than not training people. It's commanding them based on pre-conceptions about the OS.

sell Windows Phone devices to customers that specifically asked for them.

^ thus almost makes them sound "exclusive" in a cool way. Ironic though, they aren't advertising them at all.

It has lost market share compared to the last quarter 2013, it has gained compared to first quarter 2013.

Fourth quarter 2013: 10.3

First quarter 2014: 9.7

YoY is used to compare seasonal trends as well. Of course, they didn't sell as much the Quarter after Christmas.

WP doesn't have very customized feature set or apps for Asian market. That's why WP can't compete in Asia. WP lacks a lot of NECESSARY apps/features for ordinary Chinese smart phone users such as Alipay, html5 touch version website (can you believe that WP is only allowed to visit the WAP version of many of the most visited Chinese website and banned from accessing the touch version for android and iPhone?)

Exactly!I'm a Chinese and I see that clearly,poor app quality and lack of apps,and bad IE experience,and the slowly update of apps and almost no advertisements,

Good to see over 5 in the U.S. Imagine if they had done something completely crazy and actually released some new phones during that time. I know I know, terrible idea that would have been.

No,it's just ordinary number of preorder and sells phones,it's easy to reach that number in preorder

The only advertisements I see in the PHL are for asha phones :(

People are buying iphones and expensive android phones here even when they cost more than most people's monthly salaries because it makes them feel that they belong to the collective and not because of functionality as most would argue.  They should have invested more in marketing their phones like samsung's billion dollar marketing warchest.  Nokia and Microsoft have gone the honest way and invested more in research than in marketing but as impirical data shows, apparently vapor marketing trumps honest to goodness usability.  People wont buy a phone they don't know about.

Not surprised there's no data on Australia. They're all sheep here. I was even asked recently "why don't you get a normal phone like everyone else" hehe

Funny. I thought you were all kangaroos ;P

Did you answer "because I'm not everyone else"?

The only advertising WP has seen over here is the Nokia 1020 billboards, that's it.

We also have bugger all carrier support for WP and let's face it, Australia is all about plans, that's why we still have so many iPhones because they are on every carrier under the Sun and they are advertised up the wazoo.

I got much more heated above, but the point remains the same, people are happier spending 60 bucks a month for 24 months on a carrier plan than they are foring out 600+ on a phone. And Hell, in stores the 1020 is still $700 -800 over here. Unless you're buying online, phones are frigging expensive. I should know, I price second hand ones and sell them.

Sure.... Let us get rid of carriers racketeering. Nokia was unknown in the US because it did not bend over to carriers while in Europe was best brand.

Windows Phone very popular in North Korea ever since beloved leader Kim Jong-Un invented the OS based on the teachings of an Angel that visited him on a unicorn.

We have the latest hardware and now with 8.1 WP will be in line with all the prominent features. So what happens if market share doesn't increase? UI needs to be tweaked in my opinion. Too cluttered. Nothing drastic but WP and W8 need more spacing between tiles. Sometimes becomes very difficult to find an app specially for non tech customers who are majority of users

Software, especially LINE and it's games. The majority of japanese use LINE as the main messaging app, and LINE for windows phone is the least powerful compare to ios and android, no sticker shop (paid one), no games, so I'm not surprise. I live in Thailand, most of us use LINE as the main messaging app too. I have lots of friends that interest in my 820 but ditched windows phone platform immediately when I told them there is no sticker shop, and no cookie run LOL. Anyway, I love my windows phone, It's a great platform.

No wonder they a losing market share in Asia there is virtually no marketing push.

Here in Thailand you very rarely see any advertising and the pore quality control of the Nokia 920 when it was released did not help. I was one of many that had to take my phone back.

Still feel for the few stores that are trying to push  Microsoft Surface and Surface Pro with no second generation anywhere to be found. And to top it off the Xbox One is not getting released here.

That's surprising to know that there's hardly any marketing push for WP in Thailand. At least here in Singapore there's still some marketing event and tv commercials. Surface 2 was only launched last month and Xbox One will be launched soon here.

There are? I have not seen a single WP commercials on the TV and big screens since the early WP7 days.

Almost no advertisements for 2 years from Nokia and Microsoft too in China,even many people thought Nokia not produced phones anymore,

In other news, Windows Phone is doing amazingly in Chile, but we cannot have MixRadio or Xbox services. Please, send the message along

Microsoft should stop self-oem and give os source to hw companies with no fee.

Windows phone os is too restrictive for consumers and hw vendors.

MS can surpass apple easily.

Nokia x is charming everywhere. Advertisements on televisions of Windows phone arent there now. All the time nokia plays the nokia x advertisement. Thi isnt good for WP. Magn youre killing that brand and even the surface.

Regardless, the growth is still very low as compared to Android. It will be taking forever in order to reach what Android is currently, or even the 2nd place in market share. And yes, most of the consumers are into either iOS / Android in Asia. Even services offered by the public sectors are mainly having apps in iOS and Android only. How do you expect consumers to get onto the WP bandwagon at all? With this going, I can see WP is going nowhere. Unless WP8.1 is really so amazingly outstanding that people start to notice it, otherwise, too bad for MS, Nokia. They will just keep on bleeding money.

WP is doing well in Ireland too! Especially at Christmas when I buy people lumias! ... And I get stopped everyday and asked about my +1520!

Really? My app had thousands of downloads in UK, Italy, Germany, US and so on. In Ireland it is a couple of hundred.