Windows Phone Game Review: Ghost Motel

Ghost Motel for Windows Phone

Ghost Motel is a puzzle game for your Windows Phone that lays out a collection of riddles and puzzles that are dying to be solved.

The storyline has the Ghost Motel filled with over fifty ghosts that inhabit the various floors of the Motel. The ghosts are in need of help and it's your job to work your way through the Motel, solving the puzzle and in turn helping out the ghosts.

The puzzles are one to a room and each floor has five rooms. The word puzzles are rather challenging and as you help the ghosts, additional floors become unlocked.

The main page represents the Ghost Motel's elevator panel. The Lobby Button will pull up the game's About Screen while the other buttons represent the puzzle floors. When you reach a certain floor you are greeted with a short note on how the ghosts need your help. For example, on the second floor you have to help the ghosts remember their occupations by solving the puzzles.

Ghost Motel

Just tap on the hotel room door to reveal the puzzle. On the puzzle screen you'll see the name, birthplace, occupation, and age of the ghost. Naturally, if you're tasked with finding any of this information out for the ghost it will be omitted. At the bottom of each puzzle screen are options to solve the puzzle and display a hint.

There's no score, no time limit, just plenty of mind twisting word puzzles to solve. Ghost Motel is a simple game for your Windows Phone that has its fair share of challenges. Some have visual puzzles you have to sort through while others rely on the written word to challenge you with.

If you like word puzzles and riddles, Ghost Motel is worth a try. There is a free trial version available that will let you play through the first four floors. The full version is currently running $.99 and you can find Ghost Motel here at the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

Windows Phone Game Review: Ghost Motel


My only problem with this is there's no animation at the end of each puzzle solved. It has no reason to be called ghost motel. The title would be better as amnesia motel. I'd like a little something for solving each puzzle. It doesn't feel complete, by just saying basically, thanks for setting me free. It feels a little plain. Just give me a little extra something.. Even a picture of each "ghost" you release after you solve the puzzle. Its better then just a text box.

Thanks for the review! 
ZuNuKoo, I understand the desire for something more after you solve each room, but coming up with 60 different images for each ghosts portrait wouldn't have really been possible since I can't really draw so well, which means I would have had incredibly bad looking ghosts.  I figured it'd be better to leave it up to the imagination of the player rather then force some really badly drawn characters upon them.
As for getting something for solving each puzzle, you do unlock more floors the more ghosts to help.  Not only does that let you view more puzzles, but you'll also start seeing a bit of a story develop.  I don't want to spoil anything, but once you start getting up in the higher floors, the notes from Management get a lot more interesting.

Thanks for the response. I've only played the demo so far. But it looks promising. It's a really good text based puzzle game. I enjoyed it.