Windows Phone to get dual-core Qualcomm chipset

Well, it's just a matter of time before our Windows Phones get a dual-core processor, right? Currently, we have just single-core, up to 1GHz CPUs on our phones, but Qualcomm looks to change that with their MSM8x60 chipset.

This info comes by way of Qualcomm's own site which lists Windows Phone as a supported OS (they need special drivers to interact with the chipset, see Qualcomm's discussion here). What makes all of this interesting is we know that the Qualcomm MSM7X30 and MSM8X55 chipsets have been approved for the Windows Phone chassis specifications, but this is the first we're hearing of a dual-core MSM8x60 chipset and Windows Phone mentioned together.

We should note though that just because it supports Windows Phone doesn't mean it's a chassis option, at leastd for right now. But it does show that evidently, a lot of the leg-work is already done in porting the chipset to our OS.

The MSM8x60, is currently featured in the new HTC EVO 3D and features a strong arsenal of technology, including:

  • Dual Scorpion-cores up to 1.5GHz
  • Adreno 220 GPU
  • 1080P video and playback
  • HDMI mirroring
  • Dolby 5.1
  • 3D capturing and playback
  • 16MP dual-camera support

Sounds good to us, now hopefully we can see some phones this fall, rocking some Mango with this bad boy on board.

Source: Qualcomm; via MonSmartphone


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Windows Phone to get dual-core Qualcomm chipset


I hope so too! Really look forward to what comes out this fall with Mango, and especially Nokia phones a bit later. Hopefully the other OEM's put out some good hardware as well.

Here's a question, if the new devices are not dual core, how much does it matter to you? Do you feel you are lacking performance with current handsets or is it just a "keep up with the jones'es" thing? What exactly do you hope this level of hardware will accomplish that is not possible today? Discuss, not troll pls.

Dual core is great if the OS takes advantage of it. No one knows at this point if that's the case.Lacking current performance? No. But, when you try Mango's speed improvements, you'll never want to touch NoDo again.HD video recording/playback is nice, as is BT 3.x, 4.x support. Plus this has the Adreno GPU on board, making graphics and gaming way better--that's actually probably the biggest difference.

duel core .. ok .. every single due core ive had so far have sucked lol so i hope this is gona be good :P i personally think Duel core is over rated, its like when they first came out on PC they where essentially USELESS cause no Program/games/application evan supported it or took advantage of it and it probably will continue to be useless until they add Multy Tasking witch still doesn't really need it. i personally don't care for Duel-corehahabut i LOVE the possible 3D support :) now that's a gimmick i can love haha

yeah, it would definitely suck if my cores were busy fighting each other, instead of processing cycles...

this qualcom chip is currently the slowest dual core chip out there. So hopefully MS can optimize the software for the hardware.

What I want to know is: Why? WP7 Runs great on older snapdragons. It is a lean OS that never lags. Why would you need dual core at all at this point? I could understand if it was a newer, more power-efficient processor, but WP7 won't really utilize the extra power unless Microsoft starts giving it features that need it.I have never been unhappy with the performance of my Focus. I see the benefit of dual core in my Android handset, but WP7? It seems like a waste.

Video games and HD video playback would be greatly improved, specifically anything related to graphics and rendering.Which do you think will do better: Skype + video call on single or dual core?You need to not think about today and think about what tech/features we'll be using in the future e.g. augmented reality apps.

ill be a bit more consumer minded for this postif i see single core and spec sheet for wp7 and dual core on android what will i do? think android is more advanced and im losing something on wp7...of course to us, the ones that actually know "things", thats not true but to the regular customer and stu**d... i mean, ur friendly sales it could be a bad thing to lag in hardwarei dont feel the need either, but it's not a bad thing to have either

Well i think it would be great due to Mango has 500+ features it is adding and i definitely could be wrong but the more features you have the more memory it uses and the better hardware your going to need. Im sure Microsoft is implemeting this for a reason maybe they know it will not run as smooth on a single core processor as it would for a dual core processor and not to forget they are going to have multi-tasking now that will in fact be better using a dual core processor. I agree with everyone here though i hope it uses it properly and efficiently as well as i hope the new phones have front facing cameras because that really is the future. 3D is cool BUT they need a couple more years to really perfect it heck it only has been on TV for a year and they still are trying to get that right. But Microsoft to me has the best UI by far and I like the next wave of live tiles they look very good.

YEAH!!!! I hope it comes this fall soon! If so I am getting it. Also hope they will have dual camera's also for new wp7 phone models has i want that feature since they microsoft acquried Skype and Qik i have feeling it will be added.

Why are some of you acting like this is almost a negative? My single core runs great blah blah what a waste. Guess what can really benefit from dual cores? Probably the most used "app" on a phone.. the browser. If optimized correctly web pages should load twice as fast. Check out ipad vs ipad 2...And duh that little thing called xbox live. Windows phone doesn't exactly set speed records when loading games, so any extra speed is a plus. The chipset also has 4x the GPU performance as the gen 1 snapdragon in the current handsets.

I really hope Sprint gets a better spec'ed Windows Phone 7 device in the fall. I can deal with the 1st gen Snapdragon, as WP7 seems to be nicely optimized for it (just look a Samsung Focus vs. Samsung Captivate comparison), but the rest of the phone is underwhelming. Here are my gripes:- Small 3.6" screen which uses an ancient TFT LCD. Seriously, SLCD is the bare minimum now. LG's IPS displays are pretty sweet, but my favorite is the Samsung's Super AMOLED screens.- Crappy 5 megapixel camera, although to be fair, HTC is known for this. Hopefully the newer HTC Windows phone will incorporate the camera found in the HTC Sensation, which is actually competitive.- No gorilla glass wtf? It seems like this phone was designed a year and a half ago.