Windows Phone gets a new king of YouTube HD players

YouTube Pro

If you caught our hands-on with YouTube Pro, the new HD/HQ video app for watching YouTube on-the-go, you'll be as excited as we are to see it is now on the Marketplace. Fetching for free (with ads) or $0.99 (no ads), the app looks to rock those who want a solid MetroTube replacement.

YouTube Pro is made by the same company who released SuperTube. The latter should be getting an update within the next few weeks and it won't be a directly updatable to YouTube Pro. However, we're told that YouTube Pro will remain at $0.99 till March 31, 2012 at which point it will bounce to the higher $1.29, so you'll want to lock in that price now if you like the app.

YouTube Pro

Feature-wise, YouTube Pro is similar to SuperTube but it has a much nicer, more Metro-influenced UI. You can play videos in HQ and HD resolutions, download (and save) videos, access your account, like/dislike videos, upload new videos to your account, push notifications with Live Tiles and more. Really, it's the full package and when we tried it a few weeks ago, we were impressed with it. But now it's your turn to have at a go and see if this fits the bill for the "ultimate YouTube app."  (Although we do worry about the name as YouTube proper could force them to rename the app).

Pick up YouTube Pro (paid with trial) here for $0.99 or opt for the free, ad-supported version right here. Let us know your thoughts in comments. Watch our video walk-through and get the QR codes after the break...


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Windows Phone gets a new king of YouTube HD players


Yes and no. At least SuperTube is still being supported/updated. But this is really a whole new app. Still, I see how it works both ways...

<shrugs> It's $0.99, so nothing I'm loosing sleep over.

Seriously. I bought MetroTube and they discontinued it a month later. Then I bought SuperTube and now this a couple weeks later. Definitely not paying for a redesigned version of the same app by the same developer just to get burned again in a couple months. Welcome to my blacklist. 

I also bought the supertube and wish i did not since this seems same features. I should get my money back if i knew earlier. Also the inbox have problems it dont show all your inbox messages. it shows last 8 inbox messages only.

The real question is how deticated are the devs with this app. No one wants to pay for an app that might not be supported in the near future like Metrotube

These are the same folks who made SuperTube and have been supporting that for a long time--they invested in making their own codecs/players for this app, so my feeling is they are more dedicated than LazyWorm.

But hey, there are no guarntees here in software-land. If $0.99 is that big of risk/you're worried, than opt for free and enjoy the safety ;-)

I'm just saying, with the way youtube apps been disappearing from the marketplace, I'm not too confident on buying any youtube app right now. Lol So I guess the free one will do

Honestly, I don't even remember the name. I just remember hearing about it a while back. Even the HTC version was said to disappear but then later was confirmed to still be there if you did a search but I'm sure they make more money off ads anyway. So free it is for now. We'll see how it goes. Lol

It's not about dedication. From talks with Lazyworm, they are looking to build a legitimate brand in both Windows Phone and Windows 8. You can't operate your business on finding workarounds to gain access to undocumented functionality of a service.
That said, purchasing it now. However, I should point something out - I would not call this Metro done perfectly, like Metrotube was. It's a great step up from SuperTube in any case.

I don't think that anyone pays $0.99 for an app thinking that they'll get lifetime support and updates; like you said it's only a dollar. What happened to piss em off about the whole Lazytube fiasco is that they didn't provide a way for anyone who actually paid for the app to download it again after getting a new phone.

The reason we pulled Metrotube had nothing to do with lack of dedication... As we mentioned in our statement, it's to do with the lack of official support and the fact that the future of ANY 3rd party YouTube app on Windows Phone is unknown.
We spent a year developing our app and put our heart and soul into it, we gave it absolutely everything and sweat over every detail.  It's a real shame that we can't distribute it anymore but it's the only way forward for us.
Also, please note that anyone who has paid for Metrotube can still email us and we'll give them access to re-install it at anytime.  We are prepared to bend over backwards for those who have shown us their support :)

Considering they're about to drop support for their older YouTube app, I would say this developer is one to avoid. I'm sure they'll release another new YouTube app in a few months under a different name and drop support for this one.

they wont be dropping support of supertube, i emailed them about it and they replied saying they just released an update for supertube awaiting ms approval. Please get your facts right before posting thanks.

So they have two next-to-identical apps in the Marketplace? They are fundamentally the same, just that Youtube Pro has some added visual flair. The core of the app is still slow and unintuitive, and I was back with Metrotube within five minutes.
It's already dodgy building your name on workarounds and a straight-up breach of YouTube's ToS and individual copyright owners (ability to download video). Shady practices such as the release of this app doesn't help their image one bit.

You should have paid for it, since Lazyworm isn't going to provide free users with a reinstall link.

Huh so supertube and youtube pro would be separate apps? So supertube wont get updated to the new UI of youtube pro right?

Right, the mechanics of SuperTube will get updated for compatiblity issues/bugs but AFAIK, it won't be "turned into" YouTube Pro.

To be honest, i wasnt a fan of SuperTube. The download option was the best thing about it.
But i have to admit. Youtube Pro is really really good. Its fluid, it has lots of features (did anyone see the Map Tube option, its pretty slick) and you can download vids.
It can use some extra polish. I am definitely gonna use this app more then Metro.

Needs more optimization on the HD videos
there is a small stutter both on video and audio
the comments on light background are hard to read
other than that i think we found the next metrotube :)

Tried the app, thought it could be faster. When clicking on a video and and it brings me to the video homepage, the other pivots (author, related and comments) dont load unless you swipe there. Thought that could be improved by loading all pivots when clicking on a video instead of individual pivots. Other then this issue and probably abit of laggness, its definitely a step up from supertube not to mention the awesome UI.

So wait what did I miss here? Will MetroTube still work if I already have it and where did it go cause it was such a killer app?

Its removed from Marketplace and they will not update it anymore.
If you have it installed it will work until Youtube changes APIs or whatever. Dont reset your phone if you have it. :)

Metrotube will continue to work until Google patches whatever loopholes or undocumented methods it uses to obtain the content it does. Lazyworm will provide existing paying users with a method to reinstall - hidden marketplace link. Send them an email and they will get you sorted out.

Yes Metro tube will still work. They took it off marketplace due to Google Corp who owns YouTube said to remove it off marketplace due to violations. Which is dumb maybe google was jealous of the looks made there android phones cry

I got the supertube free version and it only allowed me to download 3 videos before it requested I purchase the full version! No thanks. I picked up the ad-free version of lazytube for free back in September and it fills out my youtube needs just fine.

Well maybe you missed the whole story abuot the new app. The free version doesnt have restrictions. Only ads ;)

Strange!  Went to the marketplace, searched for "YouTube Pro" and got nothing!! When I used the "Download" link on WPCentral, I get an error message to try later!  Anybody?

Ok!!  Got it! I downloaded it via a Link on this website that took me to the marketplace.  Can't get it using wp7 resident app!

Same dev, two different YouTube apps, two different dev names, plus the ability to download YouTube videos which is expressly forbidden by YouTube.
AND if you purchased supertube you don't get upgraded to thus version. AND they used the YouTube name in their app, which I can only assume isn't allowed either.

Yeah, great devs.

Video is choppy while streaming. :(
MetroTube video runs smoother.
Cooments gets cluttered with the nicknames, set nicknames with theme-color or something to make it easier on the eyes to seperate the comments. 
Otherwise its looking good. Nice UI.

I'll give it a look. So far I haven't been overly impressed with any YouTube app yet. On any platform but I'll keep trying.

What kind of thief they are, I pay good money for supertube, why? I need to pay again? I won't be paying , this is why so many people do piracy in software...

While I do like the updated design, why couldn't this be a bump in the next version number? Yes it chips away at the money they'd get back from the redesign but it also is a horrible way to make repeat customers for new software (that isn't the same thing they did in another app).

SuperTube is one of the few apps I actually purchased due to just how good it was. And now it's basically oudated, is guaranteed to get only one more update and then...well who knows what. And they want me to purchase their NEW Youtube App? Really?
Yeah, to hell with that.

What we need to do is write the opinion in the markeplace and call them what they are THIEF, but where everyone culd see it rate them with a 1*

No offense, but please don't spam the Marketplace with such crap. How are they a "thief"? Did they force anyone to buy their app before or now?

If you don't like their app, purchasing model or update trajectory, just don't buy it. I honestly don't get what the big deal over this is.

Smh people complaining about the extra 99cents wasted? Seriously just don't buy it or just get the trial version if you disapprove of the dev work, or just poor. Also we should be happy that we are able to download videos directly from this app and supertube instead of complaining about the violations.

Supertube is version 2.2
Youtube Pro is version 2.3

It really should be a direct upgrade to those of us that paid for Supertube

I have to agree, it should of been a direct upgrade for paying customers. Seems pretty shady to drop  one version to offer a "new and improved" version for an addional cost.
I payed for the new version because I have NO choice, but it is not right.
Agree or not, it is a fact.

Right... And really, it's not about the $0.99. It's the inconvenience. Downloaded videos are not visible on the new version, so if I want to do a full install and replace, I have to re-download everything with the new app, or transfer the videos to my PC and then back through Zune

Sheesh, its a dollar people... you can make that by finding a few coins around the house. Its an awesome app btw. Glad i never bought Supertube so this is my first purchase from them. Plus if u dont want to buy, just put up with a few ads, no functionality lost

I have been using easytube, but it now has an issue where everytime I try to watch an online video, even ones I've watched/downloaded, it says it "cannot play video". I have the ad-supported version of YouTube Pro, but I can't find any of my downloaded videos online with the search. If I can't redownload my videos, I can't make this my new YouTube app.