Windows Phone Mango update imminent

We just received a tip from an anonymous reader (he wishes to remain protected - we've sent WPCentral bouncers round as we speak) who reports that he's received an email notification from both Microsoft and a manufacturer (specifically not Samsung or HTC) to downgrade Mango-powered devices and revert back to a previous test version.

"Hello today we got an email notification from both MS and our Vendor for whom we test it's unreleased (TBR) device (not Sammy or HTC) to DOWNGRADE our Mango units to previous TEST Windows Phone Version as to check MS Servers for smooth Mango deployment/update and if all the Servers are prepped..."

It will then be the case to test the Mango deployment and ensure that Microsoft and the WP team get everything prepped and ready for end-users. Looks like this is fitting in with rumours and speculation that Mango is pretty ripe and ready to burst - it's the 15th tomorrow. Have we all got our kitchen knives at the ready? This fruit is going to be so sweet sliced.

Thanks to our anonymous tipster for the heads up!


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Windows Phone Mango update imminent


Damn and here I was hoping (depsite knowing otherwise) that the official Mango OS would allow you to upgrade to it (without having to downgrade).Oh well :(

The tipster just downgraded to test, doesn't necessarily mean we can't update from a Mango beta or the RTM version.

All along they have said you would probably need to downgrade back to NoDo or something lower than the most recent build.This was never hidden.

lol well obviously you need to revert if you have the LEAKED or beta MANGO instaled on your phone hehehe.....i really wish i could get this upadte NOW!! i been waiting on it. ( promissed my self not to get the beta or leaked lol )

MS has stated that there's no upgrade path from BETA, but, hasn't mentioned 7720. Please, point us in the direction of the "obvious" info.

its a leaked ROM is not official .. not official = obviously you need to revert...... you new to WP7?? it been like that from the start. and this article simply backs up that theory.put it this way...why would MS add a upgrade path from a LEAKED update that you shouldnt even have in first place??? they wouldnt.

Of course they would. You must be forgetting all the people in Redmond who went through Microsoft to get the RTM flashed onto their phones early. There will be an upgrade path, they can't ask all their employees to lose their data and roll back to NoDo just to upgrade to Mango again. It was leaked from a very official source, I see no reason the final build will not be upgradeable.

well i hope your right , but but i wouldn’t hold my breath..and i sure as **** wouldnt risk it.hard reset is a simple as backing up all your data on your e-mail/cloud server ..except your apps but I dont think MS cares about the games there employees play. lol

SMS are also lost - a huge deal for some and not so much for others. Anyway, it's quite a small risk IMHO and it runs extremely well on my Focus. Remember, no matter what AT&T just stated, carriers can withold an update for an entire cycle, according to MS. I didn't wait for AT&T for NoDo and I didn't for Mango. And I'm quite glad I didn't!

Microsoft's own employees had to bring their phones in to have them FLASHED with each update. There was never an update path and to be quite honest, it's almost unheard of for a company to invest the time and money in developing an update path from a Beta. It's not unusual, nor should it be a surprise. People that don't want to be bothered with that should not be installing Beta OS's... It's one of the pains of using Beta's.

I've installed every build up to 7720 without ever reverting to any previous build and without any loss of data or settings. Now, whether or not that means I can go from 7720 (is it a beta or RTM?) to whatever MS and/or carriers release is in question. If I lose my SMSs, it was still worth it.

I've been fighting the temptation to install Mango all this time. It's been tough since one of my co-workers has it already installed on his Arrive...Just hope this rumor turns out true and our wait is over tomorrow. :)

considering how long Tmo UK took to give us nodo, I'm not gonna hold my breath for mango anytime this year lol...

Yes, there is the possibility that some Generation I devices will not get the v7.5 update this calendar year, but just imagine the consumer/enthusiast/critic backlash. If Microsoft thought that there was even a chance that it wouldn't be rolled out until 2012, they would not have marketed it as they have. NoDo really ticked people off, and there were relatively few people using WP devices at that time. Also, NoDo was a small(ish) update. (I know consumers that are still using the pre-NoDo version.) Microsoft (and the carriers) will not make the same mistakes they did with NoDo: The platform depends on it.

I have an arrive as well, and you might as well not get excited because Sprint has to release this to us. I had the Mango Beta, and while it was definitely nicer, it was still too buggy for me to keep on there. I have pretty much put Mango out of my mind, as I have been down this road before with Android. It takes a long time for carriers to release their approved versions of software updates (especially since Sprint is sipping the Android Kool-Aid)....

Crossing fingers, Please be an upgrade, not a nuke of my device. WOuld love to keep my unlock with mango final !!!

Well it should be interesting to see how long the Carriers take to roll it out, and what, if any, logic is used to schedule the updates. Personally, I was late to the WP party, but I duid buy my HD7 at 9am on the first day they were available form AT&T, plus I have a very high value account with them, so it will be interesting to compare when things get pushed to various Customers :-)

Since there's a 2nd keynote today, only breakout sessions tomorrow and yesterday's keynote was all about Win8, I think MS could surprise us TODAY with a Mango release to unbranded devices.Either that or we're waiting until October.Btw, please stop with the whole fruit metaphors (ie. ripe, sweet to slice). It's painful to read these.

Well from the MS Website - if it's to be believed, we still have some waiting to do:"Stage 1: TestingThe software update is undergoing mobile operator network and quality tests. These tests can vary by mobile operator, software update, and device. Updates can include Windows Phone or device-specific improvements.Stage 2: SchedulingMicrosoft is scheduling the update for delivery. This phase typically lasts 10 business days or less.Stage 3: Delivering updateMicrosoft has started to send out the update. Because updates are typically delivered to customers in batches, it might take several weeks before you receive notice that an update is available for you."Mango is nowhere on the site, indicating that it's not yet "In Testing"Of course, they haven't bothered to update the Page since July - nice work MSoft!

Yep. Some new Mango CDMA devices would be reasons to get excited, wouldn't it? That said, if Sprint could just get the update to the Arrive, I could at least consider that. I have until November/December time frame until I have to make a decision.

Hmmm - I just had an update for Zune pushed onto me - was required in order to download Apps from the Marketplace.Mango Upgrade Compatibility related? Me wonders?

Might be related to the Zune devices policy that went into effect yesterday? I'll be an optimist and hope it's for Mango. :)

I had an update to Zune 4.8 a couple of weeks ago and last week there was an opdate for Windows Phone 7 that was usb device and windows phone my zune's no showing any other updates but I will check again in a minute

For those of you who seen Microsoft Build, wasn’t it AWSOME! This has got to be the most anticipated software release EVER! The OS is running on ARM, Very exciting time for Microsoft users as well as developers. Microsoft by far has the best ecosystem hands down.Thank You Microsoft

Lets be realists for a moment, shall we? The odds of the carriers pushing this out tomorrow, if it in fact gets "released" tomorrow (I'll believe it when I see it) are probably less than 10%. The carriers, by in large, across all different types of phones, are typically behind the curve, in releasing updates, especially the WP updates. Now, there is NOBODY that wants Mango more than I do, but I'll bet we won't see any carriers dole it out tomorrow, and I'd guess the odds of it appearing in the next week are less than 50/50.

carriers have had mango rtm for quite a while. so if it starts tommo it will be a faster process.. im sure microsoft let the carriers know they have to be done testing by today so they can distribute it to us. im sure most of us will be sitting in front of thier comps late tonight haha

Att mentioned in a web posting their upcoming WP 7.5 lineup and that the 7.5 update was coming this fall and the were testing so it could as early as 9/20 and as late as December 2011

Good Ol AT&T! Remember when the HD7s was to be released "In the coming weeks" , which became months?Better check which year "This Fall" refers to LOL

I find it odd that Joe Belfiore refuted earlier rumored "dates" for Mango's release, but not the 15th... I wonder if that means it's a good date or that he's just tired of refuting things... LOLI'm hoping on the former...

Just checked my phone and software to see if an update was available, but alas ... nothing. Hey wait a minute, I already have Mango on my phone. What was I thinking?

I specifically tried to avoid the pre-official release Mango versios, just to avoid any possible isues with installing the latest version. I will certainly be happy when it comes out. Very odd for me. I never get excited about phone updates. This one however has me buzzing. My only issue. I have no one to share my excitement with. No friends have MWP7. I really wish I seen them more often. Most places do not advertise them at all. Not in Ontario at least.

Mango is scheduled to be released today here in Taiwan but for some reasons (Language pack I guess) it won't be an OTA update. People must bring their phones to shops in order to ger the update.