Windows Phone Marketplace Expansion announced [Developers]

Not to scale.

Over at the Windows Phone Developer Blog Todd Brix just announced that with the new year comes new markets for Windows Phone. Since the initial release of Windows Phone the geographic availability of the Marketplace has been spreading, and with this there are 6 new markets: Argentina, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru and the Philippines.

In the post he mentions that this does not mean that those markets are available to WP7 users there just yet, but rather that developers can now publish their application there in anticipation.

There are also a few extra rules which govern what content will pass certification. So if you have an application that may possibly have questionable content I would suggest publishing it first to the rest of the world, and then these new markets, to make sure you don't get stuck in certification hell.

With the these new rules in-place I imagine that quite a few developers will not be able to get their applications to these areas:

Examples of potentially offensive content in certain countries/regions include, but are not limited to the following:
• People in revealing clothing or in sexually suggestive poses
• Religious references
• Alcohol references
• Sexual or bathroom humor
• Simulated or actual gambling

However that's not totally a bad thing, because from the look of it these markets will never have to deal with any fart-apps!

Source: Windows Phone Developer Blog


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Windows Phone Marketplace Expansion announced [Developers]


The philippines will be a small but key market for windows phone, especially nokia. nokia has an enormous presence in the philippines (i spent half my life there) and even though nokia is dead in the smartphone market, they thrive with feature phones. they have enormous brand loyalty in the phillies; if you have a nokia, you're cool.
having the lumia 710 there immediately would be key. this is to woo first time smartphone buyers into windows phone using nokia's influence. The 800 will definitely do damage there, but there are just so many poorer/average citizens that the 710 will most likely be the best purchase.

Too bad all cellphone shops here in the country promote Android-based phones. At least that's what the all the employees encouraged me to get when I was looking for a Mozart months ago. But I know better.

I have been waiting to purchase apps in the philippines. 
Philippines is an important market for nokia. This is great news.

Are those rules for only the new regions... this is really bad..
Facebook would not exist with these rules, Foursquere, yelp, cracked, boardexpress??
I mean any app with user submited content would not pass this certification... what about the break app, vevo???. 

Those content restrictions may not be for every market (obviously) however they remind me that I sitll wish Microsoft would introduce a "Mature" option in the marketplace. Not necessarily for porn apps or anything like that, but just the ability to load apps that normally would be banned from entering the marketplace due to "offensive content. One example is a 4chan browser. Or pretty anything that doesn't fit into their "under 14" allowed content.

I guess that in games there already exist clear guidelines how the age ratings go about, but for other applications it could take a lot more time during certification and trying to figure out what's acceptable and what's not. 
If we actually manage to get the 1000 applications "HD SEXY BABE WALLPAPERS" away from the market then I'll gladly stop thinking about the slightly more genuine apps.
//Developer of 4chan browser

Hells yea! Malaysia on the map, finally :)
Now it's only a matter of (not much hopefully) time before marketplace hits our shores, we'll be able to buy apps!
woo hoooo!

I can't understand why in gods name are they so slow..
W8 app store is going to open simultaniously in 231 countries, and they are draging Marketplace so iritatingly slow.