Windows Phone Marketplace picking up steam

Windows Phone Marketplace Growing

It's been a busy month for the Windows Phone Marketplace and it's nice to see the momentum building. In May we've seen new apps such as AboutOne, LinkedIn, Photosynth, Baseball Live and Talkbox. Add new games such as MonstaFish, Feed Me Oil, MissileDefender, Logorama and WordHog and the Marketplace continues to build a very nice resume of titles.

We also saw updates to Facebook, WhatsApps, Rowi, Skydrive, Monster Island and our own WPCentral app. Oh, and the list of $.99 Xbox Live gaming titles continues to grow.

May was a busy month for the Windows Phone Marketplace and it doesn't look like things are going to slow down in June. There is the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) next week which we could see more Marketplace news hit the press. You also have the Nokia exclusive apps lurking in the shadows. Could we see Angry Birds Space, Madden NFL or Tiger Woods PGA Tour roll out in June?

Many criticize the Windows Phone system as lacking a strong enough Marketplace. Sure... we don't see it that way and the growth the Marketplace has had over the past month may thin our critics a bit.

We leave you with this question. As the Windows Phone Marketplace continues to grow, what is the one app or game that is missing that would make your app/game library complete?

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Windows Phone Marketplace picking up steam



As a wp7 user in the UK who has just switched after 2years with android (not the most user friendly os)the two things I hope come to WP are an official BBC news app and google maps with street view. Get these basic staples and WP will take off much quicker . Most of my colleagues are holding back until the higher end apps become available . Great OS though, well done Microsoft

As far as I remember, Android Market barely had worthy apps. It will take time to built WP marketplace but it will grow. Critics Just need to STFU.

Need app that does the following:1) block only some numbers,reply to text messages in advance while busy,real caller id like white pages. 2) draw something 3)instagram 4) words with friends. Last we need better: Skype,Facebook & official YouTube app. I hope we get all that by wp8.

The app is still in beta testing. It's going to be nice, but if it were actually ready for release, I'm sure they would release it.

Audible has been in beta for months now. This is the one app I really miss. Would also like the google version of latitude although gMaps is pretty good.

Two: Comixology for digital comics. Epocrates, a drug reference app popular with doctors and others in the health industry. The former for fun. The latter is the last thing holding my doctor friends from making the switch.

The DC Comics app is indeed nice but is limited to just the main superhero line. Can't see my Vertigo or Wildstorm comics I've bought. The Comixology app gives you access to everything DC, Marvel, and everybody else.

Desperately wishing for a Comixology app. I read a lot of non-DC comics so and I've built up a sizeable digital comics library using their iOS app.

Probably less but it's still significant and we don't have it. As wp grows we'll see more crossover but while that happens its very frustrating.

I would rather see a full phone integration with instagram rather than just an app.. I personally feel it's an overrated app in general but the masses need to be heard and accommodated

My wife complained about not having Bejeweled Blitz on her new Nokia Lumia 900 I bought her. I didn't care, no Apple products in my house.

You know, I was about 50% complete with a Risk clone and stopped because I was worried about lawsuits and such. I'm debating whether to go down the route of doing the same thing but in Space or something, taking over planets instead of territories. They can't sue me then right?

I think you might have to throw in some kind of twist in the rules. I'm sure there must be something fun you can add to the formula :)

There are other risk clones out there...not sure how they've faired legally. There's Lux, Attack on Facebook, probably others. Lux has a bunch of different maps and different rule options. For example, the possibility of reinforcing between more than just adjacent territories.

I wouldn't worry about lawsuits... If anything it would be removed from the Marketplace. Just don't use their trademarks and don't steal direct images etc and it should be fine ;)

There are a ton of risk clones on iOS. I play Generals as it has push multiplayer. Please bring a multiplayer or good single player risk clone to WP7!

It's because it's terrible.  No history, no zoom lock...it plains sucks.  And no sign Adobe is going to care either.

It would be nice. I think they make it for everyone else, including the Kindle Fire. However, as someone else already said, the mobile web site is pretty handy. It does everything I need it too.

If I could ask for any app, it would be for Apple to release iMessage on Windows Phone (all my friends have iPhones), but that's never going to happen so I would definately choose Path.

Yeah, I'd rather not let Apple release all their bloatware on our marketplace. And besides, iMessage sucks!

I don't want other platforms hand me down I want WP to hand them some apps and show em how ita don't "beautifully different" right?

The app I miss most from my iPhone days is called 64 Bit Calculator. I wish that would get ported over, or, someone do a similar program. It was a fantastic programmers calculator.

I was reading through the comments and couldn't resist replying, mjrtoo. Check out Calculator², hopefully it's what you're looking for! I have a forum post here: http://forums.wpcentral.com/applications-spotlight/189202.htm.

From my perspective as a developer there are a lot of great apps out there, but even with only (!) 100,000 apps it can be difficult getting yours noticed. I think the future is looking good for Windows Phone and Windows 8 though.

Did you know the default WP calculator has more functions when you turn it sideways? Still missing a bunch of things, but better than the default view

Yes, but needed the more advanced bitwise functions and ASCII is nice too, plus all the conversions on one screen is really nice. It does work pretty good for basic stuff like you say though, great tip. :-)

Mainly SpaceTime and yeah, a real pdf viewer, not that crap that Adobe seems to think passes for a real app.

It sucks that the design decision to have Adobe's pdf viewer is the default on Windows Phone.  I hope that changes with Windows Phone 8.

Low marketshare 100,000 apps, no native code 100,000 apps. Now I wonder how many apps will come around when the marketshare grows and with Windows 8 around oh man this marketshare is going to BOOM.

I like Instagram and I am far from being a female and would not call myself a hipster. Its a fun site where your friends can share pictures, along with your favorite celebrities.

+1 for mint. If you haven't already, vote for it on their website. There's one that's still "Under Consideration". Who knows, they might just listen!

I went to the Contact Mint website  (https://www.mint.com/help/ ) and submitted a question asking when I could see Mint on WP. I got back a standard canned response something to the effect of "Thanks for your question. While we don't currently have a product that suits your needs, we'll pass this on to the product team for advisement". Anyone who's interested should submit as well. Make them consider us, perhaps.

I would love to see Adobe release Photoshop Express for windows phone as well as update the current Adobe Acrobat.

I wouldn't hold my breath. While iOS and Android have version 10 of their Reader, they don't have a timeline for basic updates for our version 9. So frustrating!

Tethering is only free on Tmobile for 50 connections after which you get notice of $14.99 plan or disconnection. Alternatively you can sign up for 5gb data plan for $35/month which comes with free unlimited tethering.

I think they don't want to develop a new version for WP7 when they already have one for Windows 8 (and by extension WP8).

Pandora, if only to shut up the people that use it as amunition to why Windows Phone sucks (which it doesn't.)  Personally I use iHeartRadio, Mixtape, and Zune pass.

Multiplayer games, Monopoly would be nice. Banks, Chase, ING and Sharebuilder. Audible. Pulse could use an update, so can Angry Birds...lots of wants...

I have contacted and contacted Ing and sharebuilder many times with requests regarding these two apps, it is a must have for me!

RunKeeper runs like a dog lately so maybe a competitor like RunTracker would be good.  a Mint.com app sure would be nice.

Fhotoroom has turned into a bastion for underage, ducklipped high school girls in their bikinis and the pervs trying to "holla" at them. If I had to recommend an alternative, I would suggest EyeEm ( ?)

I understand some of these will come with Nokia , however :
Square or intuit go payment
Banking apps (citi for sure)
And to add to apps that need updates

I actually did try that on my 900. Had a weird battery drain issue. It was almost like the location services would never turn off. My phone would heat up and drain very quickly.

Olive Tree Bible Reader
I know there are alternatives, but I miss those from other platforms. 

I tried to get Laridian to do Pocket Bible  for WP7   to no avail.  I found AcroBible NIV and it what I thought Pocket Bible for WP7 would be  I love it.

I contacted both Olivetree and Laridian and got pretty much the same response from both - no current plans but may develop an app in the future. My only consolation is to imagine that they may both be holding off in favor of Windows Phone 8. I know there are other alternatives out there in the meantime, but either or both of the big two would be welcomed, plus I would be able to transfer over my books that I purchased on other platforms such ad WinMobile and iOS.

I'm waiting for OliveTree too. They were on WM first, before going to any other platform. They need to come back to the tree's roots!

"with friends" games, voxer, a much better pdf reader/editor, cut the rope, draw something, a background enabled Skype app. The list goes on, but mostly because I'm tired of hearing about what's not there compared to the competition. But there are many exclusive apps i wouldn't be without on iOS and Android i.e. Wordament

Best YouTube app to use YouTube pro or metrotube which I have since it was removed off marketplace

Banking apps!!!!!!! Td, Wells Fargo!! Instagram would be cool. Tapatalk. I miss browsing the forums from my phone! LOL. 

I know this might sound strange, but I would LOVE to use the Google services.
And Doubletwist music player and alarm clock
And maybe some nicer, more realistic, and cleaner versions of games like solitaire, that actually have felt. One similar to the one that was on webos oh so long ago.
And more free games of course!!

Love it windows marketplace gaining momentum and has best useable apps. With this pace it for sure will reach 100,000 next month. While blackberry rim will still drop dead hahahhha rim. Now the apple or android trolls can't say marketplace don't have enough apps well 100,000 is enough which are more common use apps not like junk apps apple or android have

Well, if you don't have 10,000 fart and sexy girls apps how can you have a true marketplace! :-P

I would love my banking app "Fort Worth Community Credit Union".. They already have apps for A&A so what's the holdup guys? Get with the times! Lol...

Amazon (for Europe) and some Austria specific apps (Scotty and Qando) for public transport are still missing.

It would be great if Runkeeper would come back to the Marketplace, it feels like a step back when apps leave.  I would also love a Chase Bank app, and also a Nest Thermostat App.

I want to see sky sport football score centre (soccer). Its fantastic on iPhone, android and even blackberry. Windows phone lack a really high quality soccer app

Readabilitiy native integration
Pocket (used to be Read It Later)
. official apps pls!

PNC needs an app, Instagram, Google Music would be awesome as well as Google + , and I personally still want draw something although I understand the hype has fallen off a bit

Gooroovster is a pretty good alternative with metro styling. Also great customer service. Only thing they need is offline caching.