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When working on the Reinstaller review I was a little surprised how many app's I've purchased since Windows Phone hit the market back in 2010. For those not familiar, Reinstaller compiles a list of all the app's associated with your Windows Live ID and then helps walk you through the installation process.

I knew I had a healthy number of apps but still I couldn't help but say "good grief" when the final tally hit 678. Other numbers shake out with Rich Edmonds having 199 apps and Dan Rubino tops the charts with 1,078! Granted we go through apps at a faster pace due to the nature of our work but we started to think how many apps you guys and gals have. One thought led to another and a giveaway was born.

We'll give whomever has the largest list of apps a $50 gift certificate to the WPCentral Accessory Store. Just download Reinstaller, go through the steps to create your app list, take a screen shot or photograph of your Windows Phone showing the number of apps and post it in this WPCentral Forums discussion.

Let's keep it honest so don't go out this afternoon and download a few thousand free apps to your phone. We'll cut things off this Sunday, February 19, 2012 and put up a braggin' rights post on the 20th.

I'll be really curious if anyone tops Dan's number.


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WPCentral Reinstaller Contest


One slight problem. Reinstaller also includes the apps which we may have reinstalled again & again. So the same app gets counted over many times. Am I right?

I've found this, which is why I was surprised with my app count. I'm not one to install a great deal of apps (unless work requires it of course), so even 199 seemed a lot.

Eesh, 457 apps for me. No wonder I get pissed off on a first sync of a new device! Will post a sc if needed...

Ouch 299... no wonder that I have 9.45 GB for 'reserved space and other content' :/ I can't wait for my warranty to expire next month - I'll definitely be upgrading to a 32 GB card... or more, if possible... 16 GB isn't enough!

Bing is partly right. There's no native way to take a screenshot. But there's a homebrew application available for that. It requires you to have a developer (or chevron) unlocked device though. Otherwise you can always take some other device (camera, other cellphone) to take a picture of your screen.

201 for me when I tried yesterday. It's already too high. I'm usually app agnostic. Try to achieve most of the things with the browser instead and I was surprised by the number.

61 for me. Granted I have only had windows phone for 3 weeks.

But damn do apps get expensive. Been through iPhone, Android, WebOs and now Windows Phone in past year. Buying apps for each platform.

155 for me, Thought it was more than that but, it must not count the sideloading apps I have installed (there is a ton of cool homebrew stuff).

Yes, it is just counting apps downloaded from the Marketplace. So sideloaded apps will have no effect on the count total. 

188. The point of coming to WP7 was to avoid downloading a ton of apps. I think have failed at staying with my original intention.

The app does the same for you as the My Windows Phone Website.  It looks like the count reflects what is also available for you to restore on that site: that would be app downloads, trial downloads, and app downloads that were uninstalled.  The high app count is not such a bad thing.  It may just mean that you like to run trials before spending your cash, or that you want to try the app on your own device to see how it works - regardless of what the reviews say.
There are some very cool features on the My Windows Phone Website if you have not paid it a visit yet.  On top of seeing your XBox activities, Hotmail, Calendar, Documents, and phone location information - it provides navigation to the Marketplace.  THIS access to the Marketplace seems to have a better interface to it than the Zune access provides.  Just a little something different.
Hopefully the BUZZ surrounding this app sends a message to the Microsoft WP folks that the Windows Phone really need something for phone backup and restore on both the PC and in the cloud.  Perhaps something nice to add to Tango?

Wow, just came back to wp7 from trying the iPhone and was surprised to see my app count at 331. I try lots of apps, but never thought it was that many. Now to go through them all and set up my phone again. This app is a nice idea.

I thought I would be a heavy hitter but after reading all of your posts im feeling good about my 534 apps installed... jejeje