Windows Phone sales nearly double in the US passing RIM, according to Kantar Worldpanel

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Looks like there may be some good news for Nokia and Windows Phone after all, at least according to Kantar Worldpanel who has been accumulating sales of smartphones for the last 12 weeks across the globe.

The data suggests a strong increase in sales of Windows Phone in the United States where sales jumped from 1.9% in 2011 to 3.6% during the same time frame in 2012. What's more, that period for sales ends on March 18th which is a full 3 weeks before the AT&T Lumia 900 was available for purchase.

The increase in Windows Phone sales would mostly be attributable to the Lumia 710 on T-Mobile and the "Mango refresh" on AT&T with the Samsung Focus Flash, Focus S and HTC Titan making up the bulk of sales. Of course that 3.6% pales in comparison to Android (47.6%) and iOS (42.9%) during the same period though for the first time sales of Windows Phone outpaced RIM (3.2%) which is certainly a good sign.

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World wide, Windows Phone also saw a large increase in Germany where Windows Phone has 6.2% sales (up from 2.9%). Great Britain and France all had sales at or near 3% while Spain and Australia were much lower at 1.1 and 1.6% respectively.

While these numbers are interesting, we're certainly more curious about the next batch of sales figures to see how the Lumia 900 helped sales in the US and the rest of the world.

Windows Phone certainly has a long road ahead but the OS may be finally breaking that glass ceiling from the last two  years.

Source: Kantar Worldpanel; via TechCrunch; image via Nokia


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Windows Phone sales nearly double in the US passing RIM, according to Kantar Worldpanel


Totally agree. I'm with TMO and I also am up for an upgrade. Still holding on to my hd7 until Nokia drops a high end device with TMO.

Pretty sure you're putting the responsibility on the wrong party. Nokia has practically no say in what those carriers offer. If you want it, raise a stink with the carriers customer service to show there's demand.

Honestly I dont know how accurate that is (the blaming tmo thing). Im pretty sure if Nokia offered tmo the 900 along with att, especially with as into WP as they are, they definitely would have taken it.

They will be on all major carriers in the US with WP8.  Sucks waiting a little bit, but the increase will be even greater once Verizon is pushing like AT&T, and TMO/Sprint get new devices.

Why does everyone assume that VZW will get on board with WP8.  Verizon is a huge Android carrier, only has iPhone to prevent defectors.  It's going to take a major push to get WP8 on VZW and an even bigger push to get them to sell even if they carry it (see the Trophy - a year late and practically invisible on VZW).  Also, even on ATT (the premier partner) it wasn't until the Lumia 900 that anyone at ATT even cared about WP7.  MS has a major uphill battle and Nokia is running out of time to stop the bleeding financially.  Anyone that thinks MS will just keep sending them money needs to look at the financials - they already gave them $500 million BUT Nokia just lost $1.7 Billion.

Nobody has to make assumptions about Verizon when the cfo/ceo have said "themselves" they need another vendor to compete with Android and Apple? I think once Verizon jumps on board...they won't do it half azzed like they have up to this point because they've been so pissed @ how MS pulled out with their deal back a few years ago which cost them a lot of money and a lot of anger...
Verizon gives a little shout-out to Microsoft during its quarterly conference call, expressing the belief that the carrier can do for Microsoft's Windows Phone what it did for Android.
Verizon Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo, speaking on a conference call today, said he as "fully supportive" of Microsoft and talked about the need for a third mobile ecosystem in the industry.

GREAT, that a 100% increase.  Makes sense since Windows Phone should have more market share and is a much better eco system then blackberry.
I still think the issue holding back Windows Phone is perception and marketeting.  Its improving, but the general public is fickle and needs cute and plentiful advertisements so they pay attention.

I've gotten comments on my Lumia, saying that people have seen it on TV, so Microsoft needs to show off the other phones too. Also, they need more commercials that demonstrate the OS itself, not always the phone.

They've seen the Lumia because Nokia is advertising it, not Microsoft. 
If other WP devices are to be seen on TV, then HTC and Samsung need to advertise them. 
Besides, the product placement on some TV shows (i.e. Hawaii Five-O) showcases the HTC all the time.

Yeah, I was pissed when I saw the HTC commercial for the HTC One X last night and haven't really seen any for the Titan....they stink at pushing WP7

Regular people don't understand the idea of a "phone OS."  They know phone brands and models because that's what is marketed.  I've been asked "what phone is that."  What I try to say is that it is a Windows Phone but I get nothing.  What they want to hear is "HTC."  I always make sure they understand it's not Android....Basically people don't really know where to file "Windows Phone" in their mind.  Apple is Apple.  Blackberry is very well known.  Android basically fills in the blanks.

I believe you're right on the money...the most interest I get from people once they comment on how good looking the phone is, is the owww and ahhhsss I get "once" I start showing them the people hub, contacts, facebook etc.... and I can "see" how their really interested in this platform
i think some good commercials would be like you said...just showing the phone in use in everyday life because people can relate to that ....
especially a commercial where like someone is putting appointments into their calendar or updating a facebook page with comments like say updating while you're at a concert...just my three cents

What the fuck MS & Nokia?? Come on, 6% in Germany and i'm still waiting for the Lumia 900 to come to germany. Come on man... GIMME!

WP8 will boost marketshare significantly. That's when other big carriers bring out Windows phones. Right now it's only AT&T is supporting WP. It's up to the carriers if they want to carry WP or not.

Moved from a SGS2 to a Lumia 900 over the past weekend, I can't put the Lumia down. Excellent phone and a fantastic OS. The OS needs a lot more exposure and no doubt it will be a huge success. Where is the advertising? Come on MS and Nokia and the other OEMs, step it up.

This is the best news for windows glad to see people are finally acknowledging the windows phone best phone I ever owned

Hopefully this nudges other OEMs to put more effort into app selections/hardware for upcoming OS version.

You sure the sales period ends in March? That's what the text on TechCrunch says but the charts they posted clearly say w/e April 15 2012.So it includes about a week of Lumia 900 sales.

Well, I convinced my sis-in-law to get a lumia 900 to replace her BlackBerry. She loves it, so it shouldn't take long for everyone within 20 miles and 5 degrees of relatedness to her to be getting one. She's very outspoken and a real crusader for things she likes.

i need to convince my sister, too, then. she's also outspoken about products she likes. that Kony thing... ugh... she wouldn't stop talking about it..

Gartner reported today that worldwide market share for Microsoft's mobile OS's is 1.9%, down from 2.6% this time last year. They don't break it down by WP and WM, just "Microsoft." MS is still behind Bada, RIM, and Symbian. Granted, this is before Lumia 900, so maybe next quarter we might finally see an increase?

Not good at all. But the most developed countries (covered by Kantar, let's hope they aren't too mistaken) are the most important ones - the trends are radiating from them to the other countries.
Windows Mobile was quite strong in developing nations two years ago and it has died during these two years. Android is the low cost brand now. Windows Phone has one key disadvantage - it's unusable without the online connction. And the mobile internet is quite expensive in these countries.
While I'm a Windows Phone fan and developer, I recommended Samsung Galaxy W (Android) instead of Samsung Omnia W (WP) to my friend a week ago - just because I know he couldn't afford mobile data plan and Android is better suited for his situation.

I hope we see a solid jump with the Lumia 900 sales, lets see hard numbers back perceptions (of the Amazon rankings, backorders, etc.)

IMO Nokia should consider reducing the price of the Lumia 800, right now I'm having a hard time finding one that's cheaper than the Lumia 900! I think the 800 should cost at most $350...

And I admit, I love 3.5/3.7" screens and would love to see an Apollo evolution of the Lumia 800 line - except with a FFC, premium camera tech, LTE etc. on top.  Market it as a good ol' "iPhone killer" LOL

Sales increase in good old Germany is probably largely or exclusively due to the great but small Lumia 800. Seeing how sales reps sell and stores look, I just can't imagine any other phone we have here selling significantly. The sheer prettiness of the 800 and the first ever really perceptible ad-campaign for WP7 we had here must have helped. Thank you Nokia. I like my Lumia. And it's cyan shell is catching glances right now as I stand at the bus stop typing this ;).

This is GREAT news! Tmo did say the 710 exceeded expectations and there were alot of good ads showcasing the phone too! Samsung at least pushed the flash with two "funny" commercials during that time frame and MS did the huge 7 story windows phone in NYC to launch the Titan, Focus S and Radar respectfully. Im sure we've all wanted to see more advertising from MS but I think its smart for them to wait until Apollo. They can push the ecosystem, tablets, phones, pcs, all in a style like the beautiful Bing and internet explorer commercials..windows phone will EXPLODE when this happens, and ill be saying "I told you so" to alot of people out there hahahahaha

In Australia there are hardly any WP's being stocked and you have to argue with the sales staff to convince them to not sell you Android :P That's probably changed with the Lumia 800 and 710, but I think they came out after the time period in the report. The 900 is due to come out any day now, so this quarter should be a lit better.

Canada will not gain any windows phone marketshare until the cyan lumia 900 comes. everyone knows that the white and cyan colors attract people's attention. black will not. that's the main reason why i haven't dropped money on a lumia 900, because there is no cyan colour here

As a developer too, I totally disagree. Near 10 friends of mine as they saw my first Omnia 7 they change their lagdroid with a WP :). Only who has 4S are hard to convince, but it s just because iPhone users simpy don't understand the difference between a cheap and fast smartphone and a shoe :)

To note it does not surprise me that the windows phones are selling very well. I just got a Nokia Lumia 900 and it truely is a great phone I even sent Nokia a E-mail telling them how happy I am with the phone and I have owned many different phones that were Nokia, Android,Blackberry and Apple. So it is no suprise that the Windows phones are selling very well. The phones are very easy to learn to use and have great performance!

Thoses Nokia beta ads are working. This is the 3rd time in a week someone with Android asked me about my phone. When I had a Focus no one asked anything since launch(did see two people with a HTC HD7 and a Focus at the Chicago Greyhound staion over the weekend).

Hopefull it would gain ground also here in the Philippines. I went to a Nokia store, no one seems to be going inside to take a peek at the Lumia demo units...