Windows Phone sales poised to overtake Symbian in UK


In a happy yet somewhat odd metric of success, Windows Phone sales are on the verge of passing those of Symbian, at least in the UK. The data comes by way of Kantar Worldpanel Comtech who collected data from 15,000 users including which device they are using and if they bought a new one.

The story of who's at top is a familiar one with Android with 36.9 percent and the iPhone at 28.5 percent for installed-base stats. But the site Electric Pig points out, the monthly sales figures are a little more revealing with Symbian crashing from 15% a year ago to 2.8% in January 2012--not at all surprising with Nokia all but abandoning the platform. But Microsoft's Windows Phone has bounced from 0.4 percent to 2.2 percent year-on-year with a current adoption rate which will bypass Symbian's figures in the next month.

Of course passing a nearly dead OS is perhaps not the best thing to celebrate and clearly Windows Phone is miles behind iOS and Android in terms of market share. But trends are important and it seems clear now that Nokia is having a big impact on Windows Phone sales in the UK (Comtech's scores don't break down by OEM, just OS but we think it's a safe assumption).

It will be even more interesting to see Kantar Worldpanel Comtech's numbers in the coming  months to see if the +0.15% per month increase for Windows Phone has increased with Nokia's recent marketing blitz there--those January numbers were just the beginning of that push for the UK.

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Windows Phone sales poised to overtake Symbian in UK


Actually the Kantar report that is cited showed good news in some markets and very bad news in others (Germany, US) - all in all a very mixed bag.

I think he is referring to a 'tethering' app, because I don't see an app by that name in the Nokia Store. 

Just because they don't have plenty of apps doesn't mean they won't gain. They may have a tough time passing ios and android but there definitely still able to gain -_-

The Nokia Store has, lets just say, less than stellar apps in my opinion.  I have a N8, and no matter how many apps Nokia has (around 100K), many of them are themes, and the app selection is just poor.  Yes, there are some useful apps for business users, and apps for tethering; but as far as top tier apps, by top developers, Nokia doesn't have those.  As a matter of fact, WP wins by a landslide in this regard.
Yes, the Nokia store has billions of downloads, but that is all that they can tout with regards to the Nokia Store; I'd wager that those downloads are for free apps and themes.
My point (and I can talk as a N8 owner):  don't let anyone who uses Symbian tell you that the app selection in Nokia Store is awesome, because it really isn't.  See for yourself at store dot Nokia dot com.

So sick of this whole "lack of apps" argument. Can you please get an Android phone, download all 750,000 apps and let me know how much you enjoy your adware please? Thanks.

@dazzztom....Please stop.  There is no such app in the Nokia Store called 'hot spot'.  If you are referring to tethering, I'd wager that many Symbian users do not tether nor have a need to.  Still, tethering is supported by WP.

Did you not see the article on how people don't really use apps? Or the fact that our OS doesn't needs alot of apps having most things built in, and if you really think the fact that there is not an app you want (im sure it isn't even important) that is missing is the reason for WP marketshare being low then you are dumber than people that deny evolutio! And that is DUMB!!

Sadly it's still the best OS out there. I am thinking when they change over from Silverlight the app dev's will be more likely to write app's.

Why would that make a difference?
As a developer I don't get a choice with iPhones or Android, I have to use whats there and personally Silverlight is a thousand times better.
Plus HTML5 apps are coming, I think MS is going in the right direction.
The main reason there are no many apps, is the foot print. Lack of people using phones means little money to be made, chicken and egg problem. So they have rewards for developers and apps are constantly growing as a result.

eastbayrae says:  "Sadly, it's the best OS out there."  Do you mean Symbian?  If so, I heartily disagree.  And WP has more top tier developers on board than Symbian ever has, or will.  the last thing WP needs are more junk apps like the ones already in the Nokia Store.
Nokia is making great strides with WP, and it seems as though they are on the verge of being very successful with their efforts to supplant the Symbian devices with WP devices.

The most important question is.... when is WP going to be seriously, I mean seriously, marketed in the US?

WINDOWS PHONE WILL NOT SELL IN THE US IF PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW ABOUT IT!... What is so hard to understand about this? N. America is a huge market, so MS/NK better be combing through those marketing suggestions, which is sad because what company's vision, and imagination, is so bleak that they would have to ask the fans for ideas? I proudly put my two cents in, but at the same time it kind of pissed me off to have to be doing work for MS. After the launch of the 900 on att, we better be hearing "Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs" on the hour here in Dallas, or I give up! Lol!

Probably once the 900 comes out I'll see big market in the USA and to ur other topic seriously I very happy is Microsoft is interested to hear exactly what I'd like to see on to OS. So idk what ur bitching about

Why did you post AT ALL your suggestion if you were going to be pissed by doing so! LOL you're grotesque! But I do agree with you that MS/NK should do a big push in marketing a good product they already have in WP7. Number of apps matter to many people but I don't believe it's of primary importance to the majority. But no one will try WP7 if they don't know about it. I know because I'm one of those who learned about the platform only recently. I made the big jump mid December 2011 and instantly fell in love with my WP7 Radar. So I believe the answer is MARKET, MARKET, MARKET! The number of apps will just follow when the footprint gets bigger.

Range of apps is quite a minor is
sue in terms of sales. The average person would have no problem with the range of apps available now.
The main issues are marketing and range of phones. The way a lot of people chose their phones is pretty random, so when there's 30 android phones on a carrier and 2 windows phones, of course the market share will be grim.
Marketing goes hand in hand with range of phones to some extent, but there's major issues on the shop floor, where most phone shop staff wouldn't know a Windows Phone if it jumped up and bit them.
Chicken and egg, critical mass, are Nokia and HTC enough? (the others aren't doing much)  If HTC walked away from the platform now, would it send Nokia to bankruptcy?  I guess it comes down to how much cash Microsoft are willing to sink into it.  Spending big on marketing now would save money in the long run.

Wp7 sales increased by 450%, so although still a small market share the trend is hugely up. So pretty positive as far as I can see.

Nokia are still pushing symbrian in UK with new phones and new system belle which is a good is still think in real terms unless your a developer with all the tools windows is limited

UK High Street does not seem to be so receptive to Symbian devices, from what I've read :) 
Tango will allow WP devices to be more affordable, probably on par price wise with cheap Symbian devices; and given the shine that WP is getting in the UK, carriers may be more willing to stock WP devices moreso than Symbian.
Let's keep our eyes peeled on this development.....

Well the way things are going is as u can see Microsoft is perfecting everything before releasing ALL there stuff like windows 8 slates and ultrabooks everyone will see there advertising they want wen windows 8 comes Microsoft knows what their doing let them do it and keep giving them ideas and they will reach the top again

I, too, am surprised at the utter lack of exposure MS is putting behind WP7. Here in ATL there's a Windows Store, but even there it's overshadowed by 360s and Surface.

I think WP7 would also benefit from MS pushing for a particular Industrial Design standard to set it apart much like what they do for the hardware. My Dell Venue Pro is amazing, and the form factor doesn't exist for any other platform. The Nokias look distinctive too. Why let companies like LG pump out more bland faux-metal mini-slates just like Android and cast WP7 as the same poorly planned OS?

I disagree. One of WP's strong suits is having a variety of designs from which to choose. Not everyone wants a flashy or unique phone. For some of us it's just a tool.

In the US the problem is there no WP phones on display for the consumer to buy. I've been to at least 2 ATT stores and they only had one or two WP displayed off to the side or in the back . And every Verizon store I been to don't even have one, so even if you asked for one they don't have one to show you.