Is the Windows Phone Samsung Mandel built off of the new Android Galaxy S3?

Mandel vs SG3

If you've been following along today, Samsung finally pulled the sheets off of its much anticipated Galaxy S3 Android phone. The device is chock-full of the latest specs and is currently the biggest threat to Apple and their iPhone yet. You can get all the nitty-gritty at our sister site AndroidCentral.

What's very odd about the look of the device which was shown for the first time today was we've seen it before. In fact, we saw it last night in a post at the site WPXAP.

Those pics were of the SGH-i667 aka the Samsung Mandel a 4G LTE Windows Phone destined for AT&T. Those photos were quickly pulled from the WPXAP site, though we managed to grab them before they dissapeared. An oddly timed leak?

Reader Judge_Daniel sent a side by side of the Windows Phone SGH-i667 next to some pics taken by the Verge and gosh darn it, there are some eerie similarities. Does this mean the Mandel is really that Galaxy S3 Windows Phone variant that Samsung is working on? With only 8GB of storage we'd had to think so but then again what we reported yesterday could be an early prototype.

Perhaps the Mandel is being re-worked for a Windows Phone 8 upgrade. No one can really be sure so we'll just leave those side by side images there for you to speculate.

Update: As noted in comments, it perhaps more closely looks like the Samsung Blaze on T-Mobile. Bottom line: Samsung recycles a lot.

T-Mobile Samsung Blaze

Thanks, Judge_Daniel, for the image and observation. Incidentally, site WP-Life also came to the same conclusion


Reader comments

Is the Windows Phone Samsung Mandel built off of the new Android Galaxy S3?


Wait for Windows Phone 8? Crowded market for a launch? Didn't want to steal the SG3's thunder? Samsung couldn't finish it in time?

Honestly, the potential reasons are endless.

I am certain they will release something like it in October with LTE for all carriers.
Update: Except maybe Sprint because they seem to be 100% in bed with Google.

I really believe Samsung would do well to incorporate all the software tech it showed off today for the GSIII into ALL of its phones, regardless of platform.

In fact, this is even more important in succeeding with Windows Phone, where the UI is pretty much uniform across manufacturers. Consistent UX enhancements across all its devices would help define the brand as something beyond just another OEM.

the screen looks smaller in the WP to me because of the fatter bezel around it, as well as the less crowded spacing of the logos, maybe it's a 4.6 or 4.5" screen?
if it's a wp7.5 device it def won't have the internals from the lackluster SGS3, but if it's an upcoming wp8 device it could, albeit with a dual core processor of some sort so that it can support an LTE radio.
personally, i'd take a One X variant or something new from nokia over a GS3 variant if i had to choose, pentile screens really bother me. that being said, i'll be happy as long as more OEM's keep making WP handsets.

"...pentile screens really bother me"

Thing of the past, dude. The Super AMOLED Plus and higher screens found on newer Samsung phones aren't pentile anymore. Even the Focus S isn't Pentile (nor the Lumia 900).

I believe it was mentioned that the SG3 is a Pentile screen. Whether it's bad or not that's up for debate among everyone. Given the bad name Pentile has gained, ot may sound like a bad choice. That's like Microsoft calling Windows 8: Vista 2. I know.. To my eyes Vista wasn't exactly bad like the tech world claims it to be.

Case in point: Pentile has everyone at the Verge shrugging it the HTC One X.

But the GSIII is Pentile, and has a lower pixel density than the Galaxy Nexus therefore it is even more noticeable. I wanted the GSIII to be good but the Pentile is a massive letdown.

Sorry, I just woke from my daily nap, still catching up. Even true about SG3 and Pentile, then I take it back. And if true, damn that is shockingly bad...wow.

Engadget is reporting that the s3 is pentile
"By now you should already know that the brand-spanking-new Samsung Galaxy S III sports a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display. That's right: no "plus" here, which means this 720p panel is featuring the same old PenTile RBGB pixel arrangement -- just like the 4.65-inch version on the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy S II HD LTE."

super amoled plus is NOT pentile, however super amoled HD screens most def ARE.
the lumia 900 and focus s use samoled+ (or equivalent for the lumia) displays.
the galaxy nexus, galaxy note and the GS3 are pentile displays, and while i somewhat agree that the rainbow effect of pentile displays are lessened at higher resolutions (pixel density), i will still say that as far as crispness and clarity goes, non pentile will ALWAYS be better than pentile.
as for the color saturation and "pop" that amoled screens have over SLCD2 that comes down to personal preference, personally, i like the over saturated colors since they do indeed "pop" but if i will almost always choose the non-pentile display when it comes down to it.
in the end, samsung in general really needs to step up their game, stay away from software completely (as they are TERRIBLE at it) and bring something original and game changing when it comes to hardware.

What if the Galaxy S3 is actually built off the design of the Mandel? Lol. Samsung seems to be copying HTC lately and using one design for everything (though HTC has somewhat stopped that now).

Well, they're probably co-developed at the same time though Sammy probably didn't want to spoil the SG3 reveal by releasing it on Windows Phone first.

The SG3 had been expected a few months ago so seeing as it was pushed back it may have caused the Mandel to be pushed back too.

Thanks for the mention. I can't believe you used my picture. On my twitter, I did give credit to The Verge for the SIII photos. I honestly believe that Samsung kept the Mandel under wraps because they didn't want the SIII to look dated.

Oh, the Mandel front is based off of the Zune picture that pops up when you connect your phone to it, so it might not be accurate.

I wrote up a forum talking about the Blaze and if WP users wouold want one with that blackberry-esque design. Talked a little about the specs and how if it wasn't for the dual-core, it would seem like a WP based on specs alone. It even has a 400x800 resolution. If Apollo supports dual-core this design and hardware may very well be a future possibility for Windows Phone.
You said it yourself, Samsung recycles a lot.

That's the best part about it.  It isn't actually recycled.  They were designed either concurrently or at least around the same time!  To me, it shows that Samsung was pretty serious about Windows Phone, but has now realized that Android has precedence.