Windows Phone shipments surging, marketshare still lagging

Windows Phone shipments surging, marketshare still lagging

ABI Research has revealed their Q1 2014 mobile phone shipment tally broken up by operating system. Android still leads the way with 44% share and 24% growth since last year, plus another 13% from manufacturers participating in the Android Open Source Project. iOS holds onto 10%, which though Apple saw shipments increase by 17%, their market share has dropped by a baseline percentage point since 2013. Shipments of Windows Phone devices jumped by 119% since the last year, though the platform's market share has ticked up to 3%. Dumbphones take up the last 30%.

BlackBerry barely registers on the chart, having shipped 550,000 BlackBerry 10 devices and 750,000 legacy BlackBerry OS devices in the last quarter, by ABI's count. ABI posits that the 5% retraction in feature phone owners and the growth in Android suggests that Google's platform is the one users are making the smartphone switch to, but there are still a lot of people that have yet to upgrade.

It will be interesting to see how the tides turn while the rest of the world moves on up to smartphones, and what else manufacturers can do to win them over, other than racing to the bottom with prices. What do you guys think of the trends shown here? Are they representative of what you see on a day-to-day basis?

Source: ABI Research


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Windows Phone shipments surging, marketshare still lagging



We need more brand like HTC Nokia was the the Samsung now Microsoft phones need to be the nexus of everything tablets too laptops and computers from Microsoft would be killer and collectables!

I agree with this. Needs more diversity when it comes to oems. But we're getting there! I think things will kick into high(er) gear once we get some big players on our side (again), like HTC, Samsung (yes), Sony, LG, Acer (started on WP with their Optimus 7, good memories) and I'm curious about Lenovo, too.

One more month to go...

One more month for what? And we also Microsoft needs to ask google nicely for some apps and open the OS a lot more for more apps so they can be made here but seriously they need to do a lot with the app development why only c#/c++ they need to allow a lot more languages and engines supported....and third party browser support man I would have good stern talk about third party browsers with Microsoft cause they ain't doing shit to make ie better....

More languages? iOS has Objective-C/C++ and Android has Java. On WP 8.1 you also get WinJS (JavaScript).

They do allow more than just C#/C++ for app development.

You can develop with the following:

  • C++ and XAML
  • C#.Net and XAML
  • VB.Net and XAML
  • HTML5/CSS3/Javascript(jQuery) - WinJS


Plus you can use services like PhoneGap.com to port your app over to iOS and Android

Not only that but with the new Update to Visual Studio 2013 you can make a universal app which allows you to make a Windows Phone 8.1 app and run it in Windows 8.1 or vice versa.  All you have to change is the code for how it looks so that it looks appropriate on the phone and appropriate on the much bigger Windows 8.1 screen.


I second this. MS needs companies like Samsung, LG, Acer & HTC to start pumping out devices for the low-end/prepaid market, as well as a few flagships. With the licensing fee being dropped for a bunch of companies, I hope we'll start seeing devices flooding the market in the second half of the year.


The sad part is, I REALLY want a new high end Samsung or HTC on AT&T for my contract renewal in July, but it seems like the pipeline is absolutely dry.

I wish people will stop saying that we need this OEM or that OEM. It has nothing to do with hardware and more with the apps and public perception. As long as windows phone keeps getting treated as a third class citizen you will see this happening with the market share. Most people who prefer android or ios actually praise devices like the Lumia but their only argument is usually mostly about the "app gap"

Not necessarily. Apple to a degree does fine with the one or two iPhones.
Nokia has the low, mid and high end covered...we need the apps.

Only problem with nokias definition of low med high is unlike their competitors they cut corners something thats standard for the whole ecosystem nokia is just below that for what should be a standard chassis spec

Until commercials start proudly claiming "app is available on apple, android and windows", the public just can't jump aboard, they sacrifice too much...i love my Lumia but its a hard sell right now for those coming from existing platforms... This is the first year ive really started feeling the app gap too when I'm the only friend in my group not being able to play a game... I know well get there soon enough, but until then, market share will still be very low...-proud Lumia 1020 owner

This is really the main issue. The App gap may be shrinking in terms of the big ones, but new Apps announcement need to include WP from the start.

Yep-absolutely tired of seeing commercials that show Google play and icrap app store only. Even though we most of major apps still don't have 100's of minor ones..

Haha its my fan that follows me around the site :) cute.
Lol I love how I didn't mention anything about Samsung, yet you feel the need to bring them up.

Yup perfectly said.
Having a single oem like Nokia is much better than having low class phone makers like canvas and micromax Those cheap phones are shor even when compared to Lumia 520. Dont know why people buy these shit Android pieces bit mostly because they are cheap and because Android has l lots of APPS. If you talk about quality I only like Nokia and Apple. And about the apps wp has all the major apps now but they are not as perfect as other platforms. So if more apps are made then we can easily defeat iOS and droid

The problem is not too few device makers. It is a slow release cycle and carrier exclusives. If you want a low end WP the 521/520 is great if you are on T-Mobile or AT&T. If you want a high end flagship that isn't a phablet, you only have the Icon on Verizon. If you want a phablet you only have the 1520 on AT&T. On T-Mobile, the top end phone available came out a year ago. And if you have Sprint? God help you, your options are terrible.

Whereas the newest iPhone is available on all four carriers as is a whole range of Android devices. 

Is no use. Consumers are just not used to the new tile based UI. Is too alien to them. Furthermore, companies will rather bet on the biggest market share platform aka Android, than such a pathetic small shares like Windows Phones. With Nokia branding gone for Windows Phones, I think it will be soon that Windows Phone going into history....

Better yet, I think MS needs to sell unlocked phones that work on all carriers at the same time without allowing the carriers to adulturate the specs of the phone like AT&T did with the 1520 and how Icon is on Verizon only.

One phone, same spec, all carriers.  If MS bought Nokia for billions, and has billions in cash, and says Mobile First and still can't do that... then too bad for them as they will keep being pushed around by the carriers and loosing customers.  Very few are willing to change carriers and pay tens of dollars per month (in my case, $50) to go to Verizon and get the Icon. Broken business model and MS is giant stuck in the middle.

Now that Microsoft owns Nokia, it needs to strike another Nokia-like exclusivity deal with another OEM (maybe HTC)... as well as getting as many other OEMs onboard as possible.  Someone in the Windows Phone universe needs to challenge the Nokia designs with their own design language.


HTC makes a beautiful phone in the HTC One--probably the most beautiful phone on the market--but no one trusts HTC to update the software, etc.  Perhaps if HTC dedicated itself exclusively to Windows Phone, they would then dedicate more resources to upgrading the firmware and creating unique, exclusive apps for the OS... and attract a new audience to Windows Phone and HTC products.

Yeah that's hurting a lot to especially for the us where they don't have a lot of phones here they have too many phones exclusive to foreign territories and barely have any of the good medium end phones here witch is what people want...and then Microsoft wonders why they aren't growing in the us....! I think they don't care but its hurting me as windows phone is growing well in India but not in home base that could hit me hard if it stays like that.....

Was all set to buy a new Windows Phone after build and...nothing to buy...sticking with my 925, I guess.
sent from my kick a$$ Nexus 5!

I'm still holding out for the 930. Hope it comes soon enough to Brazil! At least before the World Cup starts.

The 930 is already in the US. It's Verizon's ICON. Did Verizon customers get the 1020? No. So neither will AT&T customers get the 930.


You can thank your market for that. If the US operated like Europe where carriers don't have exclusive phones, a lot of pain would be avoided. It'd also help if Americans started to buy their phones on PAYG instead of contracts...


Sorry for the harsh answer but it's better to just kill the hope.

The US market is severely distorted, courtesy of the Carriers and their political pull in Washington. A better regulated market would serve everyone's interests

Harsh but true - never understood the American  way of doing things, our way makes much more sense.

Why should I have to buy of contract? I have sweet credit ...i can pick up any phone for little to no money down! Not my fault if you cant

But we pay a lot more for our plans compared to Europe. Europeans pay full price for the phone but the plan is cheaper, a lot cheaper.

Infrastructure is a lot more expensive on the US than in Europe. It's a bigger country physically

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That is not exactly true. Here in Europe we also get subsidized phones on, typically, two year contracts. However less and less people are doing so, since our market is much more opened. You can walk into any electronics store and buy the phone you want unlocked. You can also order online from any online shop like Amazon and get the unlocked phone you want.
Then you simply get an el-cheapo plan, a non-contract plan you can cancel monthly, and in the end pay less and get (much) more when compared to classic phone-bundled contracts.

What is really different are carrier exclusive phones and branding. At least here in Germany branding got less and less aggressive. Today you rarely find any carrier logos on the hardware itself, only some preinstalled apps and ringtones within the software.
Some carriers do you have exclusive variants, o2 for example has the 64gig variant of the 1020 as well as the blue variant of HTCs last year One. An exclusive phone model however is a different story. I think the iPhone 4(?) was the last model which was exclusive to a single carrier around here.

Not treu, altleast not in the Netherlands where I live. I've got a unlimitied calling and texting 2 year lease with 4500gb data limit and  premium spootify for 62,50 euro and had to pay 50 cash for my HTC One (bought it sep 2013). We dont have any leases where you have to pay more then 50,- cash for a high end phone.

What I read abouth the USA, its normal to pay 200 dollar for a phone with a 2 year lease? Quit expensive by our standarts.

But my next phone would definitly be a Windows Phone. The fear of missing out on premium apps made me go for Android (comming from iOS).

But after this lease I hope the appgap is closet, and boy that Lumia 930 is one sweet phone! Maybe i'll buy it even before my lease ends! Ive got a hard time waiting hehe!






This is nothing new chances are most devices that will have blue will come mid summer to fall & doubt any will have newer processors. This is the usual for a NA release i doubt its going to be the same as mango release

They just released the HUGE 8.1 and bought Nokia for multiple billions...Id say they're pretty serious about the smartphone game :/

But we need more phone models currently only midrange phones are the 720 and 625 .
. Still no successors..about an year old....

I'd argue against those being mid-range phones.  The 810/82x was supposed to have been Microsoft's midrange answer, but we've yet to see even a rumor on those phone's replacement.  Kinda surprising considering their age. 

You mean with the features which were present in almost all other important OSs far earlier ??? Yup..... You are quite right then. And I am terribly wrong.....;)

What does that have to do with anything? That statement merely helps my argument... They are serious enough to plug those gaps. They would have left it dead in the water otherwise.

You are not getting the point bro...... Microsoft is not supposed to just play a catch up game by filling the gaps. It is supposed to get things better than what people get from other OSs.

I totally get the point, but I think you are being a little naive by thinking that overtaking other OSes doesn't require an ENORMOUS amount of work. 8.1 was a giant leap forward. They introduced an entire Voice assistant. I feel that it would be impossible to get that far ahead of Android and iOS in a single bound. These things take a lot of time and commitment. Simply by releasing 8.1 MS have shown that they are not taking this lightly.
For reference, what would YOU propose they do? What would get them ahead this early in the game? I'll CC Microsoft

Nah, Satya coded WP 8.1 and bought Nokia in the few months he's been CEO.....funny how some are giving him credit for everything when it was really all set in motion by Ballmer before he left.

About five years later than he should have. Remember when Microsoft ruled the smartphone world and Balmer said it was preposterous that mobile devices would appeal to a mass audience? It's that kind of thinking that got MS where they are and it will take time to get out of it.
Their best bet is integration, where they have a huge advantage. Executing on that asap is their ticket back

Of course Ballmer didn't do anything, he just sat down on his ass all day long and Nadella does alot of things right?

No, Microsoft did not buy Nokia. Microsoft bought Nokia's Devices and Services business. Nokia sold that portion of their business to Microsoft.

Nokia is a separate company that is not owned by Microsoft.

Writers who have been saying that Microsoft bought/acquired/purchased Nokia were misinformed at best and lying at worst.

The facts and the press releases have been publicly available the whole time and clearly, Microsoft did not buy Nokia.

Jesus, way to be a pedant. They bought the part that matters. No need to write or type it out every time it comes up in discussion. So, for all intents and purposes, they did buy Nokia.

They bought the Nokia that most people care about.  Honestly... they could have gone the distance and gotten the rest of Nokia as well.  NSN would have fit nicely into the Azure structure, HERE would fit nicely into the Bing scheme of things.  Pricey tho. 

Way to be self centered. The part that matters to you is your opinion and even my opinion doesn't matter when discussing factual matters in an area that is visible to the public with readers from all over the world.

What matters to YOU isn't the same as what matters to another person. Your "So, for all intents and purposes, they did buy Nokia" is just a weak comment and is not true at all. Your for all intents and purposes is you own interpretation of how YOU feel about something.

Microsoft did not buy Nokia and that is a fact. Who cares about what PART of Nokia matters to you. Maybe to another person, HERE is the most important part of Nokia to them. Maybe Technologies is the most important part of Nokia to me. None of our opinions matter when discussing if Microsoft bought Nokia or not because it is a FACT that Microsoft did not buy Nokia.

You took the time to write a reply, take the time to write factually and accurately. You know what? There is no need for people like you to keep saying Microsoft bought Nokia when they didn't.

Seriously, if you KNOW Microsoft didn't buy Nokia, how can you say that they did? Do you realize that your opinion doesn't override the facts?

You used the word pedant:

  • ped·ant
  • [ pédd'nt ]
  1. somebody too concerned with rules and details: somebody who unduly emphasizes unimportant details and rules
  2. somebody who shows off knowledge: somebody who displays his or her knowledge ostentatiously

The fact that Microsoft did NOT buy Nokia IS the most important detail of ANY discussion claiming that Nokia has been purchased and for someone to constantly downplay this fact, choosing their own opinion over this fact, that is utterly stupid.

So you decided one day to keep writing Microsoft bought Nokia when they did NOT buy Nokia?

I am not concerned with rules or unimportant details, I am concerned with one thing: The Truth and the truth is that Microsoft did not buy Nokia and you, MilkyTee, have shown that you are concerned with one thing: Your own opinion.

No matter what you say, how you justify it in your own mind, no matter what it means to you and your interpretation and understanding or what you believe or even what Nokia meant to you, Microsoft DID NOT buy Nokia.

People read what you write and some one may take your lie as the truth (yes, stating that Microsoft bought Nokia when YOU KNOW they didn't is a lie) and they may go on to tell someone else and then people like me, who work in the tech sector, in IT, who are writers, have to deal with miscommunication due to people's OPINIONS and willingness to mislead readers.

You made the effort to write a sentence that isn't true at all, don't be lazy and opinionated when it comes to writing something that is true.

If you were not going to state the truth (and you KNOW they didn't buy Nokia), you should not have mentioned Microsoft buying Nokia at all because otherwise, it shows that you simply don't care about anyone else but yourself and what you know/your own opinion.

Lastly, I hope that ed1444 was being sarcastic because otherwise, it may have been someone like you, that has convinced that reader that Microsoft did infact buy Nokia.....when they have not done so.

Congratulations on misleading readers with your lazy and inaccurate comments.

Hooooly shit. You care way too much, hahaha. When we're having casual discussions about Windows Phone, its acceptable for someone to say that MS bought Nokia, call it shorthand if you like. Its NOT acceptable for someone to derail it by insisting we use proper terminology and that we adhere to a strict set of rules. Don't be THAT guy, nobody likes that guy.

I'm glad you make the rules and speak for everyone. Don't be that guy that thinks everyone has the same opinion that he has and that he knows what is acceptable and important to others. That guy doesn't care enough about the truth or what his very words may mean to a reader. Don't be THAT guy, nobody likes that guy.

I'm sorry that in your opinion, writing a true statement is too strict and writing a false statement is acceptable.

The issue here is that I mistakenly thought (by reading your comment) that you actually thought that Microsoft bought Nokia. You have proven not only that you know they didn't buy Nokia, that you don't care about the the truth at all. If you honestly believe that writing that Microsoft bought Nokia is short hand and means the same as Microsoft bought Nokia's Devices and Services Division.....then there isn't anything else to say to you. Wow...simply wow.


Dude. You're sad. The point is: who the hell cares? Everyone knows it means the same thing. If you want to go off on crazy, pointless tangents, then good luck and I hope you enjoy yourself.

I'll direct you now to Yahoo Answers, where you can berate 12 year olds for forgetting to cross their Ts.


What is sad is that you care enough to respond to my comments but you don't care enough to not mislead people with untrue statements.

For the record, I don't care about people crossing their Ts until they start telling people in the comments section that a "l" is a "T" when infact they are NOT the same thing at all.....hmmm..that point seems familiar....

...familiar....just like saying Microsoft bought Nokia and saying that Microsoft bought Nokia's Devices and Services division (MS bought Nokia's D&S - for us shorthanders :) ) is the same thing when they actually and factually are not the same thing at all.

It was nice chatting with you MilkyTee and it is good to know that you DO know that Microsoft did not buy Nokia....that is all I said in the beginning "Microsoft did NOT buy Nokia!". Since you already know this.....what are we talking about again? Oh yes, you thinking it is acceptable to write false statements while knowing the truth.

If that is acceptable to you, who am I to encourage you to not mislead readers (you assume and defend your opinion that everyone knows that Microsoft didn't buy Nokia when you say that Microsoft bought Nokia).

Sorry to disrupt your misleading conversation above "and bought Nokia for multiple billions". Continue on as you will. I now know that you didn't mean that Microsoft actually bought Nokia.

BUT, through our conversation, a reader who may have thought that MS bought Nokia will now know the truth.....that they didn't and the truth is all that matters...you know...in the real world....where companies are publically traded.....where there are investors and business decisions are made....where press releases are factual and literal....where actual people learn by what they read, hear and see. Yes, the place outside of our own opinions, the place where Microsoft did not buy Nokia.


Deaconclgi I am not sure you are going to see the irony in rebutting being a pedant, then typing in an epic post like that getting drawn into a semantic argument.

Microsoft DID buy Nokia, that bought some of it. So which bit is _more_ important?

Its almost 50% of the old Nokia, its phones, and it went to MS.

The bit thats left it mapping, and telecomms kit. Its not a fact, but I bet most people here (as its a phone site :) ) care most about the phones.

Now do stop protesting, its boring, and noone cares. MS bought Nokia "Phones" will that shut you up?

We all have opinions, thank you for sharing yours. This discussion isn't about opinions, it is about a factual business transaction.

Let ask this question: Is the company, Nokia, owned by Microsoft?

Who is this nobody that you speak of. I believe you can only speak for yourself (and possibly for anyone else that has told you that they don't care). If you don't care, that is good for you but don't speak for other people.

I am 31, how old are you?

Let go of what? The truth? *in an overly dramatic voice* Neeeeevvvvveeeerrrrrrr!!!!!!!

No, seriously. What would you like for me to let go? If you are referring to this conversation, there isn't anything to let go of. It takes 2 or more people to have a conversation. Looking at the history of this conversation, I wasn't the one who said that Microsoft bought Nokia for billions, I simply brought a fact that disproves an opinion. Why don't you let go of defending false statements. You chose to reply, just as I did.

MikeSo, did your original reply just say "Dude"? I originally came back to reply "Where's my car?"...

I found this whole thread hilarious and obviously he's joking around or he lost his job due to the nokia/microsoft deal. Either way I had a good laugh

True. But MS needs to really push the 520 & 600 series. They should try subsidizing the data plans for first time users for a couple of months.

Older BBs are still outselling 10s?  I know that BB's corporate focus has them in a different playing field all together, but when the replacement doesn't outsell the old after the first 2 years... hmmm.  See ya.

Sometimes you just can't beat what has started a trend. Just like Windows XP :-)

WPC App for Android- Lenovo IdeaTab A3000

That 30% of the market on dumbphones is absolutely key. It's still up for grabs, and Microsoft need to position WP at the right price to capture it (or at least some of it) ahead of Android.

Same conclusion for me aswell, they don't offer something that the competition doesn't have, Lumia 1020 excluded, but everything that WP offers you can find that on iOS and Android too! except the interface, which many people simply dislike ... sad but true

I'm sorry but to say lag free you must life in a dream, nothing is lag free, don't get me wrong, i'm a Microsoft/Nokia fanboy, but saying something is lag free is just nonsence....

My 920 does from time to time, my friends 920 lags all the time, idk what he does with his device, another friends 520 lags, but rarely, another girl i know has a lagging 520, my Surface 2 lags, especially after the last update few days ago it lags a lot, so much that i want to punch it. I'm sorry but lag is everywhere ...

That figure only seems impressive because its being compared to the abysmal sales the year before. 3% isn't really saying a lot after 3 1/5 years on the market.

Eh, you can't really say MS was in the game that long , the real start of their push came with Windows Phone 8. It was enjoyable and solid with WP 7/7.5 but it was a placeholder at best until they could combine all their services. The real power of this OS and its benefits are coming, and being the second year, not a bad start at all ..

Don't get me wrong, WP hasn't really had an important growth in 3 years. And Vipottaja, please my nick is just a word game so please stfu

The problem with Microsoft is that they just simply cannot do great marketing like Apple and Samsung can, mark my words.

If I'm not mistaken the marketing firm that made commercials for Samsung wasn't a part of Samsung. Samsung just hired them to help push the Galaxy lineup. MS should hire that firm or at least consult with them.

Oh no. Samsung's marketing is crap. It's all anti-Apple this and anti-Apple that. They hardly even promote their own products because they're too busy bashing everyone else's. I hope Microsoft doesn't take after their model.
As for Apple, they don't really do much marketing anymore. I think something like 70% of people who bought an iPhone already had an iPhone, and the people who didn't got one because "it's cool" or because "all their friends had iPhones". Let's face it, Apple is the big name brand here. It's the de-facto for pretty much anything, including devices featured in ads. How many ads have you seen that show THE NEW WSJ APP or whatever running on a Windows Phone? None. Because Apple got there first, and now they're all anyone can think about. Microsoft needs to get out there and show that they have a long history of helping people, that 90% of computers around the world run Windows, that Windows Phone had a freaking 199% growth this past year, and that Windows Phone can be cool and hip and popular and all that.
But they should DEFINITELY not use Samsung's strategy of "in-your-face" or "gimme-gimme" type ads, and not use Apple's ads that for some reason sound like they're trying to talk someone out of suicide. I mean, honestly "You're more powerful than you think"? Jeez
Instead, they should bring back the Windows Phone challenge with Ben Rudolph, or those hilarious and wildly successful "Don't fight. Switch" ads
Come on Microsoft. We're all rooting for you. Don't let us down

Actually Samsung ads kind of like Apple's recently. They show features from their phones and how they have the most powerful devices. Microsoft's ads show a bunch of dancing monkeys.

Anecdotal, but a buddy of mine still uses a dumbphone and he is waiting for the Lumia 635. He wants an inexpensive non-contract Smartphone and he believes the 635 will fit the bill.

Those are the guys Microsoft need to keep targeting. Blue collar workers who would like a smartphone but aren't willing to pay for an iPhone and aren't tech savvy enough to fool with Android (or otherwise don't trust Google).

+635?  I'm looking forward to getting something like this for when my dad is finally forced to get a smartphone.  Either a 521 or whatever the TMO version of the 635 will be called. 

Microsoft needs a kickass flagship windows phone if they wanna win over market share in the US. How about a Surface phone made of VaporMG running full on Windows 8.1?!?!

Well, at least in Germany it's very hard to get one of you are not informed und specifically ask for one. All carriers promote android and apple more then wp. Point of sale, this is where windows phone has to be present. Sad but true

Not only in Germany. Over here the only thing selling Windows Phone is the Nokia branding on the phones. And still, if you go to Vodafone or another carrier, you're pushed into Apple and Samsung. I was told by a Vodafone representative that they had clear orders to only sell Windows Phones to people who specifically ask for one. Just so you have an idea how it's working here...

Not just Germany or Greece, it's international I think. Just like DJCBS said most phone that are advertised by carriers are mostly android( mostly Samsung galaxy) and ios. here in Australia most of high end WP are unlocked or not that popular

WP is still suffering from representative bias.. Went in to several shops O2, EE, Phones4u and all off them were pushing me to upgrade to iphone or Samsung Galaxy 4 / 5or the HTC One.. Even when I specifically went to ask if they will be stocking the 930 and went to check the 1520 with a friend (they almost convinced him with lies to get a galaxy tab! - I.e how WP will never get a notification centre, no virtual assistant like google now, no instagram,- to name a few). I shut all of them up when I showed them Cortana, the action centre, the parallax bg, 6tag and the official instagram app. If I wasn't there I bet they would have signed him upto a crappy 24 month contract with a galaxy tab.

No matter how Much Microsoft "steps up their Game, You simple can't force people to but Windows phone if the aren't interested. Unfortunately, all people want, and know, Is what other consumers, and cell phone providers are telling them Is the latest and greatest thing that they absolutely have to own. Public perception regarding Windows Phone needs to change. I'm not sure Microsoft can do that by themselves.

I don't think its enough, to be honest windows phone is not that competitive. Yes that are a lot of windows phone to choose but dude people are not looking for just small specific features(hardware) that windows phone have what I mean is Nokia made great camera phone and they are mostly in camera part unlike the androids Samsung to be specific they have a lot of useful features that you can never see on windows phone. People nowadays are looking for one specific smartphone that can do almost everything sad to say but i think the only great feature that windows phone have is camera, they are only focusing in the camera, why not put something like weather proof, rugged, full aluminum chassis and body, touch id Or something that are useful for every body for every situation.

+920, windows phone need a ridiculously specced flagship to break the perception and market the hell out of it - in places that counts like the cinema before a big blockbuster movie. Also HTC where able to stuff a msd card slot into the M8, I don't see how MS cannot do it either. Furthermore they need to start integrating Ir Blasters... Seems to be all the rage these days. Unbelievable that people even credit Samsung for "inventing" Irda for phones.

Lumia 630/635 suppose to be good pick up in budget segment but then sticking with 512mb ram maybe makes people to hold back since there's still apps n high profile games that will have requirement of 1gb of ram.

Oh man... This is the curse of the Palm Pre all over again. Great OS, great promise, but too behind the curve to win hearts and minds. To much Koolade already poured in the well.

does the free windows rule for screen sizes less than 9 inch also apply to WP? if it does.. i can see android going down the drain in coming years... also they have partnered with companies like micromax and xolo... these guys are huge in India... these guys offer retailers with good prfit margins... which means more and more retailers pushing for WP indirectly...

That is true, but MS is darn keen in breaking the US market first. Can't blame them with that mentality as they are US based. Bing rewards got announced for windows phone but its US only. Also one the key features that attracted me to wp8 never got released internationally - that was the Bing panorama view (incorporating movie show times from local cinemas, reviews, daily deals). But that doesn't matter now as the search button is now overrided by Cortana.

WP needs some kind of celebrity spokesperson to drive the younger demographic's interest in WP. Samsung used Lebron James to great effect for example. As fickle and silly as this might sound to some of us, Microsoft needs some more relevant iconic figures to help push the products.

They had Jessica Alba and Gwen Stefani. But, I have to agree with you. Gotta get people like Jimmy Fallon or someone like Lebron to add the Cool Factor to the equation.

Dumbphones .... Please..... feature phones if I may .....there functionality remains same when there is no internet and are better when internet is available......a wp fan myself but still they aren't dumbphonses Edit it ....

True, modern "smartphones" just could dream about having as much battery autonomy as feature phones, so they aren't as dumb as they're called

Windows phone needs a lot to open up. It has too many restrictions. For eg. True caller cant detect the name during incoming calls, videos and audio cant be sent through what's app to name a few. Adding to that is the app and games gap. Yes its very fluid, agree its a lot more sophisticated than android but it still lacks in certain basic features. That's why no. 3 and far behind other os giants.

the features your describing is all is related to 3rd party apps. The developers of those have to step up their key.

Hey Ashish I just mailed true caller asking for the said feature. They told that its the limitation of windows phone. Also audio sharing again shortfall of windows phone and just see the time difference for app updates. WP gets app updates a good 3 to 6 months later than android specially what's app.

The reason is number 3 is because windows phone started way late compared to apple and android...

Yeah and iOS started with its iPod and I touch devices. We can do 2 things encourage more developers that's what Microsoft is doing right now or build our own native apps just like Bing apps and quality 3rd party apps from Rudy Huyn

Not enough new devices. And while the dev preview program is great, it also reduces sales of new devices.

I don't think the preview reduces sales. The people who are enthusiasts and therefore use the preview are the same ones that will buy the new phones even if their old ones are fine. I think the lack of new exciting devices is indeed more of a contrubuting factor. Just look at the 930. For a 2014 flagship, it's boredom incarnate.

Agreed, especially in high profile places like the IMAX cinema. All I keep seeing is the New HtC m8 advert...

MS should get pop stars to do commercials for WP. All those 12 years old girls would want one then

Microsoft should do much, much, MUCH more advertising. When you go to Vodafone, O2 or whatever here in the UK you won't see more than 2-3 Nokias, not to mention other WP phones. This is the first thing that needs to be done: more advertising, more deals to these retailers. Also, now as soon as 8.1 is officially out the new OS version should be advertised like hell if they still want to get something out of this enormous amount of work put into the operating system over the last few years.

If 8.1 doesn't give any positive feelings to the masses then I do not know what kind of update could, apart from becoming a complete and absoulte blend of iOS and Android best features.

Just put more spacing between tiles so it does not look too cluttered and when scrolling give a page break. Other platforms we swipe sideways but it is not continuous scroll. Lastly phone/text/email should be accessed from any screen like the other OS.

It's all about the user interface. Majority of consumers are rejecting this platform because they simply just don't like tiles and Windows name attached to it. I am Microsoft loyalist but this is reality. Same thing everyday fro customers in my cell phone retail outlet. Too cluttered and windows name is not cool.

Do you have any doubts?! That half eaten fruit can sell 2012 specs phones and laptops by the truck load and at very high price points. Laptops sometimes priced triple of a "similar" specs competition product. That's how cool that half eaten fruit is.

That bottom row with phone,messaging,email access is very popular with customers. They just find that concept easy to use. IPhone and android use similar looks so time to copy a little

Good news to see windows phone is still growing, although slowly. Kind of a shame to see it grow so slowly, WP is by far the best phone OS I've used. I enjoyed my old android too, but the lag even with a quadcore processor was just ridiculous.

Windows phone looks very different from the other 3 in that pic,the others seem to have ripped off each other's design.lol

Microsoft must come up with something to tackle moto E that thing is going to shake the market like anything...there is no one to stop E right now...from taking that 30% dumb share...

It is so funny.  Android (a.k.a. Windows 3.1 on a phone) dominates global market share.  But it seems like every time I see someone on a smartphone in public it is an iPhone.  I almost never see Android phones in the wild.  Is it just me?  I am just wild guessing that 90% of Android's market share is made up of idiots who don't know 10% of what their phone can do.

Most Android users I know just have no idea really. They do know it takes an SD Card and has lots of apps, guess that's enough to sell bucket loads. But, that's just my experience.....

May be your location...You have to remember that until the 5s and 5c, the IPhone was only available in a small number of countries..mostly the wealthier ones which did not include china. An even in the countries it was available, the cost put it out of reach of many. With the number of low cost asian android handsets, it easy to see why Android dominates the low cost smartphone market, which is a large percentage of the total.

I'm not worried, now that Microsoft has fully acquired Nokia they are gonna turn things up and firstly make the best gaming decices available on the mobile market and that is along with everything they already have going for them is going to attract more buyers and there for more manufacturers because they are going to want to compete.

Funny. . . -.- Microsoft hasn't had their own dedicated hardware manufacture to set anything consistent up but now that Microsoft owns Nokia they can build Dedicated devices with core gaming and deeper console integration in mind.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out but of course like most you have to try and be witty against an idea and be the first at attempting to embarrass me.
Loosen up a bit show a little of creativity, Life is Good.
So what if I may end up wrong, at least I am being positive and optimistic about our choice OS future . . . . Wait . . . You Are a WP user Right?. . . d-_-b

How is this bad, you have a Windows Phone and your enjoying it right? Were getting better and better devices, were getting more and more support, Microsoft just fully acquired Nokia (the best windows phone manufacturer hands down hell best phone manufacture period),
WP8.1 is right around the corner and looking mighty tasty we've got Top Tier Flagship phones in every major wireless provider, were holding down a solid 3rd pushing forward and the list goes on.
I'd say this is freaking something to brag about look at blackberry now that is something to hang your head about.
Cheer Up, Life is Good!!! ;)

Indeed im enjoying my phone but let me tell you something my friend. We are the 3rd in a race between 3 forces. Technically we are the last(blackberry was out of the game a long time ago and I don't consider it a "smartphone" I think it should come under the 30% of dumbphones). And look at the gaps :o 44% compared to 3% are you kidding me ? There is no way in 10 years or even more that we will catch up. I think that'll my dying wish to see Microsoft taking the lead in smartphone world. And last but not least you are talking from a WPuser point of view not from android or apple users points of view.
A smartphone describes you, so its very important for your phone to make everyone feel its presence. Sadly not all android and Apple users admire windows phone and they somehow figure out a way to make you feel inferior just because you're holding a windows phone. Don't get me wrong I do feel unique whenever im holding my 920 but still they sometimes figure out a way.

Come on man you gotta do better than that.
For you its bigger than the brand from what your saying your self worth is riding on this 3%.
That's a major issue I suggest you look into and take care of. The perception of no material thing should effect you that much, really.

Between Q4 2013 and Q1 2014, Windows Phone had 16% growth and moved up to 3% total market share. Android and iOS actually had sequential declines. If anything, I would say that the report is really positive for Windows Phone. The only platforms showing steady growth is Android and Windows Phone. iOS is down 1% to 10% market share YoY. When Windows Phone is able to sell 13.2 million devices (up 16% from the holidays) when everyone else is selling fewer devices, that is really saying something.

In other words, Windows Phone moved up a full percentage point in total market share in one quarter. That is seriously moving the needle.

When I go into the carriers store all insee is Android devices, so what u think people are going to buy. Most carriers only have at most 3 WP devices at most to choose from while android has at lest 6-8 devices maybe even more. I know at T-Mobile its either the Lumia 520 or 925 and I think they discontinued the 520 so people will barely give WP an eye let alone retailers push to OS. Apple has built a reputation because it works well and does what its suppose to do. If MS had the same approach at bringing solid, no slacking devices to the market I'm sure things would be different. MS marketing needs to do a better job also, WP should be everywhere, show how things intergrate, show off the OS a bit more, bring something to the table that will catch the eye of the public. This is where new tech will take place, use Cortland to do something amazing that hasn't been done before. I swear I wish informed for MS, I have some great ideas to put in place to make this thing shine to the public.

It's really not surprising. Having had previous Android phones and having switching from an HTC ONE to a windows Lumia 1020, I can easily see where WP fall behind. As of now WP's are should we say "tolerable" and cool enough to hold on too, still we find ourselves missing and wishing for things that become standard with iPhone and android. WP and APP Devs need to really step it up. I will say this, WP does not have much catching up to do in quality, just in incorporating popular aspects of apps into their phones. Develop a cool product and it will sell itself.

Bingo! For myself, opening apps from notifications on Android is such a breeze like Whatsapp and Facebook. But things are so different on Windows Phone. Apps are loading so much slower with all the unnecessary animations. Uploading photos via the Facebook app is also bad. I cannot even see the progress of it. Uploading stops once I exit out of the app. Multitasking on WP is really really bad.