Windows Phone slides a little in the Market

Comscore, a "global leader in measuring the digital world", has released its July 2011 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share report. The report covers Smartphone and OEM market share activities from April 2011 to July 2011.

With respect to platform marketshares, there wasn't much change at the top with Google and Apple holding steady at the #1 and #2 spot. Microsoft, however, has fallen from a 6.7% market share to a 5.7% market share and is holding steady in the #4 position behind RIM. The report identifies 82.2 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones during the three month period.

With respect to Mobile OEM market activity, Samsung leads the way with 24.5% followed closely by LG with 20.9% and Motorola with 15.6%. We should not that these stats take into account Smartphone and Feature Phone (aka dumb phone) sales those 13 years and older (about 234 million) during the three month period. Apple and RIM, only offering a smartphone, comes in at 4th and 5th respectively with 8.3% and 8.2%.

So, why the decline with Microsoft? Likely most are holding out on investing in the Windows Phone until the new Mango phones hit the market. We still have the wildcard webOS crowd who may seek out Windows Phone as an alternative if webOS doesn't find a life boat.

Microsoft and Windows Phone users are a patient bunch and while a 1% drop isn't good, it will be interesting to see what the next quarter's numbers will look like. Could we see a double digit share of the market?

source: comscore


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Windows Phone slides a little in the Market


What I want to know is why they continue to lump WP7 and WinMo together. There's no reason to unless they want to make Microsoft look bad.

Windows PHONE did not slide, Windows MOBILE did. The rest of that graph shows a leveling of the curve between June and July, indicating that the amount of people leaving Windows Mobile is approaching the same number as those adopting Windows Phone. Only once everyone gets rid of their Windows Mobile device will these statistics matter because Microsoft is just lumped into one category.

Would WPCentral consider an interview article with someone in marketing at MS? What's the game plan? Cause it doesn't appear MS has tried to tease the public at all for Mango phones and they sure haven't made any inroads with carriers at point of sale. So where is this anticipated growth supposed to come from? Disaffected webOS users ain't going to cut it. MS has a serious marketing problem and it is the 800lb gorilla nobody wants to man up about.

Stupid question, simple mathGoogle +5.4%Apple +1.0%Total +6.4%RIM -4.0%MS -1.0%Symbian-0.4%Total -5.4%Someone want to tell me how G & A can gain a total of 6.4% Market Share while R, M, & S only lost 5.4%? Where'd that extra 1% come from lol?EDIT: Nevermind, there's a 2.9% & 1.9% of Market Share not being accounted for.

This just shows that Windows Phone is going to start taking over from the exiting Windows Mobile 6.x devices finally. Once the new WP7.5 phones hit we should see growth finally. Maybe in Sept if they come out then but I'm betting it'll be in Oct-Nov timeframe.On another note, I bet all the MS hate sites will make a big deal out of this 0.1% flat change while completelly forgetting the huge 4% drop that RIM had.

I still think we need to give WP7 some more time. I think a lot of people are still tied into their 2 year contract deals and will be coming out of them this year and next year. Sure people are buying other OS' but they are also leaving WinMo in the process. I think the surge of people will be within the following year!

I took a trip in the mid-west last weekend. Along the way I had several discussions about smartphones. Nowhere did I find anyone who know the Windows Phone existed. The ones that knew Microsoft had phones thought they were only the old Windows Mobile phones, but didn't know the MS totally updated to Windows Phone. Not one person. These were not technical types, but people who owned a smart phone. When told about them many said they would never get a 1.0 anything from Microsoft. If you are reading this my bet is that you are well informed about smartphones, but that is not many people. Seems that Microsoft has a lot of work ahead of it.

why do people always say that MS doesn't like advertising when I've seen tons of WP7 commercials last fall and spring (more so in Spanish than English tho) and it even made news on telemundo.

Because of the lack of a sustained, results oriented campaign. Sure there were some advertisements but that was last year already and everybody is waiting on the silly new iPhone and whatever next gen over-spec'd underperforming Android is released. MS needs to build alot more mindshare to compete. Its got to be to the point that people are asking for Windows Phones when they walk in the store and the reps push WP as hard as they do now for Android.Unless MS likes being an also ran like RIM and Palm.

I think your assumption that the slide may be due to people waiting for Mango to drop is a well reasoned one (I'm one of those people), but only to a degree. I have to agree with a number of others here that a sad lack of marketing is at fault as well. Same story as what happened with, and ultimately ensured the demise of, Zune hardware. I also have to second the recommendation of getting someone like Brian Seitz on the podcast to grill him about the absence of WP7 marketing love.

That headline is very shoddy journalism George. They have been lumping Windows Mobile and Windows Phone together since Windows Phone came out—do you not know this yet?

Ok this is really pointed to MS. if I hear coming soon one more time I will scream. been hearing that for a year. ok it really comes down to devises there is not one WP7 device that is equal to or surpasses the top Android devices. people who are buying devices are want wow factor,MS is so dam slow it's not funny anymore. and now Nokia saying that there wont be any US devices until 2012 is a total fail.Mango coming out when the new iphone5 comes out.. really let us guess who is going to get all the buzz. Mango should have been out already sorry but for some reason they don't want to play hardball.WP7 ADDS? see any? er nope...

It's a shame Nokia can't or won't launch sooner in the US. However, I think I understand their decision.Most Windows Phones are sold outside the US. And both Nokia market- and mindshare are much, much bigger outside the US.If the limited first batch of Nokia Windows Phones sells well outside the US, Nokia could support their US launch with some good publicity. Unlike the publicity the lackluster US Windows Phone sales got so far.

I'm currently a Moto Droid (the first one) owner on Verizon who has been itching to get a new phone. However, it seems like all the new WP7 hardware is coming out on other networks. How much of this is a problem with MS getting more hardware into Verizon? If carriers are really interested in giving Android/iOS a competitor, it seems like WP7 is the logical choice - so why isn't Verizon moving to get more WP7 hardware? What's the disconnect?

Totally agree. If I move to Verizon, I can choose between the Trophy or..... hmmmm. Seems to be it. So, if I do not want that, I am out of luck. Haven't heard any rumors of a Mango phone going to Big Red yet. At all. Not even a hint.Throw in how many Verizon stores I had to visit (3) to see one as a live device and that the sales people all had a look like I was a bug for asking for it, we have a HUGE problem with support among carriers. It is the two biggest issues: 1) device selection 2) carrier support. By the way, had the same problems trying to try out the Arrive on Sprint, but with a better sales person. AT&T was actually fairly good about supporting the W7 models they had, but only had one (LG Quantum) activated to look at.