Windows Phone snatches second most popular platform spot in Estonia, beating the iPhone

Lumia 925

Windows Phone is performing well in Estonia, according to a report over on ZDNet. Mobile operator EMT states that Android is the most popular platform and sports a rather large lead over Windows Phone, iOS and competing mobile options. That said, Windows Phone is said to have more than 10 percent of the market, beating Apple sitting on 9 percent. Not only is Microsoft sitting firmly in second position, but we're even seeing some movement with iOS.

We're seeing Windows Phone grow in popularity across the board, particularly in select European markets. With the sheer quality of low-end hardware being made available for consumers, we're likely to see this trend continue.

Check out our review of the Nokia Lumia 520 for more details on how cheap doesn't necessarily mean a terrible user experience.

Source: ZDNet


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Windows Phone snatches second most popular platform spot in Estonia, beating the iPhone


The problem with the iPhone is its too damn expensive outside of US. Its over $1000 in my country, when you can get a WP phone for less than $500.

Nah, it's rather cheap over here, The Netherlands, like the ip4 8GB version. In about the pricerange of a Lumia 720.

Do you know how shitty an iPhone 4 runs the newest OS available for it? My dad has one and it's soooooooo slow and lagging. So glad I got a Lumia 920 instead.

The iPhone 5 costs $1,100 dollars here in the Dominican Republic. Even worse, with a 2 year plan, it costs $400. That's how expensive that shit is.

Confusing post.  "marketing" should be "market", and how does the headline "second most popular platform spot" jive with the body text "Microsoft sitting firmly in third position"?   And what is "we're even seeing some movement with iOS" supposed to mean?
Thank you for at least linking to the source article.

Nokia really made a smart move with releasing the 520. It seems its doing great in the US (The 521). I just think the 521 would do better if it wasn't stuck to just T-mobile.

Claiming the title of "second most popular phone in Estonia" reminds me of Borat's dubious claim that his sister was the "fourth most popular prostitute in Khazikstan."  

Travel straight to the far side of nowhere then turn left and you'll see it but don't drive too quickly or you'll miss it.

Stop being assholes... I'm not from Estonia, but when i read comments like this I see how ignorant you are :) ... Don't know...maybe your great great grandfather is from Estonia... Most of the US population came from countries in Europe... Instead of being ignorants maybe you should study more... :) ... You shouldn't be proud of the fact that you never heard of Estonia... :)

By the way... Estonia is a country in Europe.... What is Europe you will ask... It's a continent across the Atlantic and it's the most beautiful thing you could see... You should try teaveling to Europe and see it for yourself. Try Estonia for example ;)

Take it easy! No one is being an asshole and no one is bashing Estonia if you reread the posts.  We're just poking fun of the fact that MS is #2 in such a small country. There's no denying it's a small country, right? I've heard it's quite nice actually. I'm from the US and I bash it and Americans all the time.

You know how it is... When someone makes jokes about his country, it's o.k... When he makes jokes about other guy's country , it's not o.k. anymore :) . And i repeat , i'm not estonian .

good. but microsoft better give us solution for getting rid of others uselsss data, or people will start to leave wp

ok, for those out of Europe, Estonia is a well-developed country with a middle-to-high living standard. the thing is, it has strong connections to Finland, both geographical and economical, so this really shouldn't be a surprise.

In other countries,all the functionality that android does is not usable for.. So wp8.1 to go..i still want a 5 inch lumia

Estonia - the home of Skype, some of the nicest people in the world, the European capital (although they consider themselves Scandianvian) of Atheism, medievil architecture, and free WiFi EVERYWHERE (yes, even the forests). 

Highly recomended place :)

Estonia is Scandinavian in ethnicity and until recently was a poor socialist country. This made it famous for having the best quality and value strip clubs in Europe. So a lot like Canada :)

As someone mentioned above, this isn't really surprising, since Estonia has historically been very close with Finland, and Nokia has always been very popular here. Still, it's good news, nice to see WP making progress, even if in so small a market.
BTW, there's a saying in Estonia, "Eesti oma Nokia" (translates to "Estonia's own Nokia"), which basically refers to a tech company/product/service/invention that could put the country on the map, the same way Nokia did with Finland. It's usually used in the context of trying to find (or start) something like that. Skype might be a good candidate if only more people knew it's made in Estonia. Now the saying has fallen into a bit of disuse in recent years, due to Nokia losing their position as the dominant smartphone maker, but it gives an idea of the sort of brand presence Nokia has (or at least used to have) in Estonia.

Is the 521 the one without flash? I'm considering this for my son, but he takes photos at night