Windows Phone still holds the highest rated spots on Amazon Wireless

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Two weeks ago we reported how Windows Phone had beaten out Android devices as the top-rated phones on Amazon Wireless. Flash forward today, after the holiday hubbub has died down and we're excited to see Windows Phones are still in the top with the HTC Titan holding steady with an average of 4.7 (out of 5) from 73 reviews.

That's pretty much consensus folks--people really like that phone. Not surprisingly, the other biggy is the Samsung Focus S which has a slightly higher score of 4.8 (out of 5) but only out of 50 reviews--still, that's a very high-rate of satisfaction.

Rounding out the top three is the Verizon HTC Trophy with a whopping 4.9 (out of 5) from 56 reviews--are you listening, Verizon? People really like that phone.  In addition, on Verizon's site, the Trophy sits with 4.5 stars out of 800 reviews, most gushing with praise and even Best Buy has it with 5 (out of 5) from 15 reviews.

We should also mention that the Radar 4G on T-Mobile was their 2nd highest rated phone (it's now dropped to #4 but still has 4.8 (out of 5) from 106 reviews).

Windows Phone may not have the sales...yet. But we have solid phones with a lot of happy customers and that's a good thing.

Source: Amazon Wireless; via Joe Belfiore


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Windows Phone still holds the highest rated spots on Amazon Wireless


And the highest rated phones for T-Mobile and Sprint are still WP7 (HTC Radar 4G & Arrive). I'll be interested in seeing where T-Mo's Lumia ranks in a couple of weeks time.

Great scoop from Joe B.  Amazon purchases hopefully reflect educated people making an educated purchase via the Web.  Hence, WP7 is on top. 
Some of the more traditional stores like AT&T and TMobile actually "promote" the Windows Phone, so they see good sales volume from these phones, as well.  The post above even mentions this.
Then there's VERIZON.  Clearly, no one educated there making educated decisions on their products.  BLAHberries jammed on the corporate users, iPhones for the nebies and retirees, and Droids for those foolish enough to listen... "Everyone is jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge - why don't you?"
I am sure that there is no love-fest between MS and Verizon.  Phones promoted at Verizon are promoted from the top, down.  Droid, MOTO, HTC and Samsung educate and spiff those sales reps on Droid devices until it almost seems like a brainwashing.  Verizon managers who can't operate a PC are telling thier reps that the Droid is the way to go.  Blind leading the blind.  If MS, Nokia, Samsung and HTC could team up and find a way to wake up Verizon - it may teach them a lesson on how fast technology preferences can change and how important it is to diversify your business.  Until then, it's me, my Trophy, MS and Verizon.  That's a good baby step.  The Trophy is the top reviewed phone in the Verizon inventory!  That's a good baby step, too!