Windows Phone Store expands to 42 new markets

In the quest to the get Windows Phone into more hands around the globe, you do have to give Microsoft credit being able to expand as far as they can.

Yesterday, the Windows Phone team announced that they are expanding into 42 new markets starting next week, which is quite the feat.  

Those markets are...

Angola, Armenia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Benin, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Chad, Congo (DRC), Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guinea, Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, Liechtenstein, Madagascar, Malawi, Malaysia, Mali, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Niger, Pakistan, Paraguay, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Togo, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Uganda, Yemen, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

At this point, we’re almost more curious about which countries/markets Microsoft doesn’t have the Windows Phone Store available in since they have seemingly covered the globe.

The other smaller notice to developers was that game rating are now required in Taiwan and Russia, with the former requiring Computer Software Rating Regulation (CSSR) cert and the latter the more familiar Pan European Game Information (PEGI). What that means for devs of course is if they want their games to appear in those markets, you’ll have some extra paperwork to fill out.

Overall, not a bad state of affairs and Microsoft has promised that this will one of but a few regular updates to the Windows Phone Store, which should hopefully stabilize things and make publishing those apps a little easier. We already heard from our developer Jay Bennett yesterday on the podcast that turnaround time is about 3-4 days with nearly instant publishing once the app is approved. So indeed, things are getting better.

Source: Microsoft


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Windows Phone Store expands to 42 new markets


Somalia though? They are a lawless country ran by warlords, marauders and pirates. I don't even know why let alone how you do a roll out in that place. I've been there. Its as bad a Djibouti but at least they have a government, they still wouldn't know what to do with a cell phone.

Please, the developers that are reading this, publish your apps/games here in my country, Brazil!!!
Now, the government are acepting ESRB e PEGI ratings to publish games in here!! Please, please, please: there´re so few games in the brazilian Windows Phone Store.

This is good news. I hope Microsoft will sort out Xbox support, though. Here's the problem I'm having: I live in Croatia. Less than a month ago, Microsoft enabled creating gamertags in Croatia. Some Xbox 360 games are available, it's possible to buy Microsoft Points. Great. Xbox for Windows Phone titles? Available. Able to install them on my phone? Yes. Able to play them? No. :P Why not? Because the Games Hub on my phone is that dull looking tile with only indie games, no avatar. Avatar does sync up after a hard reset, it's there for about a minute and then disappears. I can download Xbox titles but unable to find them in my Games Hub. :) Crazy. 
I remember how happy I was when Croatia got access to the Windows Phone Store/Marketplace, I can only imagine the joy of people in those 42 new countries. :)

From Indonesia with the same tears. Missing XBox Live service is kinda lame when this is one of strongest point on WP.
In my experiece, I accidentally use US as gamertag region. When I eventually can remove that gamertag and create a new gamertag using correct region (ID), then poof ... my downloaded XBox Live game are gone. Leaving me no option to uninstall or whatever. Those games occupy my storage without any means to access them (let alone rid of them). In the end I have to hard reset my phone and re-download all apps I need again.
Yet, still bitter time on my WP since most great title are released under XBox Live service, which I can't access, thus, can't download and play it. How dull experience it is >.<

Not everything is relevant in all countries. I downloaded a voucher/coupon app that turned out to only have US content so it was useless. It would've been better not to offer it at all. But games should be for everyone unless restricted by the rating system.

Now, if they would just push out the fucking Podcasts store and functionality to the rest of the world. Still blows my mind that a "simple" feature like this isn't readily available to anyone outside of the US.

I live in the united arab emirates but I chose united states as my current account, how can I change that later ? because as far as I know you're not allowed to change the country unless you create a new microsoft account and I don't want to lose my purschases :/

You can't change your country on your account. You have to simply make a new one... But you can transfer your purchases to a new account. Transfer your Xbox gamertag to another account.

Same situation here, and you dont need to reset :) Just go to settings > Language + region, Country > United Arab Emirates, restart, and you're done. 

Contact XBox support and request to transfer your existing gamertag to a new live id (which you can throw it away after you done with it). This will leave your existing live id have no gamertag attached. This way, you can create another gamertag using correct region. At least that works on me.

But beware ... If you plan to do it, make sure whether XBox Live service exist or not on your region. If not, uninstall all your XBox Live related apps (including XBox Live games) as you wont be able to uninstall it after creating new gamertag.

Well I bought my Lumia920 a couple of days ago here in Saudi Arabia & let me say I was 2 sec away from selling it (went to Clove and actually bought another one). Why? As I browse through the Saudi App store I figured out that 95% of the apps am using in my Lumia900 and the ones I pointed to install as I got my Lumia920 were not available in my country. I was really pest off. Then I figured out the region trick, changed it to USA & the store became the USA one and perfect again :)
Lucky me Clove agreed to refund me later :)

Nice, Dominican Republic support. Nokia launched some Lumia devices a couple months ago, and people seem interested in the platform. I'm hoping they launch the 920 and 820 soon in the country.

they used to have a map they maintained that showed which countries have marketplace.  wish they still linked to it.

I know you're trying and there are probably royality issues of some sort but......can we please get your music service down here in Hong Kong. Only one we have now is iTunes and it's dreadful. Hell we don't even have spotify etc etc. Xbox Music ok take your time but dang at least give us Nokia Music.  

:) I'm looking forward to Xbox Music and/or Nokia Music in Croatia someday, too. Currently we only have Deezer and it's ok, but missing a lot of my favourite albums plus the app is horrible... :S

Sweet. Does this mean I will be able to buy apps from the marketplace despite living outside the US? 

One area that they seem to have completely missed is the entire English Speaking Caribbean. Is there a reason for this?