Windows Phone Tango increases multitasking app limit to eight

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Now that the Tango ROM has been leaked onto XDA, those members are going over it with fine comb to find every little change. Guess what? There are more improvements then we knew about in Tango, making us want it even more.

For instance, we know that even devices with 256MB of RAM will have app-switching via the Back button (see our last podcast). But going further, instead of just the last five previous apps being held in memory, we now can have eight apps stored in memory which is sure to make everyone happy. While just adding three more apps does not seem a lot, in practice we imagine such an addition will be very practical for everyday use.

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Other additions noted are increased memory efficiency with just 122MB of RAM being used in the 8773 build versus the current 153MB in 8107 found on most devices today. Finally, MMS delivery confirmation/acknowledgement is there as well. While that last part seems kind of "meh", we know from experience that sending MMS is hit or miss depending on your network, so having a confirmation can actually be a good thing here.

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Windows Phone Tango increases multitasking app limit to eight


I had a friend and her work boss would use that "message confirmation" stuff. So they wouldn't be able to say that they didn't get a message. So this is making that person and parents of teenagers everywhere happy I think.

Since many markets, including most of the US, haven't even received 7740 yet let alone 8107; I'd place my bets at least in 2013 for Tango to become available as an update.

If you are an AT&T customer, like me, I would just say, "fuggetaboutit". They expect you to buy a new phone in order to get updates apparently. Have just about stopped using the keyboard on my phone (except for emails) as with most 3rd party apps the keyboard will dissapear and not return till you back out of the screen, losing everything you just typed. So no posts, tweets, etc. Really limits my usage, and forget about trying to show the phone off to anyone. I keep it in my pocket now. Thanks AT&T.

I read on xda that the new update that fixes the keyboard issue is already up for at&t... have you tried using the zune app to update?
Also, the files needed for updating are available on the internet (xda, again) and are really easy to install.

Sadly Yesh im on att too. And I actually was trying to show the phone off yo a couple of my friends and the keyboard kept disappearing I tried to explain why it was doing that but they quickly lost interest twas sooo embarrassing :(

As with Mango (HD7s) and NoDo (Arrive and Trophy) the newer devices were available before the update was available on the older devices. I would imagine that the same will happen for the WP 7.5 Refresh update. The Lumia 900 and the Titan 2 will have to be released before the update will be rolled out to older devices.
I get the feeling that the LTE devices are not on schedule. I feel that "Tango" was supposed to be here rather soon, but the delay of the new devices is pushing back the update.

Well, if you are on At&t like I am, if it ever comes, you'll probably have a new phone by then. I am STILL waiting for 8107 like so many others.

I am on AT&T and I'd even buy the Lumia 900 out of contract to get updates in a timely manner. But if it won't help, then I might as well wait for Apollo because all I really want are bug fixes like for the disappearing keyboard, security patches like the revoked certificates, and a fix for Samsung breaking Bluetooth by messing with the volume in the last firmware update that came out with Tango. I can live without a gyro sensor or a faster processor, as the first-gen hardware still performs spectacularly well. But the inability for AT&T to deliver an update that was RTMed 3 months ago is absurd and intolerable. Apple wouldn't settle for that level of apathy for their product and it disappoints me that Microsoft, Samsung, and the other OEMs like HTC and LG do.

I think At&t better get with the program. They seem to think that just because those of us with a 1st Gen phone may have an outdated phone in their eyes, that they can stop supporting it. But we pay a monthly bill just the same and expect to get any updates our phones are capable of getting. I mean come on, my model is not even a year and a half old yet.

And remember. This is not an "update" these are bug fixes and security updates in 8107. The same things that they claim to take their sweet time "testing" before they release an update. It's all a big joke. If I could afford it (difficult right now) I would avoid ever purchaing another carrier subsidized phone and go on a month to month plan. It's a lot cheaper.

It still is a software update. It is just not a major update. The goal is to get your software up to date is it not? But, I agree with you that I would love to break away from the contract.

Give me a break. Apple released a phone with a faulty antenna design that wasn't corrected for a year. How long did it take them to deliver copy/paste? Still waiting for security fix that won't allow your entire address book and photos to be uploaded to third parties without your knowledge (!). People just have a better perception of Apple because they keep telling us how great they are that many people want to believe. In this world that totally sucks people are looking for ANYTHING that doesn't totally suck.

One of the reasons I don't own an Apple. However, at least Apple was to blame. We can be angry with Microsoft for handing too much control over the updates to the carriers, but it is not Microsoft themselves who are keeping us from receiving updates. It is At&t (In my case) that is holding them back. They are the ones I am paying a good chunk of money per month to. But I do apologize for ranting. It is just that I had finished reading an article about Telus sending 8107 to my model. A little bit below that article was a link to one for At&t basically calling my phone obsolete. Just had me wound up.

So Apollo is suppose to debut in the Fall yet Tango's not even out yet. And like most others have said, Mango was slow to roll out and some are still waiting.
As far as Apollo, maybe they mean we'll only finally see what it is in the fall and won't get the update till Spring 2013

Who is still waiting for Mango?! It's available to everyone. It should only be some of the post-mango updates that some haven't received (mostly in the US it seems). Like Mango I expect Apollo will come out in Sept and we'll be installing a few weeks later in Oct. In Australia anyway.

What I'd really like is to be able to kill the other apps in the fast-switch interface. I don't want to have to switch to it and press back half a dozen times.

Why? They're dehydrated and not taking up any power/cpu. Just open what you want and they will be replaced.

Yeah but a simple "x" in the corner of each instance would be really nice. Its a silly design choice especially when they included it in tabbed browsing within explorer.

The issue is when you exceed 5. So I open a radio app (or something that runs in the bg) and start playing music. I open various apps, switch between them etc. I'm no longer using half of them but they're still in the list and I can't be bothered changing to each one to close them. I open my 6th app and the music app falls off the list, even though it is still running. Even if I close the other apps it never reappears and I have to reopen it just to stop the app from running. All I want is a cross to close unused apps immediately.

This can be done without backing out through each page. From the fast app-switching view, select the app you wish to close, then tap back quickly, and the app will close out completly. It may take a few tries at first, but works well.
I think many are missing the point though. This feature has often been called "multi-tasking", but "Fast app-switching" is the official name, and a better description of what is happening. The apps in this view are still in RAM, but are not actively running. (Exceptions to this are of course things like background downloads, background media and so on.) Closing out these apps do not in any way (that we know of) improve the performance of the device. They will eventually be dropped from the cache as other apps take priority when using RAM. Theoretically, there could be only a couple of apps in the fast app-switching view if they used up all of the RAM and "kicked out" the older ones.

That's fine but there aren't many people in the general public that would understand any if that. Just let us close em out if for nothing else psychological satisfaction.

The general public probably doesn't care or think about multiple apps running on the background. It isn't even running in this case.

If only Tango / Apollo / Larry / Mo / or Curly can get it to automatically break up and send SMS that might go over 160 characters we might be talkin'.
Don't get me wrong I believe WP is the best phone OS for me.  I rarely go over 25, let alone 160, however sometimes there is a need.  Ah to be able to end a program by simply flicking up (I miss you WebOS)

Actually, only Tango, Mango, and Mo could be codenames because they end in "O".
You must have Sprint because Windows Phone has always supported concatenated SMS, but supposedly Sprint turned it off in their version of the Arrive.

I don't understand the issue... I've sent texts over 400 characters long i.e. 3 messages. I regularly send 200+ char messages, without any problems. Is this a carrier issue?

It's a Sprint thing. Anything over 160 chars. will force you to remove the extra chars. and won't break it up into multiple SMSes

I'd prefer to be able to compose a 500 character text message and have the stupid messaging app split it up for me. But that's just too much common sense for a smart phone, like what the palm pre had, or even old old Nokia phones

I send messages over that require multiple SMS messages and my phone send it perfectly...could be your network.

What phone do you have on what network.  My best friend has the same limitation on her HTC Arrive on Sprint.  Sprint said it's an OS configuration issue that Microsoft has yet to address in an update.  It works perfectly fine on mine (1st-gen Samsung Focus) and every other Windows Phone I've seen (LG Quantum, Samsung Focus Flash).

This is not the case with AT&T devices. At least the ones that I have used. I can write a novel via SMS, and it breaks the individual messages up with ease.

I think it is something on the back end. If I send a long message to someone else on at&t it comes through as one message. If I send it to Verizon it comes as a series of 160 character messages. Not certain about sprint and t-mobile.

yup 8107 is great and easy to install. Don't wait for ATT. Having said that what is horrible is the crappy text editor that this board uses. Across multiple devices on different os's it's just plain horrible. Ugh!

Honestly, rather than have a "X" to kill apps, I'd rather have a "pin" to hold an app in place.  I would like to be able to "pin" the music app or RSS reader so that I don't have to keep reloading it.  
The kill method still means I have to micromanage the apps.  The pin method solves that.

Do they fix the horrible 'sms delivery confirmation' method in Tango? I cant stand getting separate text messages everytime I want to confirm a message has been delivered. They really need to fix this, its so so basic. Just copy the Whatsapp method and fix it...I switched from Android 2 months ago but I might have to go back...not enough normal phone functionality yet despite the great interface...