Windows Phone Update 3 now available for the Sprint HTC 8XT

Sprint HTC 8XT

Believe it or not the Windows Phone Update 3 (also known as GDR3) is being pushed out to the Sprint HTC 8XT.

We were skeptical at first but in checking Sprint's Support Site for the 8XT, the update is listed as clear as day. Update version 2.12.651.02 is described as containing streaming audio improvements, accessibility improvements and Microsoft's GDR3 release.

If you haven't seen the update notification on your Sprint HTC 8XT, simply go to your Windows Phone settings and scroll down to the Phone Update option to check for the update.

We don't have a Sprint HTC 8XT handy to give you a first hand report on what all the update delivers but many of the new features with Update 3 include:

  • Closing apps by tapping on the X in the top right when in multitasking view, custom tones for text, voicemail email and reminders.
  • Screen rotation lock.
  • Driving Mode that turns off all notifications except texts and phone calls when you're driving. You can also turn calls and texts off completely or set Driving Mode to text and automatic reply like "Hey, I am driving right now. I'll reply you later." Driving Mode can start automatically when your phone connects to a Bluetooth device.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi in OOBE when switching on your new phone for the first time or after you your reset your phone, so you can restore your data even before connecting to a cellular network.
  • Better storage management: New storage settings make it easier to free up space on your phone and manage temporary files. A new category view shows what's taking up space at a glance.

If you're using a Sprint HTC 8XT and have gone through the update process, let us know how it went in the comments below.

Thanks, Nick and SEKKDS, for the tip!


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Windows Phone Update 3 now available for the Sprint HTC 8XT



I defense of ATT.... Could be be that HTC minimal Market and that they give the user ZERO additional features be the reason they get it out faster?
THough I understand HTC is on ATT also, how many people actually bought the HTC over the Nokia's?
Nokia has givin use additional features in there Firmware updates.
That said, yea I know, ATT is still super slow.

It shouldn't be used a defence for ATT, it's just a simple fact that HTC have nothing new or improved to add to the platform during these three GDR updates.  So it's inevitable that they are first out the gate with GDR3.

My super timer app don't go that high sorry it will time out sorry AT&.......... Oooops sorry can't remember their name. LOL.

GideonTerblanche, you answered correctly. The question was "What do you get when you cross and owl with a bungee cord?

Which as a Nokia lover.......i still really like the sound of! :D The one is a premium smartphone like

Not sure how HTC working on dual boot phones equates to 'They're done' from you...they're clearly not...

The fact that Microsoft had to specifically request for HTC to do that (and offer inducements whilst doing so) is indicative that HTC had no plans for WP devices at that time.  If they did, why would MS have to make the request in the first place?  And why would they need to offer the OS for free whilst doing so?
Either way, in my opinion it's in HTC's best interests to stick to Android for the time being at least.  They need to focus down on what's going right for them (the One) and cut all excess costs to get back on track, and unfortunately that includes WP.  If they can't offer their WP handsets the attention and marketing they need to flourish under their care, it's better for them to drop it for the time being rather than for HTC's WP efforts to drag down WP in general by becoming more of a public example of what a half-assed effort looks like than they already are.

Besides a few prototype phones, Nokia has no expertise with Android, so it'd be difficult for Microsoft (which in the midst of purchasing the Lumia product line) to ask Nokia to work on dual boot phones.  They'd be seen as abandoning their own OS.
Approaching HTC is the logical choice.  Offer the OS for free as an incentive (just like Android) and partner with a manufacturer who has expertise with both OS's.  
It makes perfect sense, and more so than Nokia for that specific task.
Still don't see how getting GDR3 first is half-assed...but ok, if building a WP8 phone that has minimal customizations so updates are streamlined...then I like their 'half-assed' effort.

Why on earth would Nokia make a dual boot phone?  The dual boot request is Microsoft trying to get the non-Nokia OEMs to put WP on their latest and greatest hardware, rather than putting it on their bi-annual last gen fodder.
The 8XT itself is a half-assed attempt drowning in a sea of HTC's half-assery.  Sure it's relatively pretty looking, but it's got a basic handset's resolution and storage, and yet they tried to sell it at a mid-range price (USD100 on contract).  And then, like HTC's other WP offerings, it has zero add-on services, none of HTC's new distinguishing technology (except BEATS), received practically no marketing support (also resulting in pricing not commensurate with its specs due to a poor carrier agreement), and also suffered HTC's trademark poor branding - 8XT, which sounds like it should be better than the 8X, but it's really not.
Oh but wait!  It got GDR3 officially first!  Except anyone else can get the same update bypassing carriers via the enthusiast program EXCEPT those poor 8X users who had the GDR2 update necessary to join the enthusiast program withheld in several markets due to firmware issues.  Oops.

On the contrary, I own a Dopod 810, HTC Diamond Touch, HTC HD2 (best of the bunch), and HTC HD7.  I also however like WP so the poor effort they put in to their WP handsets is pretty obvious, especially in comparison to Nokia (which I switched to after the HD7).
Perhaps if you looked at the situation logically you'd also come to the conclusion that they're just not putting enough resources into their WP efforts for them to succeed.  HTC really needs to get their house into order, and maybe after they can give WP a second, proper crack.

Logically, I know that I purchased (for $0) a mid-tier WP8 HTC phone.  I wanted BoomSound and the HTC One's camera app and SD slot.  I'm happy with the purchase.
Logically, I realize that Android is their money maker, and that WP8 is the backup plan.  Logically, I also know that Microsoft didn't throw a gigantic pile of cash at them to prop them up like Nokia, or provide them preferential treatment based on that investment...oh, and there's the little issue of the mythical Nokia phone that Sprint users can't buy. 
I get it, I was burned by Motorola, you were burned by HTC.  That's cool.  Its an all too common story.

I think that MS spent their money wisely by selecting Nokia - a company that was actually able to build a decent brand for WP in Lumia - rather than their previous partner HTC, who helped get Android to where it is today whilst failing spectacularly to build brand power out of their former position of strength in the US market.
Sadly you're at the intersection of Sprint and WP user.  I'd actually blame Sprint for the lack of WP options, though I suppose after taking a gamble on WiMax and losing they just don't want to spend the money gambling on Nokia like AT&T and Verizon were willing to.

To be 100% honest, I had no experience with Nokai prior to WP. I had alot of expereince with Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and I dabbled in Apple. I can honestly say out of the 6 Windows Phones I own (L920, L810, L925, HTC HD7, HTC 8X Samsung ATIV S) some of them were pruchased second hand, but overall HTC and Sammy have been the most reliable. The 810 and 925 were purchased from Tmobile store, the 920 was craigslist, the 8X was my original Tmobile Phone upgraded from HD7 and my ATIV S was ebay.

My 8X and ATIV S had and still has no problems, fast updates, great support from OEM's and feel wonderful. Dropped the 8X many times never cracked or had any hardware malfunctions.

My 920 and 810 on the other hand have battery drain and the 810 has wifi cinnectivity problems. The 920 also had blurry pictures at first but was sorted out. The 810 also has colored cases availiable, but I have yet to find one after the first week and when I ordered it during the first week from Nokia, they took my payment and never shipped. The end conclusion was they lost my order in the system..

Still using the 925 and its a SOLID phone, but would hang on Wifi connectivity. Tmobile replaced and I'm rocking it with a very slight crack and scratched sides from a 2 foot drop from a lawn chair I was using on my back patio.This one I actually have no hardware problems with.

My HD7 is old, and a tank. Still works flawlessly, upgraded to 32GB memory and I use it from time to time to entertain my brothers or cousing if they come to visit, literallty dropped from 4ft-5ft more times than I have been alive years (21) and still not one major scrath on screen and no cracks whatsoever.

I perfer HTC just as much as MS perfers Nokia. There is a market out there and you just shouldnt be fighting internally about this, because us HTC users feel the community is treating us the same way that the rest of you treat Apple or Samsung on Droid, like we're wrong and you somehow are better.

To be honest, the only thing I like from Nokia is the push they made for WP, but lets be honest their mobile phone division really had no choice with Symbian dying and with Asha not a viable smartphone competitor.

If HTC put as much effot into WP as Nokia, then I'll be perfectly fine with Nokia leaving as I know (like many others) HTC offers some premium products.

^^THIS!!!^^ I agree. I'm still rocking my HD7 on T-Mobile. I've dropped mine so many times & my screen has NEVER shattered in over two years of ownership. Nokia makes great phones, & I don't hate them, if it wasn't for Nokia, Windows Phone wouldn't even be recognized now. I do feel that it's fair to have more OEMs competing to increase the OS market share instead of one OEM.

Honestly, after the whole promised ICS update followed up by Punit Soni lying and retracting the update, leaving us high and dry debacle...I swore off Motorola for good.  I don't care if its the 'New' Moto or not...its the same dude running it.
I came to WP8 on Sprint fully realizing I could be left high and dry again...partially why I ordered the 8XT through Let's Talk Wireless for free.  If support was abandoned, I could easily pick up a Nexus and jump back to Android. 
But I honestly really like having a phone that just works.  I never reboot it, it doesn't crash (although apps might), it just keeps plugging away.
From my history of unsupported/orphaned devices on Android, any attention from a carrier or manufacturer feels extremely gratifying.  Plus I just like WP8, and with 5 contracts on Sprint...I won't be leaving them either.

IHTC is completely lost right now.
The Android market is absolutely tough, even when competing amongst themselves, and with the Samsung's utter dominance in that market, HTC has a long way to go to make the others run for their money. And frankly, the HTC One Max is a complete and total failure, especially when comparing to the Note III, Z Ultra and even the newcomer 1520...
On the other hand, there's the WP market, which is almost utterly dominated by Nokia, creeping up to 90% of market share worldwide.
Their trump card, the HTC One, didn't even sell as much as they expected, which, imo, is a shame because it is one of the most beautiful devices I've ever seen.
So, looking at it this way, there's practically no room left for HTC to shine, unless their future releases prove to be miraculous!

Not really. It could be that Microsoft is tired of Android first, then WP gets the old design/hardware. So asking them to put WP on the Android device is so WP gets a flagship device quicker.

Even if they did release a HTC one style wp device yeah the hardware is nice Nokia has so much exclusive software though that is would be a hassle to switch over...

I feel the same. Although I love the One's design, combined with BoomSound (which would be very useful to me, but the 925 has pretty decent loudspeakers), Nokia's support for the platform and exclusive software make it impossible to switch over from.

They would probably support it 2 more years. The update work is mostly done by M$ so there is a little work for HTC to do actually.

I've got a 928!  Haha.  So does this mean Snapchat is now possible?  Wasn't this mentioned as a hangup for them?

One would think so... Though from past experience, Nokia is pretty slow pushing updates. (funny considering they're supposed to be the leading WP makers)

Okay that's all very well and good but I bet they finish their changes at the same time MS finishes theirs but they still take longer to push it out.

You don't really expect Nokia to help cannibalize the sales of their newest products, by giving the same goodies to the old models as the newest ones before or at the same time as the latter's release, right? The strategy actually makes sense, even if a little opportunistic. They want to make the most out of people who can not/do not want to wait for the new update and will simply snap up the new phone itself for the latest update.

No they don't. Firmware changes cant take place in parallel to OS changes or before that. It has to start once all the OS tweaking is done!

I thought Samsung would get it first, as that is the higher speced device. Heck, Verizon, mobile, and at&T should've got it first! Not sprint!

Who needs AT&T's permission anymore? I've had GDR3 for a week. Dev license is only $20 (free for students). It was kind of weird to wait months for GDR2 and then to only have it for 4 days.

Lol Sprint last carrier to get WP8. Maybe using the smaller population as an experiment for any bugs? Jk. Good to hear its already rolling out. Hope Lumia Black comes soon to ATT *wishful thinking*

Just keep in mind that the phone on Sprint isn't a Lumia, so it doesn't get black.  We Lumia owners could still be in for a bit of a wait (but I hope not!).

Actually its ready to be served...awaiting go ahead signal. I got this weird glance update with a toggle for notification on glance screen...then 24 hrs later a new update yanked it back. Lol

We all got that glance update with notifications (months ago, before AT&T release) only to have it subsequently pulled with a later update... WPCentral did an article on that very thing. Nonetheless, if Sprint got it, it probably is waiting to be served on Verizon and T-Mobile soon enough anyway

ahhh.. thank goodness. I was begining to wonder what that was all about. sorry moved to wp8 from wp7.8 quite recently ( not much action there...it was like the 6.1/6.5 days...lol).

I had my update come through automatically about an hour ago. Everything is working great, first thing I noticed was the "x" to close open apps. Still looking around to see what else has changed.

The best part about the update is the custom notification tones. You can set them in the sounds/ringtones area in settings and assign individual text message tones to your contacts by changing it o their name.

Shut it❕ Nobody wants to hear six weeks of complaining by people like you.. Just sit back and wait for the update until it comes.. It's not like this update has anything critical that you can't live without.. Man you sound immature... I'm on att as well, and with the GDR2 update we have plenty to be thankful for for the next few months,, if it even takes that long... As I recall, earlier this year att was first to bring the GDR1 update to Lumia devices, but nobody acknowledges that❕... Instead you guys just bitch because you didn't get it first... As far as I'm concerned att is 1/1, and we can't say a got dam thang unless this update takes a extremely long time to get here... First World Problems❕❗❕❗❕❗

Why don't you just shut the hell up and let people complain. Don't read the damn comments if you don't want to hear it. The fact is At&t sucks

Shut the fuck up rodneyej. go take a stick and shove it up your fucking ass so you can have a first world problem to complain about you stupid shit

Lol❕❕... That was funny.. Listen to this.. Why don't you go fuck yourself with your own tiny little pussy fingers.. Lol.. Just jokin..

Actually, I do, so please speak for yourself. Its not that it has stuff we "need" its the principal. AT&T is just too slow its ridiculous and its not like were asking for something for free. We all pay good money for this crap were hooked on - updates makes people feel like we are getting value (in terms of support) for our investment. It's all quite funny (for me, anyhow) to see people vent.

ATT is 1 for 2 on WP8, but their track record for WP7 is horrible if that's anything to go by!! I think that horrible WP7 history, combined with AT&T being the supposed "Premiere" carrier, puts people on edge. Why not give more phones and attention to a carrier that cares more? That is likely a couple of the big reasons

Update 3

OS version: 8.0.10501.127 or 8.0.10512.142*

*Your update version number depends on your specific phone model and mobile operator.

Update went smooth as can be!  Let's hope the scratchy speaker issues are fixed!
Thanks HTC & Sprint!

My 8xt is downloading the update now, although in already running the preview. Hopefully this will fix the issues with the sound and whatnot...

WOW one the the smallest carrier players when it comes to WP and they are outshining all the rest, especially ATT which is the flagship carrier in the US yet the last one in update releases and customer support of Data Sense and other key OS features.
Maybe Nokia should reconsider changing their flagship devices to Sprint since they clearly know how to do updates on WP on time and fast.

Yeah, that would be smart... Move to the third largest carrier.. Don't you think that Microsoft would at least go for Verizon, which is the largest carrier❔

Hahaha. I like that you can take some shit. It's just the internet. It's always amazed me how people get so easily offended in these forums. Fuck it. If someone slings shit your way just sling some right back and have fun with it!

Lol❕... I'm just in a good mood today, I guess.. I can be a little bitch when I'm ready though... Like if NIST comments on here...

TMo was the first for Portico on the 8X.. Was supposed to be number one with GDR2, until all the reports or "pretty blue unbranded bricks" went around.. In fact, HTC in general, gets the updates before the Sammies, Woweees and the Nokes.. Hmmmmm...

Oh, and I know wrong place but.... Nobody was ever talking about dual-boot phones, but like an HTC e1ght or Won, something like that...

I am flabbergasted! Sprint 1st one out of the gate. Amazing! Go Sprint! Now perhaps they get Nokia devices soon.

I had Sprint for 14 years until 11/2012 for the 920 (Now own the 1020).  I dont regret moving on however, if they did get the Nokia flagship devices, I would at the very least consider them again.  Until that time, I am very satisfied with ATT.

'Until that time, I am very satisfied with ATT' - Someone actually said that sentence! How could you fix your brain to say that? Go figure! I'm not even on AT&T (StraightTalk)...but because my 920 was bought from them...I still feel the pain! Lol

My 8XT is downloading the update now. I'm floored that my phone is first. Hell, I'm floored that my phone isn't last.

Stopped reading after reason #4. Article is written like shit, i.e. saying singular form of a word where plural is necessary. Some punctuation and capitalization mistakes. I'm sure my 3 year old could do better.

That's good news. Windows 8.1 was released last week, Mac OS X got updated today, and now news of WP8 getting level up'd to GDR3 via non-developer channels. 'tis a good day for gadgetry. Oh, Lumia 2520 on the horizon as well. WIN

So this update will install over the Developers Preview? (if you have that installed). after installment can you uninstall de Develepors preview app?

Most of those 7.8 devices date from the early days of WP, and saw the nodo update, the 7.5 update, some got a post 7.5 update, and most got updated to 7.8.. Now, with the exception of the Titan 2, and the 900, WP7 devices are EOL.. I'm not going to mention any of those Samsung att focus devices because I really don't here anyone here complaining about them.. And, anyone outside of WPC probably could give a rats ass about any of this... You have to realize that you are the extreme minority, and Microkia has to make a tough decision to write you guys off.. It's not fair, but this is business, and the world keeps on turning... Just get a new device ASAP... Heck, you can have my 920, because I want the 1520, for a good price.. Lol... No, seriously❕ I need $700 NOW❗

You're probably one of the ones that cry when AT&T doesn't immediately release an update. (Just assuming and you konw what they say about assuming, but I don't care... Trying to make a point)

Screw you HTC haters! I believe they will succeed in the WP marketplace alongside Nokia and a few others in the coming future.

I would like to see it happen without a doubt, but they need to put forth a bit more effort for this to be realized. With 95% of their eggs in the android system, they are leaving too little for WP.

If HTC keeps on like they did with wp7, I don't see it happening. I had an hd7 before my L521. I had to force 7.5 and then had to flash 7.8 with the wphacker tool since the hd7 was NOT getting 7.8 through normal updating. HTC apps never got updated after attentive phone got added to settings instead of a stand-alone app. Dropped my hd7 and the corners dented, dropped my 521 and nothing.....paper beats rock....look up Nokia history if you don't get the joke.

Not too surprising since Sprint has been known for pushing Android updates out before most of the other US carriers.

This is only the OS Update 3. Nokia phones will get the Lumia Black update as well, which won't be for awhile. Besides, everyone can already get Update 3. Loving it on my 822. Anyway, it is good for Sprint users.

Loving it on my Lumia 920, just curious if the officiele Update 3 will install over the preview and that afterwards we can delete the Preview for Developers app?

My understanding is the Lumia Black update will just install over the standalone Update 3 (we have the final code). As for deleting the developer app, I would say no. This will allow us to get the WP8.1 once it becomes available, at least that is my expectation. Hopefully at that point the Nokia specific pieces will be baked into the OS and there may only be a small carrier update to follow. Let's hope!

Curious, why does it need data services and movement/directional sensor? Otherwise it works well.

Thanks for pointing that out. I have a feeling they were enabled by default when creating the project. I'll check it out and remove what I can.

There was some discussion about it would be awesome for app based rotation lock, and the camera came up. This was on Saturday when WPCentral featured it.

Won't see this update on my 920 till next year for sure with At&Ts slow update process....i miss when Microsoft was the ones to roll out updates not ATT

do what i did. sign up your ms account as an app dev, and you can update that att lumia 920 to gdr3 right now