Windows Phone users now 18% more satisfied!

Windows Phone users now 18% more satisfied!

As well as Nokia shifting almost 4m Lumia handsets in Q2, it would seem there is yet more good news for our Windows Phone. If true, as a recent survey by Amplified Analytics is showing, and there is a 18% rise in customer satisfaction then things are looking rosy indeed. The survey carried out by aggregating over 104,691 customer reviews suggests that the Windows Phone users are almost 20% more chuffed with their recent purchase than in the previous quarter.

Drilling into the details it seems that the current Windows Phone darling, the Lumia 900 seems to be wiping the floor with the other OS satisfaction results in some areas. Depending on how you read into these bar graphs, the Lumia owners are more than happy with the OS. The same seems to be echoed in the results for the design also.

18% More Windows Phone

Of course, there is a big disclaimer; the company producing these analytics are a client of Nokia so some careful reading between the lines is suggested. Still if this result is anything to go by the Lumia and Windows Phone in general seem to be holding their own against the other smartphones.

How much user value each part of their smarphone

The Nokia handsets continue to have great reviews on many sites, more notably Amazon where it does amazingly well. From small acorns, great oak trees grow, and for every enthusiastic customer using a Windows Phone now there will be a little bubble of positive experience shared. Over time, we hope, the whispers turn into shouts.

I think as the two year tip over point arrives for Windows Phone, we’re about to see things start to get better. The phones have good penetration into shops at different price points and the platform continues to prove it’s a hit with those that take the plunge.

Are these results what you would expect? I’d like to know how you feel about this little bit of good news. 

Source | Amplified Analytics via WMPoweruser


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Windows Phone users now 18% more satisfied!


The Lumia 900 is a great phone and MS owes Nokia a big thank you for releasing it. Even given the whole 7.8 v Apollo thang. Having said that in hind sight I'm glad we got our v 1.3 focii last July as it puts us in the mix with Apollo being released this fall and new hardware on the way for us for upgrades next year. We've been able to keep our software updated, running Tango as we speak. Android is a mess, Aplle is what it is and BB is just about gone. All the predictions of 20 - 30 % market for WP looks pretty accurate in the coming years.

This. People that are happy w something just use it happily. People that don't like something tend to be the ones that act like children

definitely not too surprising to me having used since day 1 with samsung focus I have to admit it has been a great experience, the os is simple but not too simple, the overall look and feel is solid and I rarely experience any issues in terms of phone hardware. My only gripe might be a few apps here and there that are not available or are not yet available but we are moving in the right direction with the promise of much more to come.
with reliability being so highly important in this survey I actually would think the Lumia might even have scored higher than it did.
enjoy the ride peeps!!

I owned an android, iPhone, and WP Samsung focus, and now a WP Lumia 900 and haven't had a better performing phone ever. Needless to say the previous phones were all 3G phones and out dated but I didn't like the android interface, or how expensive apple is for the same functionality as a WP. And i can go without Siri, I feel id lose my friends if I spent time talking to my phone instead of them.

+1 im so glad that microsoft offered this Os that offers everything from  beauty speed and reliability. had a mytouch 4g had 2 nexus phones the one and S and i had iphone 4 and 4s and i had blackberry 9780/9700 had htc hd7 and had nokia 710 radar 4g and the lumia 900 and of all you notice most of mines were windows phones. They all performed above the others. and all were realible.

Apple got out Apple'd by Microsoft on usability! Who would have thunk that?
I loved BB for a long time, still use one for work. Android is just so ugly (although I appreciate people like the "fiddle factor". But messing with ROMs is not a place I want to be.
So its iOS and WP. Despite iOS being really polished, and Apple having an Apps advantage - WP Has leapfrogged iOS in usability, and with the Apps gap slowly closing I couldn't be happier with WP. Well I could, I'd like to customize more sounds, and take all the Apollo goodness - but already a great OS! Much to love.

Wait until windows phone 8 comes. It going to be twice more satisfied customers. Can't wait get a new windows phone 8 smartphone even thou I still like my windows phone 7.5 and still going strong and fast & fluid.

I have already savaed $300. By the time October/Nov rolls by. I will have enough for a new WP8. For now, im happy with my Focos S.

Everything is okay. But Tango update is so late from Microsoft. It sucks as compared to i OS or Symbian in the update process.Still I didn't get tango update in India:(

I have no idea why you would want the Tango update. If you are waiting for a keyboard fix, then I think that was another update but all Tango does is add some enhancements that you'll never really use (the only useful feature I found was sending a video that you recorded and even that, I have yet to use).
The Tango update depends on the carriers though and yours may have even decided to skip it but you can always force your phone to update (just search "Force Tango Update" in the search box on the top left hand corner).

I guess people like WP allot more then people are claiming int he forums....

just wish people stop assuming that the 50k members on this site complain  accounts for the MILLIONS of WP users... 
or that the millions of HAPPY clients could become members , it be more pleasant to brows the forums.

Here here to that!! I've admittedly had a rough start with Nokia however they have sorted my issue out and in pleasantly delighted with my white Lumia 900

Se1fcr3ation, I find a lot of people on this site offer more constructive criticism than unjustified negativity. In some ways constructive criticism could be construed as negative, but in fact it's a way for users to make a product better. It's a way for developers and manufacturers to see what customers want.
I'm generalizing a bit here, but for the most part the people who browse these sites are more tech savvy than the usual consumer. Really, we are what they call the "prosumer". And due to this, forumgoers tend to criticize any product that seems to be lagging (or just plain lacking) in terms of functionality compared to its counterparts.
These reasons may be why you feel that certain forumgoers are more negative than others.

I respect That ,   

where I think I was heading with this is that people always use the amount of negative comments to back up there negative point,  and allot of the time some of the complaints are directly related to tech savvy people. witch doesn’t make up more then a few % of the actual WP market.

Example: MS screwed up WP cause of low memory….
In reality:  low memory = cheaper price = more competitive = more WP sales = better business decision to allow WP to grow faster.
And the majority of people are happy with 8-16G to begin with like 90% of Iphone 8G sales. As an example


Give it a break, those who complain here are the most hardcore user fans of the platform, otherwise they wouldn't visit the site and forums.
If we complain, its because we want it to be better and make us proud of owning it. Just that.

Will be interesting to see if the do another survey, and whats the result from when they will start selling WP 8 devices...

Not surprised personally, recently upgraded from an n8 to a lumia 800 and cannot believe what a beautiful it is, I coveted. One for a while, and got one brand new for 190 quid in the UK, and can't believe the amount of phone you get for the money... Its not perfect, and there's a couple of boggles, but nothing that detracts from what overall is a great user experience

its something i can believe, i mean i own  a nokia lumia 710 and its not a bad phone at all but can use a serious app facelift lol. i know that some people on this site disagree but i also have an android phone and ipad so i can tell you the difference is amazing and makes microsoft look bad. the phone leaves a feeling of being content but not exciting when i use it. zune is amazing though and wish they would license it out, but meh one dream at a time. im not dissatisfied with windows phone but im not completely crazy about it like i am jellybean on android. o yea one last thing! windows phone 7 = amazing looking and windows phone 8 = ewww...  i will not upgrade to 7.8 because i hate the way it looks.

I don't care... Im buying a wp8 4.7 inch screen.. Men I can't wait to show of my home screen.. I was at ATT store today and men that iPhone is so OLD..too small.. I don't know how people can type and play on that thing....it don't matter what apple next phone is,we all know how its gonna look like..the problem with android is..IT LOOKS CHEAP...