Windows Phone was not supposed to get LTE support until Apollo


In late 2011, one of the sticking points for Verizon Wireless in broadly adopting Windows Phone was the lack of 4G LTE support. AT&T also took issue with this missing feature as strategically they are looking to offload network congestion to their new high-speed spectrum.

There was just one problem: the Windows Phone OS was not set to get LTE support till Windows Phone 8 aka "Apollo" in late in 2012.  That's a long wait as six to nine months in smartphones is an eternity these days, especially when you're in a distant third in the smartphone race.

So how are we on the cusp of not one but two LTE Windows Phones in early 2012? We're told AT&T approached and asked them if they could bump up that feature set earlier. Microsoft in turn was receptive to such a request, much like how Microsoft Corporate VP Joe Belfiore or Brandon Watson take great strides to carefully listen to you, the customer.

To get support into the OS, Microsoft reportedly took members off of Apollo and re-appointed them to work on LTE for Mango Refresh (RC2) in order to meet market demands. Throw in Qualcomm, who has worked hard with Microsoft on chipset compatibility and Nokia, HTC and Samsung who were all eager to get more high end devices in the US and you have AT&T's new 4G Windows Phone lineup launching earlier than planned.


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Windows Phone was not supposed to get LTE support until Apollo


Well i think they should do some more listening and stop letting carriers decide on updates and do it themselves :D

Agreed WinFan1! If *anything* has been learned from watching Android, it's that you can't trust the carriers *or* the handset makers to update anything. Sure, it can happen, but more often than not updates seemed to get lost in the shuffle.
The great irony is that the phones that play by the carriers updating rules tend to be killed off by those very rules, while the iPhone has benefited greatly from not having to deal with such rules. 

Agreed Brandon the issue im seeing and the reason for all these early wp kill-offs is because of the carriers and manufacturers. I mean come on the whole world and their mothers know that carriers will only update current lineups of phones while there is still money to be made considering that titan 2 was announced so close after the titan what are the chances that they will continue selling or updating the first one? these stupid carriers and their greed make them forget about the actual important thing THE CUSTOMERS. they need to stop worrying about making money and start catering to the customers they already have these bastards make us hate them and God forbid i ever meet the bastards in charge of updating phones its absolutely ridiculous.

pretty bad how art treated the updates... Ms should strongarm them like apple... Otherwise fragmentation will be created by those assholes

completely agree! thats why apple is big dog right now when it comes to updates cuz they dont let the pansy carriers handle anything and thats one thing you gotta respect about em. apple has them eating out of the palm of their hands if only ms was this way

So there gotta be a Samsung coming real soon it all adds up and I'm think Dan that lumia 900 is a mid not high end phone cuz the price and other clues like the 800 not coming to America so that means the 900 is a big upclass 800 but still in translate means the high end Nokia will be a wp8 with maybe the cam tech of the 808 I'm hopen does that make since

"lumia 900 is a mid not high end phone cuz the price and other clues like the 800 not coming to America"
Uh, that is just wrong information.  The Lumia 800 IS here in the US, only available unlocked in a Microsoft store or online, and is said to "be tuned to specifically work on AT&T's network, even though you could use T-Mobile."  Also, Nokia wants to push the Lumia series even more with a higher-end device than the Lumia 710.  Which is why we have the Lumia 900.  It is a high-end Windows Phone, and can compete against the other Android high-end devices, and the iPhone 4S.

I was just sayn I think there saving the big badass for the showdown when w8 comes out that's what I meant and yea I think the 900 is the best

Maybe iPhone also tuned to only work on ATT (mobile 3g not supported) there could be an under the hood deal between att and apple

I think you’re way off in that opinion, midrange phones don't win CES Best of Show in the smartphone category. When the OS, Nokia backing and build quality are factored in you can make a strong argument that the Lumia 900 is the best smartphone period.

So, carriers overloaded their 3G netowork and don't wan to upgrade it. So they want OEMs to ship everything LTE. Once their LTE network gets over populated, they'll stop upgrading that and force people to whatever is new. What a bunch of greedy bastards. 
They boast and brag about how many new subscribers they've added each quarter, without any mention of how they are going to improve the infastrucure that most people are using. Sad. 

They have working hard in many areas of the US to improve their backhaul and fill in coverage gaps across the US whole also deploying LTE. They cam that because of their rate structure and their increased customer base.

You can't say the Lumina 900 is mid range based on its price. They priced it that way because they can, and so it sells. If you looked at a androind for $199-$299 and saw this for $99, you would be stupid to spend the extra $100-$200. They priced it to move it. I think this was a great idea.

Ok. So AT&T is getting 2 devices running LTE next month ... what about VZW? Anyone hear the crickets in the background? Anybody have info for VZW?

This is the one good thing that AT&T has done, otherwise they are throwing devices over the fence and then stop providing timely updates. I am hopping that with having a Nokia device they will deliver timely updates for that phone. I guess I will find out over the next few months.

Hahaha no wonder Verizon was furious.  They throw a big baby tantrum about not carrying any more Windows phones until they are LTE and then walk away.  Then AT&T asks nicely and since they've supported WP7 the most MS decides to do it for AT&T.  Queue another tantrum from Verizon. :P