Windows Phone Web Marketplace starts to go live around the world

We're getting reports that the much anticipated web version of the Marketplace, which will allow you to try and buy apps and have them sent directly to your Mango phone, is going live.

The site can be accessed through the newly redesign portal both in Germany and here in the US. Going to the Marketplace, you can browser, search and try out any of the 30,000+ apps that are available, however if you try to buy an app or use the trial, an error will come back--meaning that Microsoft is still loading up this thing as we speak.

The Windows Phone Web Marketplace, first announced months ago, is an extension of the Zune Desktop and Marketplace on the phone and will give consumers even more flexibility for finding and purchasing new apps. From our earlier coverage:

"There will be more placements for featured apps that will bring more noticeability and reach, ensuring developers receive more potential conversions while their app is in the spotlight. Users who browse the web version will be able to share apps and games via social media and email to contacts and friends."

"Bing visual search will be re-configured too. Any end-user searching for apps and games will now be linked straight to the web Marketplace on their PC, ready to download and install. Your Live ID will be integrated so you wont have to activate a separate payment gateway in order to make a purchase. Simply click and go using card details on your account.

Indeed you can now Tweet and Facebook "Like" any app you find, which should go a long way to spreading apps and helping devs out.

Source: Windows Phone Web Marketplace; Thanks, Jan, for the tip!


Reader comments

Windows Phone Web Marketplace starts to go live around the world


I actually just got a congratulations message when I picked the Fox News app, said something would be sent to my email account with instructions. I really hope this is just the beginning of a great day!

Very nice! Finally people will be able to discover apps through search engines.One complaint (which is the same for Marketplace app) - games should NOT be shown under apps.

Very nice also that you can use a credit card on this site instead of having it put on your ATT bill...wish they would have included use of Xbox Live points but maybe in the future.

New marketplace site is live for me in the UK as well...Great to see that it "just knows" what apps I've already purchased and gives me a reinstall option on the "Account" page for every item.A "reinstall all" (or better, reinstall selected) would be great, but hey, you can't have everything.

@ Dan...Someone reported that the install aren't over the air, I'm not sure who reported, but its not true. You don't get an email linking you to the app, it actually just gets installed. This is pretty sweet. :-)