Windows Phones by Karbonn and LAVA coming soon to India

Windows Phone OEMs

According to a report by Times of India, India’s handset players LAVA and Karbonn will launch their Windows Phone devices in coming months.

At the Mobile World Congress last month, Microsoft had announced nine new OEMs as Windows Phone partners. Out of these nine - Foxconn, Gionee, JSR, Karbonn, LAVA, Lenovo, LG, Longcheer, and ZTE – Karbonn and LAVA are two Indian handset brands which have managed to capture significant market share in the Android smartphones category.

According to the report, Karbonn will launch four Windows Phone devices by the end of May or early June with a price range of ₹6,000 to ₹12200 (roughly $100-200 USD). Earlier this month, there were also reports of Karbonn's upcoming dual-OS smartphones packing in Android and Windows Phone in a single device.

LAVA International will also launch a series of Windows Phone devices by July with a price range on ₹6,500 to ₹8,500 (roughly $106-140 USD) . These devices will feature Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor, and the company hopes to have Windows Phone devices make up 8-10% volume of LAVA smartphones in the following months.

For XOLO, the premium smart devices brand from LAVA, the expected timeline of launch is the coming quarter. XOLO Win, the company’s maiden Windows tablet, is also on the brink of its launch in India.

The next Windows Phone update will bring new Qualcomm chipset support for Snapdragon 200, 400, and 400 LTE reducing the price band for Windows Phone devices – a critical factor in emerging markets like India. The update will also bring dual SIM support, a unique, but much desired, feature in the region.

Source: Times of India; Thanks, Dadstar0410, for the tip!


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Windows Phones by Karbonn and LAVA coming soon to India


It gets better. At MWC, when they announced these OEMs, they said "...and those are just the ones we are announcing today". :)

Yes, I think it's really good they're coming in, particularly for the entry level phones. The 520 is lonely, it needs company. And Karbonn, Lava, and Xolo have somewhat bland but pleasant looking phones with Android. Except the latest Lava Iris Pro looks too much like an iPhone that WP might get sued if they used the same phone with WP in it LOL!

More OEM = better growth of platform (windows phone ) , with such low price bracket I wonder what will happen to to most successful lumia 520 here in India

That's what I heard too. Just maybe.... iOS may have reached the point where it's hard to develop further. Just like good old Symbian.

Yes , they nearly killed my ipad 3 , it's working like iPhone 3GS on heroin :D , I am fed up of ugly icons , new animations make me puke every time in open or close applications :(

Lol, motion sickness much? It is horrible for me just watch my friend use his "new" iPhone 5s.

But its still understandable...unlike those who text in comments...
It was posted because we also get a lot of US only stuff, you just need to browse the site to see. You can trust me bro it won't harm you or me hear news about other countries where the community happens to be "mobile nations".

Coz in India demand for wp is increasing and nokia still remains top market seller and Samsung close to it... And wp 2nd os in India... If demand increases supply will increase :)

April 2nd can't get here fast enough.. Can you guys believe that we have just 16days until WP8.1 is officially unveiled❔... Maybe even some of us will actually get to load the developer preview on our devices... And, I just happen to have a perfectly good, flawless, shiny, red L920 in my center console just waiting to be updated.. Pretty cool because I don't have to void the warranty on my 1520!.. LOL! LLLOOLL❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕
YES, I'm bragging. :-)

You don't void the warranty. It says it "may" void the warranty, but Nokia doesn't consider the loading of WP updates as eligible to void the warranty. So...good news! ;)

That said, those 16 days couldn't get fast enough. I've high expectations about 8.1. Really high. Will it be enough to prevent me from ditching the platform once Nokia's gone? Highly doubt it. But it will probably be enough for me to at least feel confortable recommending the OS to my friends.

Lol.. I keep telling you that you're not going anywhere.. You really would do that to me?.. Really?..
Are you sure it wouldn't void the warranty?? Would you take your chances with a new phone❔

I will always experiment on older device , never try a new os update on my main dail driver phone , so I will try windows 8.1 on my mum's lumia 520 , if everything goes good then lumia 920 might get a chance :) , since new os update might also have bugs , could also brick devices (will never let this happen to a new device , a NIGHTMARE) .

At least mine is not. I've been updating GDR3 dev previews and my speaker suddenly malfunction about a month after that (not GDR3 fault since it already occurred once). When I bring it the second time (after previously they only reflash my phone, the time when GDR3 still in development), my warranty still intact. They even replace the whole internal with the new one because the speaker area is physically damaged and took a whole month to finish it (and lose my screen protector while at it >.< )

I did. The first thing I did was slap GDR3 into the 1020. And I've took it to Nokia after that and no problem whatsoever with the warranty. The warning is probably more because of carriers. If you buy the phone locked to a carrier contract, messing with the software may imply a breach of that contract and therefore void the warranty.
But as far as Nokia is concerned, update away! ;)

I wonder if Lenovo could also bring a Motorola WP handset in the future. Not that I'd buy it, but it would definitely make for a good addition.

How could the moto phones help WP when it couldn't even rekindle the dying embers that was Motorola?!!

Because it was Google? They never really had will to resurect Motorola from the dead.

Not true at all. They spent millions more of U.S.$ to make it work. If they were not interested in reviving Motorola, throwing those additional dollars at Motorola would have been like throwing bad money after another, when they already over-spent buying the dying company for a lot of, as it turned out, useless patents. Developing moto x and then later the moto g did not happen from thin air. Unless of course you're trying to imply that a bunch of twerps are actually running Google.

The lower end, I doubt it but the higer end might. Then again this Windows Phone not android. So I guess WP9 would work but w/o some features.

I too doubt about the low end devices but not the higher ones. MS just can't ditch devices like L1020, 1520 from upgrades...

Great news, the more OEMs for WP, the better; C'mon Sony join the WP community again with WP 8.1!

Thats good news for windows phone now.Ecosystem should be growth so please keep focus in more feature & (Apps and games)STORE, otherwise definetly you need a TIME MACHINE or said WE ARE LATE.

Though they don't have good hardware, they still have good market in south Asia with their Androids. This move will definitely help WP ecosystem, which will bring more developers and apps.
So we must be happy with this news instead of talking about their cheap hardware.