There's an app for that. Windows Store passes 100,000 app milestone

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Microsoft's Build 2013 conference is over, but that hasn't stopped the parties from continuing. The latest is the milestone of 100,000 apps on the Windows Store, which is some progress considering Windows 8 was only released late last year.

With the release of Windows 8.1 on the horizon, featuring a revamped Windows Store app, we can only see this number increasing as the platform matures. Good times ahead, consumers.

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There's an app for that. Windows Store passes 100,000 app milestone


Vista was like dating a damaged girl with daddy issues...BIG MISTAKE 
but since days of Windows 7..Microsoft has only been impressing me and i dont see any need to go to any other eco system.
now i am wondering if W8 will feel good on a normal laptop or should i get a touchscreen/hybrid laptop?
My laptop is almost 4 years old now and processor is beginning to show signs of ageing ...
would be good if someone from community can advice

Definitely get a touchscreen/hybrid if you can. Windows 8 works fine without a touch screen but its much better with one.

STEP 1 - Do get a touch screen computer.  W8 is awesome, but moreso on a touch screen than anything else.  This OS is a dream come true, when bundled with touch.
STEP 2 - Update your existing laptop and keep it around as a backup computer.  One of the best things about W8 that people do not talk about enough, is how it has a way of making old hardware feel like brand new hardware again.  Every computer that I have upgraded from W7 to W8 feels like there are still years left to the life of the machine.  It's a good way to get more use out of old hardware.
ADDENDUM 1 - Should you at some point decide to upgrade your old hardware to W8, I highly recommend picking up a touch mouse to go with, as they make using W8 so much easier for mouse+keyboard users.  Between Logitech and Microsoft, there are several options on the market.  Just find which one works best for you (they each work slightly different) and run with that.
ADDENDUM 2 - Later this month, looking to pair a Leap Motion controller with my W8 desktop, to see if that will further take the sting out of using keyboard+mouse with W8.  That should be a lot of fun.

Great analogy! Go for a new touchscreen laptop later this year when Haswell is introduced. If you don't for some reason, do look into a Leap Motion device debuting this month: www.leapmotion.com. It is supposed to have full extrememly accurate W8 gesture support and some hugely cool gaming and other applications.

The "Mac Store" only houses OSX "apps" (programs, really) and not iOS ones. They also have a reasonable number of programs listed in the store and that is especially true when you consider the fact that OSX lags far behind Windows in program support.
However, that would hardly be a fair comparison because the Mac Store is more of a dedicated program built into the OS that gives you a place where you can look for programs and download them securely. Consider it to be like a in built Softpedia/Download.com alternative where you can download already available progams in place. That's different than the Windows Store because those are actual apps that need to be built from the ground up to either replace or supplement their program counterparts. The difference being that 100,000 apps are more impressive because developers had to go out of the way to make them as opposed to it just being a dedicated place for already existing programs.
TL;DR version: Mac Store is for programs while Windows is for both, with the main focus on apps and therefore, this feat is more impressive.

God only knows why so. He used to be a MS person and Valve was PC first then came on other platforms. Nothing wrong if there was an official app for windows 8 - desktop and phone

Is there an app like "imedia Share"(android) for WP8? Is there a way to watch what's on my Lumia920 mirrored in the tv?? Sorry if I'm not making sense, English is not my first language

If you want to show photos use photobeamer as you have a Nokia. If your looking for something else then I'm not sure.

Dear Mr. Rubino
I don't know if you have control over this or not but I was wondering if you and your team could please make a wpcentral app for W8.

Yes it will be cool to have an official WPCentral app, instead of the one that in the store now, that just shows a few paragraphs from each articles and nothing else.

Wonder why the pace of app submissions seems so much higher on Windows 8.
Perhaps devs see the much larger potential market.

Also some openness. No restrictions like separate storage, can access personal files and also some openness of video,audio apis. You can see a lot of media players in win 8 store. Give such openness in WP, devs will be making great apps beyond some photo editors and weather app.

Where is TWCTV, ESPN Watch, Official Facebook, Official Youtube, Official Gmail, Flipboard, Facebook Messenger, Tom Thumb, TouchTunes, Papajohns, GEICO, Hill Climb Racing,  yeahh, still not an app for that...

There is a GEICO app. Flipboard and Facebook are confirmed to be coming. I wouldn't hold my breath for anymore official apps from Google. Hopefully the others come with time.

Said it before and I'll say it again. Give me the 10,000 or so most downloaded apps on iOS and Android and I'll have a successful OS. There's 100,000 apps in the Windows Store. I've probably seen a thousand or so of these apps. I would be surprised if I have any apps that most of my fellow Windows 8/RT users don't have as well. I could understand there might be some differences for people with touch and people without touch (like myself).

Awesome! People keep going on about iOS having 750,000 apps but in their iPad ads they do state that they only have 375,000 tablet apps and iPads have been out for over three years now.
In only nine months Windows 8 has got over a quarter of that amount and I can only imagine that number will rise exponentially over the next year.
The number of apps doesn't really matter to me, only which apps we have and the quality level, but it's a great marketing tool and by the next //Build/ Microsoft will probably be able to trot out an app store number not too far off Apple's tablet app numbers.
Crazy it'll probably overtake Windows Phone's app numbers in a couple of months too, and that could be a bit of an issue when W8 becomes a better mobile OS than their actual mobile OS...
I really hope they get their app merging in order by WP 8.1, if all W8.1 apps have to have full functionality at 500px wide (which I'm fairly sure is what was said in one of the sessions available on Channel 9 about designing apps for multiple sizes) then on a 10.1" tablet that is not all that much larger than the screen width of a 5" phone screen. I'd hope this would mean WP8.1 would be able to run W8.1 apps natively and just fit them to the screen. Scaling would be almost perfectly 200% too once 1080p screens are out.
Or, just screw WP and port everything to WRT and just use that as the Phone OS. Quite frankly the 8.1 preview has most of the features WP has and a lot of the ones it needs. Throw in a dialler and text messaging and that Acer W3 tablet could make a more capable phone than the Lumia 920...

Lots of good points.
I think that Windows 8 has already started to create a halo effect for Windows Phone, both in marketing and in the app developer space. At the moment, creating a WP app is a bit different then a W8 app.  But I expect these differences to disapear over time.  Perhaps that is why WP 8.1 is taking a bit longer then we'd like...

I hope you're right! All will be forgiven for the delays and lack of communication if the big announcement later this year is feature (and app) parity with Windows 8.1 (and then some).

From a technical point of view...  this is good news for WP8 since modern UI apps are a whole lot easier to port to WP8.  Some devs even described the porting process as trivial (though that might be a stretch).  So more RT apps will probably automatically mean more WP8 apps.  If you look at games like Radiant Defence or Zombie HQ basically the WP8 and W8 apps are practially exactly the same.  
So more W8 apps is a GREAT thing for WP8.  

Please tell what this number thing of apps in a store means. Whats the difference bewteen 100,000 and 200,000? Is 95% just plainly junk across the board or does this number acturally mean that every app is unique and useful? Currently i've notice in iOS, android and microsoft stores that the most apps are generally junk or more of the same. Several are company specific thus not useful for the the mainstream consumer. So how does this number pie look? Does a higher number actually mean a store and thus it soperating system is actually getting worse?

This is great progress but I am dismayed at the lack of compatibility with WP8 on almost all of the big name software I want to get. It seems that most don't even know WP8 even exists.