WizTiles Pro zips on to the Windows Phone Marketplace

Wiztiles Pro for Windows Phone

The other day we mentioned the Windows Phone app Wiztiles that allows you to create custom tiles and themes on your Windows Phone. It's a very good app for customizing your Windows Phone and a new version was recently released, Wiztiles Pro, that brings a slightly different user interface into play as well as these changes/features.

  • Faster launching of custom tiles
  • Easy access to 12 new themes
  • Theme versioning
  • Theme preview with screenshots
  • Create tiles without using a theme
  • Added mini icons to metro theme for use with wallpaper themes
  • Added backgrounds with gradients to metro theme
  • Added url parameters to browser task for theme designers
  • Added disabled back tile for theme designers

The free version required you to enter the URL where the Wiztile theme was being stored. With Wiztile Pro, you have a "download themes" button on the Theme Page that sends you to featured themes created by the Wiztile community of users. Wiztiles Pro still has the ability to download themes by entering a URL link but the more direct method is a nice touch.


Wiztiles (the free version) will also recieve an update shortly as well (in the certification stages). The key differences between WizTiles and Wiztiles Pro is the number of themes you can save on your Windows Phone. Wiztiles Pro has no restriction while Wiztiles free will only let you save one theme at a time. The Pro version gives you the convience of managing multiple themes.

There is a free trial version of Wiztiles Pro and the full version runs $.99. You can grab Wiztiles Pro here at the Windows Phone Marketplace. Wiztiles (free) is available here.

QR: Wiztiles Free          QR: Wiztiles Pro


Reader comments

WizTiles Pro zips on to the Windows Phone Marketplace


Quick Correction to the Article: The themes were made by designers from XDA, not the Developer.  Just wanted to give credit where it's due. So as more people post their themes, the theme list in the app will get updated with the best themes submitted by the community. Thanks!

Developers don't have access to "notifications" from email, phone, messaging, etc. So as of now, not possible.

I just downloaded the Pro version.  I like the concept, but when I created my own Messaging tile and put it next to the original one, when someone sent me a text, the Wiztiles didn't show a number or any indictation that new messages had come in, while the original did.  Am I doing something wrong or is that not an option?

I like the options for the live tiles with this app, but if it's not going to tell me how many messages have come in, or whether or not I have any at all, it's not going to do much good pinned to the start screen.  :(

In that sense, it's not helpful, but you can use it as shortcuts to compose templated messages, or to certain contacts you message often.

^all that...
Without true live tile support, this isn't very appealing. It might be cool to "replace" the tiles that don't update like IE or maps but I keep the live tiles with number updates in the top six positions on my start screen for the whole "glance and go" thing, so I'd not usually see the cool batman themed start screen.

Understood.  But believe it or not, some people like to decorate their screens with tiles that don't do anything.  This is the reason we made "none" tiles.

We would love to get access to defaults in the phone, so this app can become a real "launcher" app.  I will start a thread in WP7 Uservoice site http://wpdev.uservoice.com and I expect you guys to vote for it, so developers can get the ability to launch all stock apps in the phone.

I'm wondering if there is a way to slice an image evenly across multiple tiles like they have in the screen shots without first using some other app to re-size the photos and save them as cropped squares? Otherwise good luck trying to align photos in these tiles to match manually.

This will come in future updates.  Right now, we are focused on performance and usability.  Keep your eye out for the updates.

The developer said he would try to connect his wizTiles to the liveTiles that change when yor message comes etc. Give him some time. WP7 is hard to manipulate :p Its not as open as android so be patient :) I believe in him!

Thanks for the support! We will push the limits of what we can do to emulate the live tiles until MS gives us more access to the phone.

Hi, I am trying to use an image as an icon, it has transparency, but the transparent parts appear black when I use them as an icon. Am I doing something wrong?