WNM Live updated with a new name and ad banners removed


WNM Live is a Windows Phone app that will connect you with other Windows Phone users in your area.  The social networking app was recently updated to version 1.29, which most notably changes the app’s name.  WNM Live is now Nearby.

Along with the name change, the user interface has been enhanced and the ad banners have been removed.  You also have a few bug fixes to help improve overall performance.


You can log into Nearby with your Facebook account or register directly with the app.  You can set up your Nearby profile and browse the profiles of those near you, strike up a conversation and discuss topics in the public World Stream.  You can also access your Nearby account online from Nearby’s web portal.

Nearby is a free app, available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.  You can pick up your copy here in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, Brian, for the tip!

QR: Nearby


Reader comments

WNM Live updated with a new name and ad banners removed


so, you got a problem with that? if people from your country are not buying Windows phone(being an exclusive for wp and ios) , its not our freaken fault!

Chill dude, the more we rise the more haters we will see, just sit back and enjoy their frustation because these kinda good for nothing people are just too scared of us overtaking them ;)


Jai Ho !!

Haha overtaking? Oh no God forbid, now I'll see more 7/11 and dunkin donuts shops, I don't know how I'm gonna live with that

WNM used to be good but now it's filled with pure junk on the live feed. The only people that get comments are attractive females. They literally just say "hello!" on the live feed and within minutes they have 15 comments. Meanwhile you can actually have something more worthwhile to share and you can end up with no one commenting. It's a very biased app towards young, attractive females. Plus there's a ton of creepers on there. I gave up WNM long ago.

Seriously, what social app isn't going to "eventually' be reflective of the makeup of the 'real' world once it gets populated? Humans beings, from what I understand, will be NO different in a virtual setting, than from what they are in the "living, breathing" world. This was the case with MySpace, is the case with FaceBook, is true with online gaming, and will likely be so with anything involving people communicating with each other. Get used to it, that's how the human race has always worked. On the other hand, you can pick and choose who you'd like to become friends with. Always a great option. :)

True... However, the feed on WMN is one of the main highlights of the app. And now it's mostly filled with nothing more than useless comments, rants and drama from 16 yr old girls and a ton of other junk. And it's a sad when you actually have something with substance to share and your comment gets lost between the semi nude pics of a 17 yr old girl and the perverted comments of 52 yr old man. Sure that's the sad reality of the world we live in. But I was really just sharing a personal opinion on how the quality of available conversations  on WNM have gone downhill tremendously.

Again, that comes from the app being populated over time. Like you expressed earlier, it was cool in the beginning, then things started to take a downlhill turn. Of course, not everyone has the same level of tolerance, but, there are ways to keep oneself from an onslaught of nonsense. The app does have a block button which helps to weed out undesirable content. Also, you can just form your own group, and invite only those who are like-minded. :)


 The ultimate reality however, is that it's impossible to run away from the world. ^_~

The worst app ever, i was user from the start when there was small number of users and after so long they had this so call group of admins made were they all act like kids and if were not their bitch then bam... You are BLOCKED... No more i said & since then i have been a happy user of wechat for 2 years now.

Dude I know....all the admins suck! They constantly threaten you saying they will block you if you say the stupidest shit. So annoying.

I never take threats well so i gave them a piece of my mind... But guess i was blocked after that, so im not too fussed about it.

New looks...!! Better UI its a neat update...and no more ads, gives more space on the screen. Kudos to the developers.