Wordament sequel 'Snap Attack' reportedly dropping for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 tomorrow


Microsoft's popular Wordament game has enjoyed success across the board and the game is set to sport a sequel as early as tomorrow – Wordament Snap Attack. If you're not familiar with Wordament, it's a word game putting players against each other in a continuous series of two minute matches to find as many words as possible. Snap Attack will be changing things up without sacrificing on gameplay.

The sequel is set to launch on Windows Phones and Windows 8 from tomorrow, and later this summer for both Android and iOS hardware. Snap Attack will be a Scrabble-type sequel tasking players to utilize seven letters and create as many words as possible during a 2:30 minute session. Provided letter pieces snap onto an on-screen board with a handful of words already present.

Much like the original Wordament, Snap Attack will display words the player could have created at the end of each round, should they happen to miss any. You then have the leaderboard and multiplayer aspects of the title, which make it incredibly addicting to try and beat friends.

Source: Seattle Times; thanks, Mohammed, for the tip!


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Wordament sequel 'Snap Attack' reportedly dropping for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 tomorrow


Could you please explain the difference between Xbox and Xbox live games ? I dont seem to get it. Haven't played many of them.

Xbox Live implies multiplayer/leaderboard content through that service, whereas Xbox alone is just achievements.

I don't doubt some apps just use them interchangably though.

I think That's for some of the old games which didn't get re branded after the launch of windows 8...for eg- mirror's edge was launched as an 'Xbox live' title ...but after windows 8 and xbox launched on it as well, all xbox games came with the xbox-green coloured branding...mirror's edge got an update later and became 'xbox' alone...
Basically no difference...its jst a more recent branding...you can tell which games actually are getting updates and support this way :P

Your question should be about difference between non-Xbox live and Xbox live games. Xbox live games carry "achievements" akin to Xbox games(Games which are released for Xbox One or 360). Every game on Xbox is by default a "Xbox-live" game, as far as I know. But on Wihdows Phone its not the case, developers have to go through tedious certification process in order to tagged it as a "Xbox-live" game.

So when you get a game which is "Xbox live" game, as you play through, you unlock certain achievements. These achievements carry certain Microsoft points which then accumulate to your account. You can use these points to buy a game (if you have enough MS points). Or it seems MS is planning to pay you cash in exchange of MS points.

PS: MS Points are quite useless outside the USA.

Slight correction... The Achievement score you earn by playing through the games is not the same as Microsoft Points. The score earned is simply a bragging-rights thing that shows your friends how much/well you play (some achievements are very difficult to obtain; a person with a high score is assumed to have beaten a lot of challenges within the games they play).

Microsoft Points was a form of digital currency used to purchase items offered by Microsoft in their arcade/online store (such as add-on content, avatar accessories, or even full games). However, as mentioned they are in the process of shifting to a real-world dollars system, rather than the Points system (400 points was equivalent to $5 US).

TL:DR - Completing achievements does not result "money" in your account to purchase games :).

Oh hey thanks dude. I was wrong pretty big time. I thought this would be like "Bing rewards". Thanks for the info. :)

Amazing!!! Microsoft prioritizing Windows phone over iOS and Android. Seems like some real change is coming in microsoft priorities

Thank you for using the proper adjective form of the word: addictive.

It makes me shudder when people use the word "addicting" when they have a perfectly good adjective already present in the English language. Just a pet peave of mine. Carry on.

"The sequel is set to launch on Windows Phones and Windows 8 from tomorrow and later this summer for both Android and iOS hardware." - this made my day ❤

No, the most important thing is to answer the tech editors and also some WP enthusiasts who believe MS considers their own mobile platform as second class citizen.
And also to go against your sarcasm, some easy achievements initially :P

Going to install wordament today and tomorrow other one..o god pls bring wp8.1 as soon as possible my 16gb card is waiting to download so many games & apps ....

I've had some crazy battery issues with the preview lately. I'd recommend holding off at this point

My battery seems to be fine after the update. If I unplug at 7 o'clock, it'll last roughly 9h until I need to recharge again. However, I've been having these results since even before the update.

Great! Not to mention it's gonna be Xbox Live. Also, I liked how Microsoft is gonna push this game on WP first before its own competitors this time around.

They shouldn't even be releasing it at all for iOS or Android, especially Xbox integration should be WP-only.

wish it was available for windows phone 7.x

Would be nice if both games would be integrated into a single arcade type packaged app and easily switch within the app between wordament and snap attack.

Wordament is cool and i.m.h.o.the best game on the windows 8 and windows phone platform.

Sounds just like Wordemic. I really enjoy that game. Never had many people playing it, but it had a great dictionary and even let you play all the foul language we use in everyday speech. I'm sure Microsoft will use a sanitized word list.

"launch on Windows Phones and Windows 8 from tomorrow, and later this summer for both Android and iOS hardware" Quick , someone check if Hell froze over !

So I'm guessing this will be kinda like Countdown, except rather than 30 seconds to make one word you get 150 seconds to make as many words as you can.

Sounds good to me. =)

can we start using "arriving" instead of "dropping"? Its scary reading of an app dropping windows phone, until you re-read it.

It's good to see that it launches on WP first and then our competitors. I hope all other future apps from Microsoft launch/update first on WP.

I think Wordament is Xbox powered on iOS/Android too! Also on Windows 8 and web version. No worries though, too broke to get an iPhone and I'm too much of a fanboy to move on. So, yeah. I'm sure it will have achievements.

Sounds awesome.
Wordament is one of those rare examples what huge impact Xbox for WP can have.
This should be the way to go.

Love Wordament, but it has been months since I have been able to get it to work. Each time i get a "can't connect to Xbox live" error message. Can't figure out the problem.

"should they happen to miss any words". I like your style of humor because there are always like a thousand letter combinations haha!