A World of Keflings and Iron Brigade are your November Xbox Live Games with Gold

Games with Gold

For those with Xbox Live Gold Memberships, every month Microsoft tags a few games and offers them as free downloads. The Games with Gold program offers two free games to Xbox Live Gold Members each month.

One of the two titles becomes available on the first of the month and the second title lands on the 16th. For November, your Games with Gold titles are A World of Keflings (available on the 1st) and Iron Brigade (available on the 16th).

World of Keflings

A World of Keflings normally runs $9.99 and is a fantasy game where you take your Xbox Live Avatar on a journey through mystic lands while you help tiny Keflings (think Gulliver's Travels) build and customize their kingdoms. The game can be played offline with up to two players in co-op style or online with up two four players.

Iron Brigade

Iron Brigade also normally runs $9.99 and is a tower defense shooter that calls on you to fight your way through European, African and Pacific theaters. You take advantage of a combination of mobile firepower and stationary defensive units to defeat invading armies.

You can find all the details on the Games with Gold program here at Xbox.com or from the Marketplace on your Xbox console.

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A World of Keflings and Iron Brigade are your November Xbox Live Games with Gold


Xbox 360 doesn't need as much attention as ps3, so I can understand why we don't get nothing new, but its still damn funny what kind of trash they are giving away lol

I'm OK with one Arcade, one retail game, like has normally occurred. I've never heard of either game (doesn't mean they're not fun) but I would have loved to see another Assasins Creed game (had so much fun with AC II).

I remember when each of these games came out. The Keflings games (there are two) have been featured in various sales in the past, and Iron Brigade had pre-launch promotion.

Wtf Microsoft really giving us some cheesy ass games that no one cares about. No thanks im glad im switching to PS4 at least they give us good free games. I think ps3 is getting Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen for free now thats a good free game...

yep, i am switching to PS4 too, already have a Vita and grabbed all the free games that were released since september/october, like Sine Mora, Rayman Origins, Hotline Miami, Uncharted GA, Wipeout 2048, Gravity Rush and much more, all in 2 months ;)

1) RRoD was a problem, of course. Pretty hard to name a system without a problem. For example, even the original Nintendo had games that you had to blow into or slam down in the tray to get to work. And then the console would have a flashing red light and not play all games. Yet, the original Nintendo is considered to be one of the best consoles ever.

2) I don't see how XB1 can be a "debacle"seeing as how it hasn't even been released yet. They have listened to feedback and changed things into what is shaping up to be a great system. Only time will tell.

3) How is Games for Gold a complete joke? They are giving away free games. It's dumb to complain about free stuff. MS also gives away free $$$ towards games with Bing Rewards. Personally, I have gotten about $175 in Microsoft Points over the last two years through that program. There is no rewards system like that set up for Sony. Does that mean Sony is a complete joke? No. Sony has their positives too.

1. That's a horrid analogy. Blowing in a cartridge isn't on-par with having to mail in your console (sometimes multiple times), and being without any console for a weeks or two. If you want to point out ANY positive, make it that Microsoft 100% owned up to and admitted the issues (something they haven't done with the resolution issues surrounding the Xbox One of late), and they shelledout a BUNCH of money to fix the RRoD issues.

2. The "debacle" is the P.R. nightmare than has ensued. It angered offline/military gamers, then took out a nice sharing feature (which they didn't have to do), upsetting those who were excited about it. The debacle is how they've handled it, which is poorly.

3. Bing Rewards doesn't excuse the fact that Sony gives you $40 games with PSN+. "Rental" or not, I'd rather have those games as long as I'm subscribed (I've been on XBL for 10+ year straight). The garbage they are giving us is the games which every interested person has already played, or it's the Arcade titles no one wanted anyway (seriously, these are the BEST XBLA games they could offer? Not something good like Castle Crashers?). The diffrence with Sony's setup on the Rewards front, by the way, is that they don't have a search engine to tie that stuff into. If you want to compare that to Google, fine, but it's a completely-different market with the Bing stuff.

1. As you said, Microsoft admitted the issue with the original release of the Xbox 360 and paid thorugh the nose to make thing right with affected gamers.  It sucked that it happened, but they resolved it through improvements to the hardware and the RROD hasn't been an issue for years now on the Xbox 360.

2. What no one on the internet is willing to appreciate is that the digital initiative that Microsoft originally outlined for the Xbox One CANNOT in any way, shape, or form coexist with the ability to play games purchased on disc offline.  As soon as you introduce that scenario, there are multiple ways in which a single games license could be used simultaneously on more than one console - which is a problem for publishers who rightfully wish to be paid for their content.  It is possible (and likely) that Microsoft could reintroduce the family sharing option to gamers that have purchased content digitally through the marketplace, but you will never see it return for games purchased on disc.

3.  From a publisher's standpoint, there's a huge difference between a rental and a purchase.  Sony's able to get away with offering more recent titles because it's not considered a sale of content, therefore their cost is much cheaper per user.  Once a consumer stops paying for PS+ or deletes that game from their hard drive after the month is over, they cannot get that game back.  Games acquired through Games With Gold are considered sold and are therefor a permanent part of your game library.  You can cancel gold, delete the game and re-download it whenever you want.  Because of this, Microsoft probably has to pay a LOT more than Sony does per user for the games they offer.

In all fairness, Microsoft didn't have to ever even offer the Games With Gold program.  It's a bonus on top of what you already pay for with Xbox Live Gold, which is rock-solid online multiplayer and access to a variety of sevices.  I'd assume that the majority of your Xbox Live subscription money was going to pay for the maintenance, support and future upgrades to the service.  On the otherhand, PS+ (on PS3) is a games rental program and all the money from subscribers is put towards securing content for subscribers.  They're really apples and oranges scenarios that you cannot compare.

With gold we pay a service to play games online. With ps+ you do the same but you receive full fledge retail games as rentals. When you stack xbl to ps+ its clear that ps+ is the better service for the money. It may not be as reliable but overall you get more for your money on ps+ . On top of that you don't have to pay for ps+ to watch Netflix or other 3rd party service.

Lets just wait till it gets hacked again and your info and credit cards will be all over internet and we'll see how ps+ is better service for the money. We get rock solid online service, new arcade game every week, most of them are really good, great exclusives, like GoW, Halo and now Titan Fall, and its only fps that im mentioning. The point is, after some time you guys forget everything and want more and more for the same money or even start bitching about that too, wake up, you want something you have to pay for it. And if you think ps4 is better, maybe, but all great games that coming out are all 3d party games and they are all gonna be developed to run identically for both consoles and all the shit that Sony just starting to reveal about limitations on their console.....smart move, say how great it is, take all the preorders and only then start saying what you can and can't do, and basically right now they just giving promises but who knows if its gonna happen

I HATE THIS ARGUMENT SO MUCH! i really do, i pay my live fee so i can play multiplayer online that is it and what i use my xbox mostly for anyways... i pay netflex for me to be able to watch movies, same things with crunchyroll. i pay to use these things anyways fact there all in one box now is a plus... regardless most people were paying for these services so now you get them in one place!... or do people think just cuz you pay for gold you get free netflix?

It's a valid argument... Perfect example are non gamers who buy a game systems just because it can play Netflix. My sister has been asking me to recommend her a game system to watch movies and then maybe once in a while play a game. As a Xbox fan of course I would recommend 360 first but just to watch Netflix Xbox requires gold extra an $50 a year that psn doesn't require.... So which would u recommend? Bottom line is if MS removes the gold requirement on some of the services that psn offers for free (web browser, youtube, Netflix) the Xbox would take over alot more living rooms. And remove a major ps3/4 advantage.

Incorrect.  Xbox Live is a $60 per year subscription fee (can be found much cheaper online if you look around) to play games online and access other premium services, such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Crunchroll, etc. 

PS+ is a $50 per year game rental service.  Sony does not charge for online play or to access other services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll, etc.  It gives these features away for free.  Granted, PS+ will be a requirement for online multiplayer on PS4 - but that isn't out yet and is therefore irrelevant to this discussion.  Additionally, we have no idea what type of games Sony will offer PS+ customers that are on PS4.

The two distinctions mentioned above have a lot to do with the difference inbetween what is offered by Microsoft's Games With Gold promotion and PS+.  Sony invests all $50 of the subscription fee per  user into getting more recent games.  Microsoft invests their money into improving the service, hiring support technicians and rolling out those 300,000 new servers to support the enhanced cloud-based services for Xbox One (the primary reason behind Respawn Entertainment selecting Titalfall as an exclusive for Microsoft platforms).  Games For Gold is a bonus for people that are paying for something 100% different than PS+ subscribers are. 

People (such as youself) seem not to perceive much value on what is gained from paying for online or for the use of online services, but clearly Microsoft's investment in infrastructure does now and will continue to deliver a vastly superior online experience to what Sony can.  It's your choice to have that perception, and it's also your choice to be wrong. 

I'd also like to note that financially, Sony is in absolute dire straits financially.  Their sales of TVs are awful, their movie business hugely underperformed so far this year and they desperately need PS4 to be successful.  They're pretty much betting the company on its success, and it's doing it through goodwill gestures like continuing to not charge for access to things like Netflix or Hulu - even though it costs them money to do so.  I honestly hope that it doesn't bite them in the ass in the long-term.  I've always been a fan of Sony's hardware and competition is important.  In the gaming space, I just happen to prefer Microsoft's offerings. 

Just ot clear something up, despite the PS4 not being out yet, we have absolutely accurate information as to what type of games are being offered to PS+ members. You can find them on the Playstation blogs, or via Bing. We also know what the PS+ fee is going towards for PS4 members as well, as Sony has stated all this information before.

PS+, while consisting of mostly a rental service, is far more than a rental service. You can Bing the features of PS+ if you want. But you have chosen to be wrong on many aspects of PS+ in your comments so far.

Just to clear something up, as long as a PS+ item has been "purchased" on your account, you can install the game whenever you want for the lifetime of your subscription, even if it's no longer available as a free PS+ monthly title. So you actually can delete that game and get it back after the month is over.

Bing Reward is only available in USA, so people living outside of the USa are out of luck to get some free games with the reward like myself who live in Canada. MS doesn't exist in the USA only, you know that, it's all over the world.

The small credits that we get with Xbox Live Reward is also ridiculous, pay/rent 5 movies and you will get 1000 credit backs, c'mon MS. you get 250 credits for a small survey or 1500 credits back if you spend at least 10$ on games on the 360 store.

I am all with Sony now and the PS4/Vita, I know that the PS+ service is different than the XBL Gold in term of rent vs purchase/keep the games for good. I rather pay 50$ per year vs 60$ for XBL Gold in order to keep the free games that I get with PS+ than getting 2 games for free per month on the 360 that I don't really like or I have them already.

Also, on the PS, we can play online (for most games) and services like Netflix, etc. doesn't require PS+ compared on the 360 where you need to be a gold member.

One another thing is this  crossbuy/crossplay feature. Beside 1-2 games released on the 360/Windows 8/RT and WP8 (skulls of shogun, the delisted Galactic Reign) most new games are not crossbuy (Halo SA is a good example)

Paying 7$ for 1 game each time, just to own it on the 2-3 different platforms is not a very good method from MS.

Most of the games i have on my vita are already crossbuy and crossplay on the ps3/ps4.

I will claim none of these licenses for it's getting ridiculous. Maybe if they see less people being attracted to the crappy games, they will actually offer something good or just end this joke of a promotion..

Firstly, your comment is full of hatred and is quite mean. You don't know me so save your hopes for something else, something better. Secondly, why the butthurt? This promotion is affecting Xbox and Microsoft in mostly, a bad way. I have the right to speak my mind as a valued customer and gold subscriber.

how is it affecting xbox? honestly i never heard of these games and guess what now that there free im going to play them its that simple just cuz you dont like something dont mean others dont, i didnt know anything of clash of heroes and now im hooked on it... get over these games are free and in no way are you required to download them

Wow, and you're the poster child of openness and love by calling a great game from Double Fine 'crappy'.

My point is to compare the games I am getting with the games PS users are getting. When for the same price or even lower, they get all the good stuff while I get two arcades, then yes, it is making me jealous and it does make me want to complain and vent off a little. Maybe the games are good, maybe not, that's now the point, the point is that if they keep doing this, they bring more bad rep to themselves.. Like, seriously, not even a full game this month? If you're all too dense to even slightly realize what I'm saying, that's your problem, but keep your negative criticism at bay when you talk about myself, if you want to talk about the games, go ahead. There is no reason to insult each other.

I guess I downloaded two great games last month without having to pay for them. Halo 3 and Might and Magic are games that not everybody already owned. To assume so is pure ignorance.

+1 i like you... im hooked on Clash of Heroes and i would of never played it if it wasnt free... get over it people there different type of gamers not just hardcore ones microsoft has to also get the little guy... also its free!!! best part

Its just because its Microsoft, every single olive branch is met with cynical incredulity and disdain. You know, because supposedly they went out of their way to pee in every single persons cornflakes out of spite and indifference to them. Its all bollocks. =[

Not long ago we didn't get any games with XBLG.  Now, every single month, all you hear are complaints from people.  Would you rather them give away the most popular games that you've already owned/own and have played a million times?

I will complain loud until they "give" a game that is gold status or worth the 5 bucks monthly gold fee. Pathetic.

This really isn't a good argument, in my opinion. Yeah, we previously weren't getting anything, but that doesn't mean that we should just thank Microsoft for games we aren't going to play anyway. They tried to tout this as some kind of good feature, and it really hasn't been. I'm in no way anti-Microsoft (have Windows 8, Lumia 920, had multiple Xbox 360s, and have been on XBL for 10+ years consecutively), but the "it's free" argument dies when you consider that the competition has something similar, but does it better. Even if the games I woudl get with PSN+ are "rentals," just ONE of them (like AC3 or Far Cry 3) is worth more to most of us than all of the games Microsoft has offered combined. They're either giving us junk Arcade games (like a year-old Magic: the Gathering) or on-demand retail games which are too old to be of interest to 98% of folks (like Rainbow Six: Vegas, which is about 10 Tom Clancy games old).

You've been a subscriber for 10+ years, so clearly you just enjoy the services that Microsoft already provided, so why complain when its mearly just an additional aspect of your same subscription that you don't even have to take part in. If the competitions paid subscription is of more value to you then switch over. Simple as that.

That's great! I was *this* close to getting keflings...at least I hope I didn't buy it already. Sometimes I can't wait to play =P

These are some rather pitiful installments. I haven't even HEARD of these games before, which is a little sad. I'd rather they give me something compelling, like Castle Crashers, if we have to go with an Arcade title. It's pretty disappointing that they try to talk about this great service, but I don't think I've touched a single game that they have given out this entire time, despite downloading them all. They're all old and past their usefulness (doubt you're going to get online matches of Rainbow Six: Vegas going). I mean, really, they couldn't even mange Halo: Reach, they had to go 4 games back in the franchise (skipping over 4, Reach, Wards, and ODST)?

I get some of your points, but not having 'heard' of it is about the worst excuse to dismiss something.


But I guess thats how cult classics become cult classics, by having people ignore things they never heard of.

I feel like 'Games with Gold' shouldn't include Arcade games... We need more 'triple a' On Demand games.

I'm really looking forward to all these people bitching jumping ship to PS4. That way they won't have a reason to spam Xbox related forums with such negative bile. I'll probably end up with both platforms in the long term although online console gaming will be Xbox first.
Oh and kingdom for keflings is pretty good.
Also those complaining about the games with gold stuff I'd spare a thought for the fact that at launch 360 games will not work on XB1. Maybe that impacts the type of games they're releasing this close to the launch.

UGH, these free games suck. I'm gonna go buy that new console that wont play music CDs, mp3s, DVDs, Blurays ,or stream from another device.


Actually, I don't mean to be a fanboy... I kind of don't care if a console can't play most of those things... though streaming music from my PC to my console is something I would sorely miss.

Though it's a little shame that both games are XBLA, both are quite new, with like 8/10 reviews and $20 together for "free" (or in my case for $3.50). Moreover some pretty nice discounts. Can't say no to that!

But I would prefer one newer XBLA + one classic retail model each month. On the other hand, let's see what MS brings for Xmas...

Comparing a paid game to a free game.  Ok.


Comparing a game that has had appeared, albeit in a different form, on Xbox 360 twice, once as a disc-based game (which I own) and a 2nd time as an Xbox Live game with downloadable tables.


Thinking there might be more tables available for Steam, which is cool, but if you're going to brag about Steam, find something worth bragging about.


Comment makes no sense.  Now excuse me while I go load up the Boba Fett table on Pinball FX2 for Windows 8...

I ALSO have Pinball FX 2 (Win8). It's what enticed me to upgrade. But I'm referring to how Farsight hasn't been able to give out more tables due to the distributor's bankruptcy.
Owns Keflings Win8: paid game.
Eh. Never was a fan of 360, but always loyal to Windows and WinPhone. Xbox connectivity has that social world.
Whatever. Not in the mood for debating or arguing. Just saying that as of 1pm EDT, Pinball Arcade will be released on Steam, hence PC, hence Windows. I'm glad. I like the original tables better than virtual ones.
Add me for PinFX leaderboards.

Even if the games are only worth $9.99, if you get 24 games a year that's $239.76 worth. For FREE. So why so many people complaining? It cost me $110 for my 12 month Live subscription so i am $129.76 in front!

Where are you getting a year of live for over $100? If the cards aren't region locked, ask somebody in the United States to get you one. They go on sale for usually $40. Even off sale, they are only $60 here.

Don't hate on Iron Brigade, that's one that I bought a while back.  


3rd person Mech shooter (with different mechs and different load outs) combined with towers defense.... made by DOUBLE FINE PRODUCTIONS.   Its a better game than the other free Arcade towers defense they gave away a couple of months ago.


Still, I too am disappoint at November's choices... but whatever... I'll just wait untl next month and see what else is free.  FREE.  You know, F****** FREE as in, NO MONEY.

Wow all everyone does is bitch about free games. As long as Microsoft keeps giving me free games im happy. I'll play anything they toss our way and NOT complain because it entertains me for FREE.

Its not free. Adding something to a service you pay for doesn't make it free. If Netflix adds a new movie that wasn't there before, that doesn't make it free.

So, if Netflix added music and kept the price the same that wouldn't be an addition?  Come on now kid.

I can't believe the idiocy. You must love the 2 for 1 offers you see on tv. Changing the terms of membership doesn't make anything free. If you subscribe to something, and more is added, you may be getting a better VALUE than previously, but nothing that comes with a subscription is ever free.

I get what you are saying, but im not paying any more than I was. So therefore im not bitching about it. Better? I stopped using the word free.