Would you equip the HTC One M8 for Windows with the Dot View Case?

Dot View Case

The Dot View Case for the HTC One M8 for Windows is great because it has interactive features while still protecting the device. You can see the time, weather, and even interact with Cortana without flipping open the front cover. But not everyone is in love with it. WPCentral forums member, offbeatpop, thinks the features are cool, but it's ugly and hides the beautiful craftsmanship of the HTC One M8 for Windows. What do you think?

From the forums:

It's got some cool features and all, but it's ugly. The One is beautiful craftsmanship, I don't want to hide it. I'm seriously considering going with Verizon's silicone case and a nice screen protector instead. It's just so purrrrty I don't wanna hide it behind a fly swatter.

Several others have chimed in already. Do you agree? Let offbeatpop know in the forums:

If you would like to know more about the Dot View Case, check out Android Central's review. They've had it for a while now with their HTC One M8.


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Would you equip the HTC One M8 for Windows with the Dot View Case?


Not really, to me, it ruins the ergonomics. But, I had to have at least back case for the motorcycle, mount sits right on the volume rocker without a case to back it off.

Just need windows phone versions of the LG G3, galaxy S5, Note 4, and we good, like very good. More options, more competition, breeds innovation and better quality devices

If you see the review of the android version of this phone and case you will notice that when you fold the cover back it won't go all the way because the M8 has a rounded back. The reviewer commented that it makes typing on teh phone not so comfortable. So, I'm sure plenty of people will chose not to get it.

I would get the dotview cover if it was on the front only like samsungs (it's built into the back cover on the Samsung so you take the original back off and swap it with the new back that has the cover attached)

I got compliments for how good my lumia 920 flipcase looks. Leather on the back and mimics the phones looks on the side so it seems almost invisible

I would skip the screen protector too. I've never seen a reason to use them since Gorilla Glass 1 devices came out - never had a scratch!

Agreed...Flip cases in general are a pain to deal with...Having quick access to the screen isn't worth giving up just to show off a gimmicky case.

Amen to naked phones! Smartphones and tablets are becoming so beautiful and well designed these days, why hide that behind an ugly case?

This. Why can't Nokia make cool accessories. No one really found a compelling reason to choose the Luna over any other good Bluetooth, their headphones aren't even that special. The cases Nokia has made have either been to give back qi to devices tat didn't need to lose it (925 and 1020), or the really cheaply made (for Nokia standards) 1520 flip cover. Which btw is only compatible with international variant! The 1020 camera grip is the only Nokia accessory really worth getting. Samsung, HTC, and even LG have made some great cases for their flagships, even some non flagships. Nokia pls make something cool and useful for the 1520/930. Something that takes advantage of double tap and glance!

Totally agree Willy!! Ever since I read that the 8.1 update 1 had support for it I've been searching CONSTANTLY for any type of active/notification case or news of one for the 1520 and found absolutely NOTHING! This is disappointing, I hope Nokia (now Microsoft mobile) makes something like this, we deserve it!!

Absolutely!  The only thing HTC is missing at this point is transparency with updates.  Put up a support page like Nokia giving status of updates showing you have not forgotten your current lineup and the HTC One M8 with a dot view case is an Awesome buy!

I have the android version of this phone and had same idea of not wanting to make the phone ugly and I dropped it 3 times within minutes of unboxing. Fortunately short distances and on carpet. I would highly recommend dressing up the phone with this cover as it's quite useful vs. other covers.

Same their alot more comfortable to hold when gaming or doing other intensive tasks(I found while I was waiting for one that I ordered for my icon that bare metal gets quite hot when gaming unlike my ativ s)
Only problem with them is the rubber stretch's out to quickly & the cutout at the top for the earpiece/proximity/light sensor wasnt necessary as it allows for junk to get underneath the screen protector

My phones are always naked. I never understood phone covers and cases. They tend to make them look ulgy, bulkier and heavier. But I perfectly understand iphone users with cases because I've seen kids break their iphones so easily.

Phone looks great, case is ugly and something a stupid teen would use since they think it's "cool" because we all know teens are the end all be all of fashion these days.

I not a fan of cases and the M8 is such a beautiful device that it doesn't deserve to be covered up, but dang the retro-awesomeness of dot-view is so cool.


[EDIT] Definite yes if they had a cyan one. I could've sworn a saw a cyan one back when the Android M8 launched, but I can't find it anywhere now. Oh well.

I've never used any phone with covers, and that's going all the way back to the early feature phones. No point in my opinion, after all the designers specifically built the phone to be used as is right? But then I'm pretty careful with phones and I just never drop them, maybe I'm just lucky..

Yeah get something like this out for the Lumia range Microsoft, would be a great "sorry for no glance on your 930 but have something just as cool"

As far as this type of case goes, the dot view case is excellent. The complaints about it could be directed at any case.

Yes I would.  I don't like the plain look of the gun metal grey and one reason I love the M7 phones are the Blue and Red devices.  Since there aren't those color options the cases are the next thing to go with for the M8.  I want the blue one.

For the Dot Matrix view I'd like to see more customization like adding in pictures that can be 8-bitted(coining a new term). 

Protection, functionaltiy, and colour to make it attractive? Yes, please! I'm glad HTC is offering this to us and having their own collection of HTC exclusives. WP needs competition amongst the manufacturers. Especially, since Nokia has laid back a bit and haven't given us a worhty high end upgrade.

I would go with the otter box defender, gun metal and slat gray looks awesome, would want to protect such a beauty. I also drive a truck and deliver heavy furniture so...

While I love it & all, I don't like the Flip cases ... Or wallet cases or whatever they are called.
Plus, I wanna look at that gorgeous body & feel it all day.

While I think it does some really cool stuff (although I wonder if at some point it just becomes unused and gimmicy, how hard is it on the battery?) lately I have liked my phones with no cases at all. The cases just seem too cumbersome for me, add size, and take away from the beauty of a phone.



Having said all that, it is moot at this point for me because I like my 1520.3 way better that the M8 so I will not be getting one.

I tend to agree but I may get it anyway for the novely of it.  I'd probably rock a Speck case on this phone.

I was interested in it, and I love the features in it, but the flap is very stiff, meaning it's hard to actually use the phone in your hand, because you need to apply pressure to make it stay on the back, which makes it awkward and uncomfortable for such a beautiful and comfortable phone. Even worse, it's EXTREMELY difficult to take pictures with. So, no. NO.

Nah.. I agree with the "fly swatter" analogy. I still need to find a decent (and protective) case for my AT&T 1520 though.

I think I'll just go for a Supcase unicorn beetle pro instead. I just don't like flip covers plus the dot view cover doesn't really flip to the back very nicely.

Just got mine, doesn't seem to work properly... Screen wont actually shut off fully, but goes black with the notification tray still showing. If I use the power button, I can then use Cortana as designed. Also, it will turn off properly I'd I close the cover while in Cortana...

Lots of people want a case and the flip cases are really popular with the Samsung phones. This takes it to the next level so I am a fan. My only concern is I have heard that it doesn't fold flat when opened which could be problematic. Overall; a nice new feature to WP!

Most definitely.  I can say that like all things, it'll eventually get boring and I'll get another case.

Never, as I think its neat and all but the flip cases just get in the way of daily use. Tried the S5 galaxy with flip case and was so excited but hated it on day two and ditched the whole phone two weeks later. Seems I only love the naked beauty of my electronics.

Someone should start a thread in the forums about what the alternatives are to this. It is clearly be marketed hard, but I do not think it is for me, and many others apparently agree. So, what else is good other than this?

I dropped my 2 day old Lumia 1520 and broke the screen. Cost me 270 euro for a new screen. First thing I did is buy a case. My Lumia has not been caseless since then.

No. Doesn't seem practical. How would you text with the phone in your hand when flipcover doesn't bend flat to the backside? And what's the point of having a delux metal phone if you would hide all the metal with a plastic shell? 

I generally dislike any case on any phone unless they serve a more useful purpose. (example: I sometimes use a slim case with credit card slots when I don't want to carry a wallet). I would use this case during the day, at work, working out and running around town. I would definitely NOT use it when out socializing (bars / clubs).

I love the look of the case and love the dot view but, it interferes too much with typing and taking photos

Tried to stick it out but, ended up switching to Otterbox Commuter however, I am concerned that this case will block the TV remote function which I LOVE!


It's an awesome case, but I wouldn't put a case and hide the beauty of the One. (Same reason I never put a case on my purple HTC 8XT.) It looks too good naked!

I bought one today with the Dot View case. The case makes it really tough to type. I'm hoping that it loosens up a bit in the next day.

I really like the case and the functionality of it. But the phone is cool by itself too! Depending on the mood I'm in I would just take it off. I do it all the time with my Cyan 920 ;).

Why buy a phone that you like the looks of and cover it (actually, envelope it) in such an ugly case?  Cool features but a definate NO.

Yes I would. Especially if it were a green Xbox dot view case. Otherwise I'd most likely choose the purple one.

I've got the 930 for a present from a girlfriend and she wants me to get a case. I said to her that why would I make a Ferrari look like a Toyota. I tried 2 weeks using a case. Never used one prior in my life. Yeah I get some scratches but I believe phones aren't meant to have cases.

Nope. The flipping and flopping back and forth, particularly when taking photos, is a nightmare. Good luck to the noobs who don't understand.

If you do t use a case, don't bitch when it slipps out of your hand and it breaks. And don't bitch that the carriers won't replace it.

Gorilla glass 3 is rugged enough who needs a screen protector anymore? It's the body that only needs protecting. This is definitely something I wouldn't buy for my new M8.

I use mine as needed, not all the time. Is great in the car to fire up Cortana through car Bluetooth, faster than unlock and search button. But when out and about I let her go Naked. It takes a whole 2 seconds to attach.

I hate putting a case on my 920 but sometimes its function over something looking good when I get the m8 I might not put a case on it.

I am actually planning to buy the HTC One M8 for Windows purely for the Dot View cover. I have an HTC 8X currently and I was planning for a Nokia Lumia phone but once I saw M8 along with the Dot View cover, I would prefer One M8 than any other Lumia phone

Absolutely. I normally don't use any cases on my phones, but having messed with the android m8 a bit, I was super paranoid about dropping the thing, as it's not super single-hand friendly.

As I stated already in these comments, I fully agree!! That case is ugly as hell! And glance gives you the same functionality and it even looks better! This case is a hit and miss for me! The absolutely gorgeous design and material used in the M8 deserves better!

The trouble with glance when you don't have an AMOLED screen is that your entire screen is on pretty much all the time when the device is out of pocket.

I am not really a cases person. I had a Mophie on my iPhone out of necessity because of out and out crappy battery life. My wife's iPhone 5 suffers the same and if they don't step up with improved battery in the 6, it will be a sure sign they are incapable of moving out of their design trap. Once I moved to Windows Phone, I had an HTC Titan and never put a case on that, and though I have a couple curled corners from numerous drops, my Lumia 920 has never had a case either. If functionality such as being able to answer calls without opening the case work, it is worth considering, but again, they are not particularly attractive unless in the brighter colors. Mary Jo Foley was showing off her XBox green case (limited to only those in attendance or something) and that would be the case to have! I would imagine those cases would show up eventually somewhere.

I got my M8 today and bought the dot case. Really loving the Cortana functionality with it, and the device is incredible. I may even like it more than my Icon. Time will tell.

I love the design and it look cools!!
Unfortunately, I don't like a flip case..
But, still a creative design!! So, will not try to get one even it's available..

Nah, I don't like the look of it, reminds me of old school electronics. I love using glance screen with the peek setting, and no case 925

Who the hell puts ugly cases on awesome phones. I like mine without any stupid case.

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It can't sit flat on surface bcoz phone back is curved and case is flat. Dot view case is good for show off.
Also, it ruins the looks of the metal phone and turn into plastic again

I don't like this phone at all. I have a soft spot for HTC phones as I jumped onboard with win 7 with the HTC HD7, but this one is plain ugly.
Im happy with my 930

NO, it is the ugliest phone case I have ever seen. I don't mind the thinner Gel cases but in general I do not use cases, why buy a nice looking phone and cover it up, you don't put big rubber bumpers around your car do you?

I personally would pass. I am pretty careful with my phone that a nice silicone backer is all I need. This amount of protection is a bit overkill for my needs and does not balance out the 80's alarm clock look it has, especially when the phone is designed so nicely.

Certainly is an awesome, creative and useful gadget. I like it a lot and encourage Microsoft to adopt it for its devices. Of course is an indispensable complement for this phone.

I bought the case and it's cool and all but typing sucks on it because the front cover does not fold flat when you try to type due to the rounded back.

My other phone is an Android M8 equipped with the dot view case. It looks good but you will quickly get over that. You may be shocked at how many actions you take with a touch screen phone that actually demand that you touch the screen...

It protects well enough while it is on but I consider it more of a fashion accessory, and it slips on and off easy enough to use it that way.

Its also effectively useless under sunlight.