Catch the best deals with Wowcher for Windows and Windows Phone


There are many deal and bargain apps and services available today and Wowcher is yet another name to add to the list. The service is a popular destination for those who wish to bag a deal or two, saving money in the process. Available for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone in app form, we're looking at hybrid apps that bring together the best of both native and web experiences.

Whether you're seeking deals on products for the approaching summer weather, or on dinner for two at a local restaurant, Wowcher enables you to catch a bargain and save some coins. The service detects your location (you can alter manually) and display tailored entries to suit individual tastes. The interesting part about Wowcher is the ability to create and log into an account.


As we noted above, the Wowcher apps for both Windows and Windows Phone are indeed hybrids. What this means is you'll be experiencing a web interface, but wrapped up in a more native-like package. While they're not native applications, you'll see some features presently available in frequently used content from the store. This includes integration with the charm bar in Windows 8 among other things.

Baby steps, folks. Be prepared to see more hybrid apps hit the stores. Note that this app is region restricted.

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Catch the best deals with Wowcher for Windows and Windows Phone


Same here but L920.
Hey how big is 1520? Contemplating between it and the 930 as my next phone in the next few months.


Go for Lumia 1520 than 930 as 1520 has all software features of 930 and also Glance and double tap for wakeup. Also it supports Miracast. 

Thanks bro, will just do that unless maybe 1530 comes sooner. OOH and I even forgot about Miracast...a needed feature I must have. 1520 it is then.

Negative on the recommendation Lumia 1520.  I'm about to the end of my rope with the stupid screen sensitivity issue.  It taps on things all the time when I was really trying to scroll.  I'm going mad because of this stupid issue.

Check your sensitivity settings on the 1520, mine somehow got changed from NORMAL to the HIGH setting and when you would even look at an icon, it seemed to select it.  It was frustrating to say the least, but on NORMAL, its all good.  Best phone I have ever owned hands down.

I would agree with rybob1. I tried playing all around settings but still the screen sensitivity issues remains. I have to be very carefull when scrolling down and it is very annoying me quite often. Will Nokia Blue update fix this issue atleast?

I wanted to wait for something smaller like my 920, but could wait and got a 1520 knowing that I could add to the SD card. Anyhow, its been great. After several weeks, I find myself loving it even more.

Go into your settings and change it to united kingdom do a restart on phone and then download it once downloaded go back and change your setting to united states and you will be all good!

I'm absolutely NOT saying that there's anything wrong with it, I'm just pointing out that it probably shows how much commitment they have to WP...

How is 8.1 running on your 8X? I'm asking because I upgraded to a Lumia 1520 from 8X because I thought 8 ran too slow on it. Of course it could have been the AT&T bloatware that slowed it to a crawl, too.

Well Chuck, 8.1 is running very smoothly on my 8X, in fact my phone now is much faster than ever!! I have an unlocked version of the "Orange" HTC 8X.. "Orange is French carrier".. Anyway, I guess you won't regret your choice after all! I mean you upgraded to a 1520 man!!

Yeah, I guessed it probably had something to do with the US not having the telecommunications rules the EU has in place as I know carriers there are much more limited in what they can load on your phone without an uninstall option. The 1520 screen is beautiful, indeed (although I have to admit the 8X has a very good display), but I'm having some buyers remorse because, frankly, the 1520 is unwieldy. On my 8X I could easily reply to texts with one hand, typing with my thumb, but the first time I tried it with my 1520 for an hour it felt like a tendon in my pinkie had torn from how far I had to bend it to steady the phone. Additionally it feels almost comical taking a call with a brick slapped against your head. I use a Bluetooth headset mostly now but that has issues with people interrupting calls when they don't see my headset and if I'm listening to my call they assume I'm free for discussions. In retrospect I should have gone with the 1020 even with the complete overkill 41MP camera jutting out the back. The offer I received for my 8X ($25US) from a reseller was a joke so I repurposed it as my main music player (HTC's Beats Digital technology is still the best audio I've ever heard through even inexpensive headphones)

Indeed, The audio quality is amazing, and I'm a musician so that definitely effected my choice.. I'm sorry about all the trouble you're having with your 1520 man! It's kinda funny though.. I guess every device has some ups and some other downs lol.. Well the 1020 is one of my favorites, and I'm considering to buy one, but I started to think that the Icon / 930 is the best choice right now, a killer hardware and a wonderful 5" display

8.1 works great on the 8X. My only complaint is that pressing / holding search gives a small delay before bringing up Cortana, something you don't experience with quad core devices.

See my only complain is: I couldn't get Cortana to work on my 8X!! I tried everything but US English just don't want to be set as my default phone language! It's working on every thing except the device language! Uhh I guess it's HTC's fault cuz I heard they disabled US English on non US devices! Stupid move!!

Lol, US English is my default but Cortana is still learning some of the finer points of the bits of West Texas drawl I picked up from my father. She's doing ok with my normal drawl that I didn't know I had until a friend from Detroit mentioned I "said things funny". Still glad to have her on the phone. What type of music do you play, Oubeid? My university had (still has) one of the strongest jazz programs in the US so I got familiar with a lot through osmosis

Hhh Jazz is good but I have nothing to do with it bro, I make R'n'B / Rap beats for some local artists, and I'm also a rapper.. In fact, I stopped taking music seriously in the last couple of months, here you can't make a good buck of it, so I'm just doing it for fun lately, you know, when I have some spare time ;)

Hey, music's music. I certainly can't mix more than a stiff drink. I saw a documentary about how hip hop had been assimilated culturally all across Europe. Interesting how it was adopted by people of completely different ideologies in each country. I seem to recall it's very politically oriented towards social causes in France while fascist/neo nazis in the former East Germany had co-opted it for their brand of propaganda

Yeah totally, all across the world not only Europe, basically political and social, and it's growing to become more and more influential, it's a real weapon

I think this might be a UK app. In any case it's only a web wrapper so just go to wowcher.co.uk. It's identical.

Not to derail everything. However, I strongly argue about the 925 being an upgrade, at all, to the 920. I have both. You are basically getting style over substance with the 925. They have virtually identical innards save for wireless charging, etc.

Except an extra glass lens element, lighter, thinner, and like you said style! The most fact though is that I can get a 925 on t-mobile;

Lay side by side and you'll see the difference. I had both. Once you use a 925 the screen on the 920 will look horrible. Night / Day difference. The 920 looks faded and dull. The 925 is Vibrant and really pops.

Never used a 920, although I did play with a demo 900 once. I just recently upgraded to 925 from a 521. This 925 is a great phone. Screen just pops with color and I can actually see what I'm looking at outside.

Yeah gave the 920 too my son for games and reading on the go. 920 feels like a brick in my hands...when I first picked up the 925 I thought it had a removal battery it was so light. And it takes better pictures as well so yes I would say it's one hell of a upgrade

I'm running 8.1 on my 1520 and it's unavailable, but not a big issue. Haven't run into any other apps so far that won't work with 8.1 so I'm guessing that the fact 8.1 is technically still a "developers version" has nothing to do with it

I'm sure you are correct. They mentioned that the app has region restrictions so it is probably not available in the US no matter which device/OS you have.

I should have known Occam's Razor was applicable as the simplest explanation was I hadn't read the article closely so user error was the problem. You'd think I'd learn by now. Thanks for the answer!

@kenzibit I recently switched to the 1520 from the 920 and I would recommend it to anyone. It's better than the 920 in pretty much every aspect. The screen size isn't too much of an adjustment. The display is breathtaking. The only issues,I had was phone memory which I had 32G on the 920, I only have 16G on the 1520, but the microSD nulls that and actually provides more storage since they have 64G SD now. You'll get the 8.1 upgrade sooner since its a newer phone. Ultimately its the crown jewel for Windows phones. Do miss the wireless charging.