WP7 doesn't support IPv6 yet

We've had IPv6 support in Windows for years, but Windows Phone 7 seems to be lacking the successor of IPv4 (one of the Mango features?). v6 has been in talks for a while and Google and other big websites adopting the protocol with network administrators and testers preparing their infrastructure accordingly. 

While it's not actually needed at the moment (since networks and ISPs still support IPv4), there will be a point where hardware such as routers will need to be updated (or replaced to increase profit for vendors). With your device, we should see Microsoft adding support for the protocol when networks and carriers start to look at making the change.

Could Nokia be bringing an IPv6 push to WP7 when their devices hit the shelves? Could well be, but for now consumers shouldn't really be thinking about IPv6 since we have a long way to go until the change over from v4 is full steam ahead.

Update: See this post for follow up information

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WP7 doesn't support IPv6 yet


Is this why Super Tube wouldn't load for me today? I know Google is doing this for IPv6 day, but are they doing it on Youtube as well?

IPv4 is this stuff192.168.100.1IPv6 is this junk (ok ok, i just find it harder to deal with, ill get used to it)fe80::ed:286a:5278:f9d3%15essentially we are running out of numbers for IPv4 and need a new scheme so people can have more ip to use... (think phone number, or at least for us in canada we had to use 10 digit now starting a couple years ago where we were using 7)

Are they sure WP7 does not support IPv6 and this is not an issue with mobile network's DNS? I think I've seen some IPv6 APIs in WP7 already.

If they are in there I wouldn't be surprised if it has something to do with NAT or Tunneling support.Neither of which is true IPv6 support.

I assumed WP7 had IPv6 baked in, but I could see Microsoft leaving it out for more pressing features required for the 2010 launch, especially if carrier support is limited.Given my test today, there is no IPv6 love in WP7 + T-Mobile.

It sounds like its something thats going to have to be before too mlong and mango may be the soonest we will get it!

This is such a non story.....A windows phone will not need to support IP6 for at least the next decade and still work perfectly well.Your mobile phone acquires an IP address in 2 different ways.1) If you connect to your home router, it will be assigned an IP address from the DHCP range, namely - Your router then has a feature in it called Network Address Translation (NAT). Your router uses this technology to allow your phone through to the internet, but never actually shows your phones IP address to the internet, it only shows your external IP address assigned to your router, for example If your ISP was to switch to IP6, as long as your home router supports both IP6 and IP4, then you will have no issues.2) If you connect through your mobile carrier, you are assigned an address on a Wide area network (WAN). This address on the WAN works exactly the same way as an address on a local network, apart from it has a larger scope. So rather than it just being in your house, it will be the area supported by your local mast or larger. When you browse ona WAN, it will send your information using IP4 to a router. Which will act in the same way as your router in your house, but will be a lot more complex.Long story short, as long as your ISP's router, or your home router both support IP4 and IP6, which they will till AT LEAST 2020 - 2025, you will never need ip6.

The plan for LTE when I last checked was for that to use IPv6. But yeah, until that's implemented, this isn't a problem.