WP7 experiencing Bluetooth issues, Microsoft taking a look?

As with any product Microsoft (or any other developer/company) releases, there are always going to be a few hurdles along the roadmap. On the agenda today is Bluetooth support on Windows Phone 7.

Many phone owners use Bluetooth headsets, while others connect their device(s) to a vehicle, some wirelessly send files between two locations and others just simply enjoy attempting to send random images at an extremely busy airport terminal to unsuspecting victims.

Windows Phone 7, however, seems to be hitting a wall with some cases being reported from users that disconnection occurs without reason, poor audio quality with a paired headset, and some just can't connect to their kettle to make a good cup of tea. In a long and winding thread over at Microsoft HQ, people have voiced their problems publicly since last year; within a few months of the OS release date. It seems until yesterday that a Microsoft has shown a sign of progress. An employee (John Woods) filtered the wide variety of issues into three categories.

1. Users w/ (mostly) HTC devices and Volvo vehicles experiencing Disconnection and Phone reboots

2. Users experiencing Phone/Bluetooth disconnection issues.

3. Users experiencing poor audio quality via Bluetooth either w/ a headset or in car system.

The three distilled categories above also reflect what John has been able to come away with after browsing through the thread. It seems quite oblivious as to why Microsoft has taken so long to respond to the apparent Bluetooth issue. Hopefully we will begin to see some progress on solutions in the near future.

Do you use the Bluetooth on your handset often, if so do you experience any problems?

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WP7 experiencing Bluetooth issues, Microsoft taking a look?


They also seem to have some issues when it comes to connecting bluetooth keyboards. I have yet to be able to find a bluetooth keyboard that will connect to my focus. My stereo headset works fine tho, with media controls. Im glad to have that functionality.

no problems with my HTC Surround.. paired with a crappy centrios solar power BT speaker.

Bluetooth on my Venue Pro turns itself off randomly for no reason. I may be one of the people that John Woods was referencing.

I have an HD7, and I'm having issues when I connect to my Ford Sync system in my car. I had no issues when I was using my old blackberry. But when I connect with my HD7, the bluetooth connection somehow turns all of the sound off on my phone. So I can't hear any of the notifications. And it also causes some of my app icons to disappear. It's weird!

I got a Samsung Focus and I do feel that audio quality on Focus is really bad, compared to iPhone 3G I owned before. I don't think it's a hardware issue cuz even my gf's cheap Samsung feature phone got better sound quality than mine. And the point is, I used the bluetooth headset to test all of the devices. Hopefully MS could fix the problem in the latest update...though I don't actually expect so.

No issues with my Surround on any of four headsets to which it is paired. Headsets all - I must add - which would randomly (and always mid-conversation) drop connection with my Tilt 2.

No problems with my BlueAnt S4 Handsfree and Jabro Halo stereo headset. Paired with my Surround on the first try and always stays connected. Actually I found the WP7 BT setup to be the easiest of any phone I have ever used, going back to my first Sony-Erickson w/BT. Probably some devices are running older versions of BT and MS may need to add some backward compatibility.

I own a dell venue pro. Bluetooth cuts out randomly but only briefly. Also call quality is probably the worst i have ever hears. I have a jawbone so i know it isnt the device (which is brand new)

That actually sounds more like my experience with my Volvo and my HD2. Random drops all over the place. With my HD7 and my C70 it's been nothing but smooth. Suprisingly so. Hopefully it stays that way.

Windows Phone 7 works great with my Motorola H17 headset and H850 stereo headphones. It would be nice to have OBEX, FTP, and DUN profiles; but I've learned to live without them. To its benefit, the Samsung Focus maintains better Bluetooth audio quality than my Motorola Q9h with WM6.1, though I believe I should attribute some of that credit to the phone's hardware.

My Samsung Focus works great with all my Bluetooth devices including my Ford Sync. I have used it with several device it always works.I see someone commented that it wasn't working with any Bluetooth keyboards. Well that is because it doesn't support HID yet. My only disapointment is that Bluetooth audio doesn't work when play videos.

My Samsung Focus has had no problems connecting to Bluetooth Headsets or several different in car systems including BMW,Infiniti,Mini and Ford.I also believe its very phone model specific because on the forums I see many HTC owners complaining.In the BMW the person I called kept asking "You are in a car?" because they could not believe sound quality.I have an older Moto Bluetooth earpiece and it works fine.I am unsure if the current version of the OS allows for file transfer with Bluetooth. I don't see any bump-type apps or file transfer apps so I am going to assume no.

My Samsung Focus has the Bluetooth problem of sending audio out to the phone earpiece instead of the car speakers. It would also be good to include the rSAP profile as many high-end European cars use it.

I have a Focus and other than my Jawbone Icon not being able to pair with it, I have had no issues with bluetooth. It connects to my Ford Sync and handles calls as well as streaming very well. Call quality seems more to signal than connected device in my experience as I get the same mix of good and bad phone audio whether on the headset, a wired headset or bluetooth. I have a Plantronics which its operation is fine despite the device being garbage.

I've had no problems with Bluetooth connections to my Focus:Jabra 150: voiceJabra SP700 : Speaker phone, voice dial, and streaming workKyocera Stereo Bluetooth headphones: voice, voice dialing, and streaming all work.

No issues connecting to anything with my Focus. It's as good as my iphone was connecting to the BT system in my 07 Toyota Tundra.

No issues connecting. I did have two dropped calls the first night I used it, but, I'm on ATT and they are always dropping my calls. I haven't had any dropped calls since the first day. I have the Samsung Focus and Motorola Finiti headset.

I had a tough time finding a Bluetooth device that worked well with my Samsung - my Motorola ear bud sucked – would fade out, people couldn’t hear me, I purchased a new jawbone , still sucked (same scenario), finally purchased a Samsung stereo head set that works well, Thank Gawd, because the Samsung voice quality as a hand held (I’ve been told) and the speaker phone is unusable .. people say they get an echo that makes conversation impossible. My wife’s LG works well with her ford sync and the Motorola ear bud works well on that phone.

I will say that the Bluetooth connection on the Ford Sync operates oddly. Quality is as I would expect but the streaming seems to be chaotic. I rarely stream content from my focus unless I am on a road trip. However as soon as the phone pairs with Sync it starts playing media, well at least the phone is playing the media. Phone ringer and audio work as expected but notifications only work if I am streaming media, not if I am using sat or other radio. I have paired a few old motorola bluetooth sets and I get the same complaints from the other end of the call that I did when I had the headset paired to a Moto Droid or Blackberry Storm. The Plantronics works well but is cheaply made and not comfortable. Using Sync for phonecalls has been great, I have had poor audio but I don't think that is the phone or OS's issue as I get the same inconsistency on a land line, but in general the calls are clear and I have not had any complaints from those on the other end. I bought a skull candy wired headset and use that primarily as I listen to podcasts and make/take phonecalls.(NOTE: I have had issues with Ford Sync bluetooth that seems to stem from Sync not the phone as I had the same inconsistent pairing and operation when I had a Motorola Droid. Some of the issue is Ford's ridiculous remote start system but in general I have seen two devices/two OSes have the very same issues.)

I have a HTC 7 Trophy that I was made to have by work. I wanted a Galaxy S2, but my mate, the IT Director, insists that I have the standard phone. GRRRR!Anyhow, this stupid phone won't connect to my 2004 BMW M3. The Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab, iPhone 4, BlackBerry Bold, Blackberry Torch and Blackberry Storm all connect, but not any WP7 phone that I've tried.I've been told that Mango will sort it out. It had better!It had also better bring this phone a bit more up-to-date, since it's like using a stone-age phone compared to Android and iPhone.

Hi,I have an Omnia 7 (Samsung) and my bluetooth connects to my car (Mercedes C180) when it feels like it and stays connected for the same period :-)I hoipe this gets sorted since it is a major bug in my mindMladen

I have an HTC HD7 and am experiencing bluetooth sound quality issues when connected to any BT headset. This is not my primary phone so I use the same BT headsets on an HTC Droid Incredible, Samsung Nexus S, and Nokia N8 with no problems of audio whatsoever when in a call. But when I tried making calls with the HD7, the parties on the other end could not hear me clearly.
I talk on the phone for at least 3 to 4 hours per day (work and personal) and always switch between my Plantronics Voyager Pro+ or Jawbone ERA BT headsets. Both which have excellent noise cancellation and audio quality.
I love the HD7 and would like to use it as a primary phone, but it has to sit on the side until the bluetooth works better. If nothing is resolved soon, I will just sell the phone.