WPbeta offers $50 AdDuplex coupon to Windows Phone beta app creators

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WPbeta.me, which offers a way to help Windows Phone app developers beta test their creations, has announced a new program with the AdDuplex app advertising service that includes a $50 AdDuplex coupon.

Domagoj Pavlesic, the founder of WPBeta.me, previously had a program that offered 10 developers an AdDuplex coupon. Today, he stated on his blog:

"From today, we're taking this to the next level! AdDuplex and WPbeta.me will award every beta app, public or private, that has more than ten (10) active beta testers with a 50 US$ coupon! That will come in handy when you publish your app, so you can promote it on the largest advertising network for Windows Phone."

The WPBeta.me service is free and provides app developers with a custom landing page that can be shared with either private or public testers. What do you think of this new offer from WPBeta.me?

Source: Source: Domagojpa Blog


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WPbeta offers $50 AdDuplex coupon to Windows Phone beta app creators


How about working on your app (analog clock tile), Domagoj? Im waiting for the wide tile for a long time...

Um, it's actually on WPBeta.me for testing, with notes about a forthcoming round of testing for new features:

"New beta version with wide tile support and some deep changes will be available in a couple of weeks. Join now and be the first one to have it!"