WPCentral 134: New Year's resolutions and the Lumia 900

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This week we're back after a lil' hiatus. Join Jay Bennett, Daniel Rubino and our latest contributor to the site, Rafael Rivera for a discussion of Nokia's 900, OS update 8107, ChevronWP7 Labs (and tokens) plus our favorite apps.

Full show notes and HD video after the break...

WPCentral Podcast 134 for January 5th, 2012 - LIVE

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WPCentral 134: New Year's resolutions and the Lumia 900


Intesting comments about the barriers to live TV streaming on the platform, but wondered how the Sky News app manages to do it?

I just heard Daniel mention in passing that the IS12T isn't compatible with Verizon.  Say it ain't so!  =(
My GF is getting tired of her Pre Plus giving her problems and I'd like to get her something better (and with internet sharing like the Pre Plus has) than the Trophy that I'm currently using.  Unless Verizon changes there tune sometime soon, the IS12T was looking like my only hope.