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We're back again for another exciting podcast, this time with myself, Jay Bennett and Rafael Rivera. The big news this week is the Lumia 900, its purple problem, sales and Microsoft's new SkyDrive push.

Rafael also tells us a lot about Skype and why getting calls in the background can be difficult on Windows Phone. Plus we take your questions!

Show-notes and HD video after the break...


Windows Phone Central Podcast 141 for April 25th, 2012

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WPCentral 141 - Stormtroopers and the Cloud


Wanted to see if you could comment on the web traffic on this site as a proxy for the popularity of Lumia.  To me it seems that web traffic has exploded--the forums are full and there are always tons of comments on everything. 

Hi there guys! Quick question, what do I need to learn to make apps for windows phone 7? To give you a background, when I was in college I learned to program in turbo Pascal and Fortran!!! (yes I'm old!) and it's been years since I last programmed anything. General pointers would be fine!!! Thanks.

Windows Phone 7 is coded in C# and visual basic, with the aid of mock up in XAML. All of which is based on silverlight.  I recommend visiting create.msdn.com as this is where you would get the tools for programming, getting your AppHub account, as well as a wealth of helpful information. You can code in either Visual Studio 2010 for Windows Phone, or Microsoft Expression Blend 4, the latter being the one I prefer.

Yeah! My "hi" was mentioned! My life has a meaning now! hrhrhr

:) thx for that


I don't know if you can use this info, but I am working for a german/european provider. I am working in a store halftime and the thing bothering me during my working time is the service-stuff I have to do for my androidclients.Of course that's ok..because its some kind of my job ;) BUT: 90% of the time I am telling the Android users to restart their phone (i am an ex-blackberry-user and had to battery-pull my phone almost every day, so I guess I can not say something againts it here...). So the first thing I realized was: my WP Phone almost never had to be restarted because of lags or other issues with apps and the os. 

So I tried something: I wanted to know how long I can use my WP (HTC 7 Pro/Arrive) without having it restartet or turned off. I am using my phone for almost everything: a lot of emails and messeges, phone calls, games being played, music, calender and so on... ( I also installed 80apps I think during the testing time...so yes: I also use the apps and try them). 

Long story short: I used my phone for 111(!) days without any lags or other problems! the last two weeks I had some issues with my apps being updatet, but the first 100days were 100% issues free! And once again: I use my phone A LOT! I had to stop my test because of an update waiting for my arrive. And 111 sounds nice hrhr ;)
I know: my test does not prove anything...but it's kind of interesting to know. I am pretty sure, that not many phones would be able to last for a period like this... And I know that because of my job and my customers...

Maybe you can use this info.


Although they might not accept that in court, that's an awesomem test! And I find that to be so true on my own phone and my brother's phone (the Droid 3). He is always restarting his phone, complaining of freeze ups, and calling me to make sure his mic is working. I took his phone for about 5 minutes to play with it and in that time it stalled, the marketplace crashed, and a game kinda froze on me. It was amazing to see all that he puts up compared to how smooth my experience is.

thx atcraiger :)

Yeah that's true. I mean: of course it could also be a lot of luck. But the fact is, that I did not have a lag or something like that even once. I for myself was really baff because of that fact (as I mentioned I used to have a blackberry for a long time...). 

After my test being over I started to use my phone without any "special care" (During the testing time I tried to avoid evenings without my charger because of the battery life and so on...) and had to restart my phone once because of the battery being dead. But except of this one time my phone went on doing the job without any problems and issues... So it's still rocking WP and yeah...it's a first generation WP device...

i for myself love my device and the os. I am pretty sure that there are other phones (BB, iOS, Android and co) wich can handle an uptime like mine...no doubt there...but my guess is: with WP as the OS its more likely :)

So, first off: Great podcast guys, keep it up! You should go back to weekly podcasts.. Just my suggestion.
Second: Jay, you actually said it on the Mobile Nations podcast, but I think all three of you have, at one time or another, put out a dis on the first gen windows phones as being 'inferior' or at least lacking compared to second gens and now the Lumia's and Titan 2 (are those second gens or 2.5??) Anyway, I am using the HTC Trophy on Verizon and would like a chance to defend my phone as I absolutely love it. In the entire time that I have had my phone, which was on right around launch day May 26th. In almost having this phone for a year I have not come across very many problems at all, and none of the problems I have had have been because of hardware limitations. I had the disappearing keyboard for a while which was a big nuisance, but other than that there hasn't been anything big. The only application that has had any problem runnning on my phone was Dragon's Blade, a pretty large RPG that got quite laggy. I am sure there are some others like Splinter Cell, and maybe Need For Speed, but my point is that I play a lot of games, download a lot of apps, and use my phone for my life, and simple because it was a first gen phone doesn't mean it can't handle everything I need from it.
Thirdly: Thanks for mentioning the HTC Trophy update in your previous podcast because I didn't even know I had an update until I heard about it on the podcast, and I looked and it was there!
Good day!

HTC Locations is no longer working on my Trophy its giving me a message about expiring licenses. I thought the service was supposed to be free?

Hello gentleman, I haven't commented in a long time. Sometimes I fall behind in my podcast listening and it takes me a while to catch up. I listen to all your podcasts though, keep up the great work.  :D
One question for you. Regarding the $100 refund Nokia offered Lumia900 buyers. Do you know if Nokia paid this full amount? Or did Microsoft, AT&T, and Nokia each contribute to the refund to help ensure the Lumia900 had a successful launch. 

I've listened to a couple of podcasts and quite like them so I wanted to subscribe to it so I could listen on my phone. When I tried to subscribe via Zune I was told I was in the wrong region (the UK). Is there anything that I'm doing wrong or is this a Zune issue? It isn't the first time I've come across it. Thanks for any assistance.

I decided to put a bit of effort into solving my own problem and it turns out if you copy and paste the URL into Zune from feedburner it works fine, but no luck if you click the subscribe via Zune link.Just in case anyone else has this problem and happens to read this.

Here's a question for the next podcast:
on the nokia lumia 900, i played with one a few days ago in store, and i noticed that the capacitive buttons do not vibrate as much as the samsung focus (which i own). can someone tell me if this is the norm on the lumia 900, or is it a defective unit?
when i say is doesn't vibrate as much, i mean to say that the Focus feels like the motor spins 10 times (random figures, im just trying to illustrate what i experienced). On the lumia 900, it feels like the motor just spins once. like, one tap and you feel a very very very slight vibration. it was very short. the focus is louder and longer.

again, just wondering if this is the norm for the 900, because i know the 800 vibrates just as long as the Focus.