WPCentral app hits v1.7 - hot fix edition!

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By now you may have received the update notification for the WPCentral app. It has been bumped to v1.7 and you're probably wondering what's new? Unfortunately, no new features as this was a "hot fix" for the recent site changes here.

If you recall, a few days ago we overhauled our content-management system (CMS) which broke a few things in the app. So if you're experienced some app crashes or images not showing, they should now work well in v1.7. The good news is the CMS change has given our trusty developer Jay a greenlight for adding commenting to the app. Yes, we know you want that feature and we don't blame you, but we had to do the boring backend stuff first. Going forward, not only will we avoid those 502 site-errors we had but we can expand and add new functions. Case in point, hover your mouse over the Mobile Nations Super Bar near the top of your browser, then scroll over each OS. Cool, eh

Haven't tried our official app yet? For shame! Grab the trial/free version here in the Marketplace. If you buy it for $0.99, you get no ads and Live Tile support. With nearly 25,000 downloads and consistently one of the top news app in the Marketplace, you can't go wrong.


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WPCentral app hits v1.7 - hot fix edition!


Just in case anyone is about to comment about it: There's still a bug when you tap a toast notification, the article won't ever load. This (and a content formatting bug with bulletted lists) will be fixed in v1.8 which will be submitted tonight.

Then it's on to v2.0...

Yep, one of the paid features is currently partially broken, and will be fixed very soon. The toast notifications still pop up, you just can't jump straight to that article from the toast message.

Of course the reason it's broken is to pave the way for more premium features, and our community is incredibly understanding about that

Keep up the great work, Jay. An already great app just gets better with each update. One of the few apps that actually takes advantage of all the mango features. I appreciate what you have done for our community and our beloved platform. You've also been a great contributor to the WPCentral podcast. It's good to hear an actual developers opinion on topics. IMO, that has made the WPCentral podcast even better than before. Can't wait for version 2.0

Agreed!  The consistent improvements and level of dedication to the app are impressive.  The combo of Jay and Daniel on the podcast results in a great dynamic and balance .

I love this app, I'm browsing it a bazillion times a day...good to see the bugs are being fixed, and can't wait for 2.0.

Note: I don't know if anyone else is still experiencing this, but I'm still getting the choppy scrolling.