WPCentral Exclusive Giveaway: Nextgen Reader v2.4--Closed!

Nextgen Reader

Sorry folks, the contest is now closed!

Here at WPCentral, we're pretty big fans of Nextgen Reader which is billed as "the fastest Google Reader client around" (we tend to agree). That's why we're excited to team up with the developer, NextGsoft, to give it away to all of you for $0 for the next 36 hours.

That's right, normally this highly rated app fetches for a $1.99, but for the next day and a half you can get it for nothing at all. The app hit v2.0 back in September with Mango support (see our video review) and since then it has received numerous updates, including version 2.4 which just went live in the Marketplace today. That version brings a bunch of new features and fixes to the table:

Nextgen Reader v2.4

  • Live tiles now support images.
  • New manage sources hub with search, add, rename and delete feeds/folder.
  • Improved scrolling in article view.
  • Pin tiles easily to start screen from manage sources hub.
  • Added change password/account option.
  • Improved sharing page.
  • Bug fix: save post title in read it later.
  • Bug fix: support for Japanese font.
  • Bug fix: better support for multiple YouTube videos in article.
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes.

So how do you get the app for not a single penny? You just have to do the following steps to get an unlock code:

  1. reTweet this story and/or follow Nextgen Reader on Twitter (or both!)
  2. OR do the "Like" thing on Facebook
  3. THEN Fill out this form for your registration key and you're good to go (the key will be emailed to you within the week which will unlock the Trial)

From WPCentral and NextGsoft, enjoy your free Google RSS client! Grab the trial of Nextgen Reader version 2.4 here in the Marketplace and read more at the Nextgen Reader site for details on the update.

QR: Nextgen Reader


Reader comments

WPCentral Exclusive Giveaway: Nextgen Reader v2.4--Closed!


Hello all, Thank you for signing up!!!
We'll send you the unlock key as soon as contest is over. Thanks again!

Been using it for awhile now. Can't buy it from where I live cuz of the Marketplace availability, I would if I could. But thanks so much! If you guys are working on another app I'd be sure to give it a go and buy it.

Already retweeted this story and filled the form. Installing the app now and waiting for the key to arrive.
Thanks for this giveaway. The app looks great.

I bought nextgen reader a while back just to support them. They're very great and responsive with support and feedback by email. The few suggestions and wishlists I've given them have been implemented as well. This and the wpcentral apps are the only 2 apps I use daily :)

Been looking to try one of the top g-readers... Don't have too many feeds thru Google as of yet, so I haven't really picked one up... But, if sticking their info on my social sites (yup, I did both), will have them send me a freebie code, then awesome!! I will give them a go!! I hear this is one of the top apps for g-reader anyway... (hope I am not endorsing another party with my abbreviation of Google Reader throughout this comment...) :S

What about those of us that do not "tweet", nor have a facebook account! I know hard to believe, but some of us "old codgers" out here do not do the social media thing. Of course I would still like to be in on such a sweet deal, as I do read a lot and love my WP7.
Thanks for your consideration !!!

Alright... thank you for posting the comment.
Please go here and fill the form http://bit.ly/get_ngr to get full version. Also, send a mail to ngreader [at] live [dot] com with same information you fill on the form.

I'm not even old and I also do not use Facebook or Twitter. Shocking I know, but I have never and will never use either so these new style of giveaways leave me out in the cold lol.

Thank you for posting comment on WPCentral :)
Please go here and fill the form http://bit.ly/get_ngr to get full version. Also, send a mail to ngreader [at] live [dot] com with same information you fill on the form.

I followed the steps and today I got an e-mail from them saying they had a glitch with MailChimp that ended up deleting all the data they received except for e-mail addresses. They provide a link that they want you to click so you can give them the necessary data again.
The e-mail looks slightly suspicious and may be a phishing attempt. Did anyone else get this e-mail?