WPCentral interview with Microsoft & Nokia at CES '12

WPCentral was lucky enough today to sit down with Nokia's senior vice president, Windows Phone program management Kevin Shields and Joe Belfiore, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President, Windows Phone program management.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the focus was on Nokia, the Lumia 900, re-entering the US market and anything else would could think to ask. Having said that, sorry folks, no new feature announcements were revealed about the Windows Phone OS as both gentlemen outsmarted our attempts. (We're betting on Mobile World Congress next month for more info on "Tango").

Belfiore and Shields

The interview, all 25 minutes of it, can be seen above and we think it is quite interesting, especially as we ask about what are Microsoft's and Nokia's biggest challenges in the US, how did the Lumia 900 come to be (including the design process), what should we expect from the LTE experience and more.  Clearly Microsoft is expecting Windows 8 to add another "jolt" to Windows Phone in 2012 and we couldn't agree more.

In addition, we had some more hands-on time with the Lumia 900 and folks, we're really excited about this beauty as it is quite the Windows Phone. More on that later this week in our podcast.

A big thanks to Microsoft and Nokia for extending the opportunity for this interview and iMore's Rene Ritchie for assistance.

Edit: The last few minutes got cut off, so we have a new version coming up in a little bit.

Edit 2: New version uploaded with last 5 minutes.


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WPCentral interview with Microsoft & Nokia at CES '12


Kevin Shields is AWWWESOOMMME!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, wait, wrong conference.
Seriously though. Really great job on capturing some great content from those two! Very informative!

Nice interview, but why were there no questions about other carriers?  Is there a condition stated before the interview is granted to not ask about Verizon or Sprint?

My first question is about the 900 going elsewhere. People asked that during the press conference and it's been asked of Nokia dozens of times.

I'll tell you the response now and tomorrow: "We have no other plans to announce today but look forward to working with our carrier partners". What do you think they're going to say?

Thanks Daniel.  The Trophy has been a great phone, but as many others have stated, Verizon is very frustrating for WP7 fans. 

Great interview Daniel! One question I've been wondering is what decisions go into  deciding what markets are appropriate for a phone. For example why was the 900 for the US market but the 800 isn't really being pushed like the 900? 

Carrier requirements? AT&T needs a flagship LTE phone and they got one and if the Lumia 900 pulls off LTE like a charm AT&T has the upperhand when it comes to LTE samething said when the iPhone came out AT&T had the iPhone and flagshipped it as a anywhere Edge/3G device.

I know I'm not the only one thinking this, "Are Daniel Rubino and Joe Belfiore related?" Hahahaha, jk.  Good interview!

I'm kinda glad they are gone. When viewing on my phone, most of the time tapping edit or reply would trigger a vote. That was very annoying.

Yeah, definitely a great interview. I can't wait to hear the last of it, but it really makes me happy to hear that AT&T is really getting behind Windows Phone. I was in a flagship Verizon store here in South Carolina the other day, and they didn't even have a functional Trophy on display (after nobody could show me where it was and searching for a couple minutes). Kind of ridiculous.

Agreed.  Outstanding interview.  I am glad you're already working on adding the ending because it threw me off a bit, lol.  I think after today and this interview, we can see how MS and Nokia are going to be pushing Windows Phone this year.  I have a feeling we haven't heard "a better way to do things" (well, at least that's the gist of it...I can't find the exact quote in the video again) for the last time.  I wonder when Belfiore was talking about WP working into AT&T's plan, if he was trying to give us hints about other carriers, such as Verizon and Sprint. 

Great interview. And please don't take this the wrong way, but guys, you seriously need to work on video production if you're gonna be interviewing the top dogs because this was painful to watch. The constant panning, the shakiness, etc. I'm not saying you need to be lugging around heavy expensive equipment. But a tripod & mics on or around your subjects would have done wonders.

i wished you would have asked if they were bringing any unannounced models of nokia to the other carriers.. that way we would know if we need to jump ship or not =(

Yeah, T-Mobile got thiers.  It's the 710.  They got fucked over.  They got fucked over by HTC and Samsung too.

Hey at least it's something. Sprint and Verizon got nothing. People need to stop complaining, trying to blame Microsoft for this. The fact is Sprint and Verizon clearly are not supporting Windows Phone right now. You can not force them to. People just need to get over it and move on.
As for T-Mobile, they probably chose to go low end this time around, maybe due to poor sales. So they went with phones they could sell for cheap and not have them sitting on shelves forever. As WP becomes more popular, you will see carriers start to get more and better hardware
Does Windows Phone need Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile to be successful? No. The iPhone did just fine with 1 carrier for a while. What Windows Phone needs is an aggressive ad campaign which we hope to see from Nokia very soon. Once that happens and WP gets more popular, other carriers will jump on board (just like when verizon and sprint got on their knees for the iphone)
Even as a sprint customer, I think AT&T deserves these exclusive phones more than any other carrier cause they have been the only ones actually backing Windows Phone 100% since launch. Ironically, they were the first with the iPhone, and still showed high interest in Windows Phone
I myself am thinking about switching to AT&T after almost 10 years with sprint

Who is your crack dealer?  While I've only been an AT&T customer and am happy with their wireless service, their support of Windows Phone has been HORRIBLE!  They are the last ones to roll any of the updates and not a single person there can tell you a thing about what's going on WITH the updates.  I go into any AT&T store and they intentionally try to drive me AWAY from Windows Phone devices and TO either a Slutdroid or an iPhone.
Back it 100%?  You're crazy.

I can tell you from my own experience with the HTC Titan and the Samsung Focus at two of my local AT&T stores that the employees know iOS, Android and Blackberry devices on their shelves.  A few of those employees knew about webOS devices, oddly enough.  Here's why.....
Even Palm/HP did more with their mobile products than Microsoft has.  I saw a Microsoft commercial last weekend that showed a phone with NO  aspects of the Metro UI and if I weren't a Windows Phone user, I NEVER would have known what that commercial was about.  As a (former webOS and current) WP7 user, I have to say that I thought the commercial was about how you can see what your kids are typing in a MS Word document stored in the Cloud from your phone (and I want this capability...I think).  I never actually witnessed UI elements in that commercial spot which is really sad.  It would have made a great Office365 commercial but it was never explained.  It reminded me of the HP webOS commercial spots that were aired a few times over the few months before HP canned webOS - lame and not enough to make a difference.  This marketing scheme by MS is reminiscent of HP's behavior and if MS wants to win hearts and minds, they are going to have to spend a $1,000,000,000 on TV advertsing this year.  It won't happen any other way in this country. Our media culture dictates this.  The second half of this is sending WP7 ambassdors into the stores and give incentives to the carrier store employees to market the WP7 products, which is what Palm planned to do after the acquisition, but I don't think it ever happened.  This is why HP gave up, IMHO.  The only difference here is that WP7 is a more complete product than webOS was (not better, just more complete). 

"Yeah, T-Mobile got thiers.  It's the 710.  They got ****ed over.  They got ****ed over by HTC and Samsung too."
Correction: T-Mobile CHOSE theirs. In case you havent noticed, T-Mobile almost always gets the crap phones dude. They're a budget carrier & that's the market that they target. If you want high end, switch carriers would be my advice.
Blame T-Mobile if you wanna blame someone. No one is stopping them from picking up the Titan or the Lumia 800. They just chose not to & went with the low end models.

Again, that's an apples to oranges argument. Android is selling a boatload of phones. Just think about it. T-Mobile went low end, Sprint and Verizon have nothing. Why? cause of low sales. These carriers are thinking twice before wasting money on these devices that might not sell. Meanwhile AT&T getting all these phones, why? cause they were the only ones actually selling more Windows Phones than any other carrier, so they are willing to take that risk. AT&T even brags about selling more Windows Phones than any other carrier, which isn't hard to believe with how popular The Samsung Focus was

Great interview, but i would really like to know why there are no more devices with micro-sd. It obviously works now since i have a 32gb card in my focus and have not had any issues. I know about the cloud, i know about budget phones, what i don't know is, why there are no new phones with that option. Do you think you can ask somebody what happened?