Windows Phone Central is playing Modern Combat 5 live on Twitch right now!

It's Thursday, which means we're hopping on the Twitch stream again to play some games! This week it's the much-anticipated Modern Combat 5, which launches publicly on July 24. Every 4:30 PM EST on Thursday we're getting some gameplay in of whatever's within arm's reach, be it on PC, Xbox One, or, as it so happens this week, on mobile.

Now, we already know Modern Combat 5 was announced for Windows platforms, but the review code we got just so happened to be for iOS. You might have to grit your teeth a little bit watching iPad gameplay footage, but rest assured that the Windows experience will be pretty much identical and this is still a sneak peek of what's in store.

With that said, enjoy the show, and if you feel so inclined, hop into our Twitch channel and join the chat!


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Windows Phone Central is playing Modern Combat 5 live on Twitch right now!


So what ? Good games, never gets  old ... I am playing also tetris, pacman, solitaire ... CS1.6,CSGO,HL(1,2), Killing Floor and so on. Dont need fancy graphic, stupid storylines ...



You are cooler
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Meanwhile iOS, phone and tablet, have controller support and WP8 does not. Where is Xbox controller support for games on Windows Phone and OTG-USB support?! I'll never buy another shooter on my phone with touch controls.

stop have misty mind.... Only superior race is PC race, grab mouse&keyboard and ENJOY true FPS game experience not f><*ing autoaimnoobasistfornoobswhichplaysFPSonconsolescontroller

I hate mouse and keyboard controls. Preferences will always vary from one person to another. Some people even like to play FPS's on a touch screen...

Blitz Brigade has been pretty fun as a Team Fortress 2 clone even if it has a bunch of flaws (F2P model terrible, unbalanced matches, etc)

Yea, I'd bet they are playing it on a iPhone.... Like normal, the iPhone will get it long before Windows Phone does....

Nevermind the fact that this game looks good but, with out Xbox live, I wont buy it..... #SaveXboxWP