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Ever since Microsoft unveiled "Windows Phone 7 Series" back in February 2010 (and then changed it), much debate has taken place on what it should be called. Many people had made convincing arguments at the time that Microsoft should drop "Windows" all together and opt instead for an Xbox alignment.

In hindsight, such arguments now seem silly to us as Windows Phone 7 was hardly a killer gaming platform, nor does that send the right message to business/enterprise. Likewise, the phrase "Windows" has made quite the comeback with "8", as early reviews would suggest.

However, reader 'umovies' sent in this idea which piqued our interest because it actually makes sense:

"[Microsoft should] change Windows Phone 8 to Windows 8 Phone. They're going to have more products out so its kinda crazy saying Windows Phone 8 when you got Windows 8 OS, Windows 8 Surface's, you should have a Windows 8 Phone as well and it will get rid of the confusion over Windows Mobile."

Indeed, now that the core of Windows Phone 8 has been shown to be the core of Windows 8 desktop (which will also be used in the next generation of Xbox), it does seem obvious to call it Windows 8 Phone instead. Technically speaking, it's just more accurate. (Heck, our site wouldn't even need a name change as it is still "Windows Phone" but the specific version is just "8".)

Plus as our writer Seth Brodeur notes, you can finally say "I have a Windows 8 Phone" instead of a " I have a Windows Phone 8 phone" which is redundant (notice we usually say "Windows Phone 8 device" to avoid this. but it also sounds...odd).

What do you think? Hit the poll, people, and share it with others. Then we'll see about sending it to Microsoft.



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WPCentral Poll: What's in a name - Windows 8 Phone instead?



Technically, that's what it is now.

That's why they say "The WIndows Phone <insert name>" here for Makretplace, Blog, etc.

They only add the version number when they're not generally speaking about the OS.

I was about to say you are wrong but what you wrote could be interpreted multiple ways so I will give you the benefit of the doubt. You said:

"They only add the version number when they're not generally speaking about the OS."

If by that you meant they only use the version number when specifically talking about the OS and not the platform in general then yes I agree with you but there inlies the issue. The iPhone runs iOS, iPhone being the hardware and iOS being the OS. Android devices run android... the specific hardware are all named differently and Android is the OS. Windows Phone falls somewhere in between these two because the platform is kind of modeled halfway on both platforms.

Like the iPhone and iOS, Windows Phone is trying to make a platform that is more controlled and gives the user a better experience allowing all devices the updates and controlling the hardware in a manner that gives the users options but is still optimized for the OS.

Like Android, Windows Phone has multiple hardware makers giving the users options between different form factors and specialized software giving the different EOM's the power to differentiate themselves from each other.

That being said I think Microsoft should have used a little different naming scheme than both these competitors, windows phone should be the platform and not the name of the OS, maybe name the OS something like Metro OS. that way we would have Windows Phone news in general but when time comes that we move from v7 to v7.5 to v7.8 to v8 people wouldn't be as confused. As it is people are up in arms about not getting the latest Windows Phone 8 and they shouldn't be looking at that number, they should be looking at the platform as a whole.

Microsoft is trying to give people the best experience possible on said hardware and while us nerds and geeks might still argue over the Metro OS version the majority of consumers and public in general wouldn't get confused with the windows phone numbering. Look at iOS and Android, their branding doesn't have numbers behind them and the general public doesn't really care about the numbering. We know they are on iOS 5 and Android 4 but that isn't being advertised to the general public whereas with Windows Phone it is and I don't think it should be.

Just call it Windows Phone unless you are specifically talking about the OS version of features there in.

Ok. If MS was the sole device provider, they could call it the Microsoft Surface Phone, running Windows 8 RT. Otherwise you would have something like HTC Titan III-Microsoft Surface Phone-running Windows 8 RT. I like the idea of utilizing the "Surface" brand. Although in the end it really doesn't matter what I think, the decision has been made I'm sure.

you replied to the wrong comment, no-one in this string of comments said anything about calling it the surface phone or utilizing the surface brand.

OK, well just and FYI, Windows Phone 8 is running on Windows RTP not Windows 8 RT. In-fact there is no Windows 8 RT, the is Windows 8 and Windows RT.

I do like the idea of utilizing the Surface brand but only if Microsoft makes their own hardware.

yes you're right. If this as been cleared from the beginning, those applefanboyz bloggers wouldn't be spreading negative publicity about Microsoft ditching WP7.5 users. The naming wasn't right at all. The hardware should be named differently from the platform/ software running on it.

Why don't they just call the OS, metro OS8 or just metro 8? Actually metro technically isn't 8.0 because it didn't really build off the old windows mobile platform that ended at 6.5...so this should be like metro 2.0. That way everyone knows the naming difference of Windows Phone and Metro OS....hope my rambling made sense

There really is no exact science to the numbering system in software, there may be general guidelines that many follow but its not a mandate. If they were to name the OS metro like we suggested there is no reason they couldn't start off with v.8

Except the fact the the OS for all of their devices phone or otherwise is now using the same look and its all windows. Across the board they couldn't just use Metro as the OS, for various reasons. In terms of simplicity, it is Windows, version 8, Phone form factor...Windows 8 Phone. Where this couldn't be done the first time since both phone and windows were completely different, they are finally one and the same...

Yeah, that look or UI is called Metro and Windows Phone is not running Windows 8, it's running Windows RTP, the OS may be based on the same Kernel and underpinnings but it is a different OS. They are not "One and the same"

I never said anything about naming the OS Metro across the board, I was only talking about Windows Phone. Remember most people don't care about the actual name of the OS, we nerds and geeks know what OSX is but most regular people don't. As long as the brand is Windows Phone, regular people don't care about the name of the OS.

I have never been in any store that carries cellphones and heard them referred to as anything other than Windows Phone.  I don't think I've ever heard a user not on a tech blog add the number either.

^ This. It's always referred to as windows phone. If somebody ever did specify they said its running 7.5, or mango. They never ever said its a windows 7.5 phone. That sloppy and confusing system was developed by tech bloggers.

Windows 8 Phone does sound nice I guess. I just hope I can see the 7.8 update on my Samsung focus first Gen before I go out and get the wp8.

What would the abbreviation be? W8P? WP8 sounds better, though I do like Windows 8 Phone better in general. One potential issue, though, is if the update cycles don't coincide, what happens to the naming? E.g. Phone at 8.5 while w8 proper at 8.0.

The implication of the "Shared Core" architecture is that Windows updates and Windows Phone updates will coincide.
Besides, they can always do the same thing they did with Windows Phone 7.5; have the Product Name be different to the actual version number (the way "Windows Phone 7.5" is actually version 7.1, or how "Windows 7" is actually version 6.1.)

Just because they share a core, that doesn't mean they'll update them at the same pace. They could easily add features to one and not the other.

Me too... I'm guessing when Microsoft makes they're own phone it'll be the Surface.... Hoping for a Nokia Surface though.

I call mine a "Windows Phone" already so I think that's a good idea. I remember someone saying that Microsoft stole the X in XP from os X. :D

I agree Venom. Most of the market that is on iPhone and Android don't know what a Windows Phone is or that it even exists. When asked, I just tell them that I have a "Windows Phone" and move on. I don't go into the version. That is something that could just be shared with the WP community akin to when iPhone users talk about iOS5 etc. and Android users talk about all their sweets. And Apple does make a big deal about their major iOS revisions so it makes sense that Microsoft would do the same. So, in short, when conversing with the public at large, call it a Windows Phone without any numbering convention. When talking to other WP users and announcing new content releases, refer to it as Windows Phone 7, 7.2, 7.5, 7.8, or 8.

That's fine for now as there is only one Windows Phone. In a few months it will be a different story. We're on Windows Phone version 1 (WP7) and a completely different version is coming out Windows Phone version 2 (WP8). So in a few months I can't say "I have a Windows Phone" as you will either be stuck on WP7.8 or have a new mobile with WP8. Perhaps in a few years we can all claim to have the same phone again... Even though the conversation will likely go "well if you have a Nokia phone you have X,Y, Z too bit if you have a HYC you will have T, U, V instead and if you have Samsung you will have J, K, L. If you have WP7.8 you will only have half of those too BTW. Wheee fragmentation"

I say something along the lines of one of there more recent successes. Like Xphone no wait the every Apple fanboy would state they copied. Umm MS Phone 8 would be a change or MS Win Phone.

It's hard to pick what name they should use. I'm still trying to absorb the fact that in about one year's time my phone will be more powerful than the computer I owned 7 years ago and running windows NT kernel.
We need to do a series on what kind of dream hardware should Windows Phone 8 should run. I'm thinking it should have the design of Lumia, with a slight buldge for the amazing technology from 808 with LTE, dual-core processors, with a 12 hour battery life on use. That's a phone I would stick with for Years!

As noted above, that's what MS does now. But it doesn't get around the fact that when you get specfiic  you have to throw in the number.

We didn't watch Microsoft announce "Windows Phone" this week.

Well then personally I think windows phone 8 just sounds better than windows 8 phone. But that's just me.

So now that I think of it a little more, if the 8 or 7.8 or 7.5 or whatever is just the version number, why throw it in the middle. That would be like i5phone or Andichroid. So windows phone 8 makes even more sense now!

I think now that the phone series eliminates the mobile name, it may be a great marketing strategy to drop numbers after windows phone 8 is released. We know the number adds an attempt to re-invent your latest contribution in the mobile industry. Windows Phone has done just that (wp7) & now should carry on with the name itself. Look at Apple..the new iPad not iPad3. Consumers are bored of the number naming. IMO.

For marketing purposes this doesn't make sense.

You have Windows 8 Desktop coming out and the co-branding with "Phone" is killer. If you just call it "Windows Phone" in advertising how do you know if it's the old Windows Phone 7.x" or the new, awesome Windows Phone 8?

So that's just not practicl for the same reason why Microsoft isn't dropping version numbers for desktop either.

X-Phone j/k :-) In all seriousness, I catch myself trying to avoid saying Windows Phone phone when someone inquires about mine.

I think the number should stay. To me, for marketing, the number included with the phone (WP8) coincides with the number for the awesome new Windows 8 coming out. Its almost like telling consumers these devices are integrated with each other just by looking at the two names.

Take the number from the phone and its just that, a Windows Phone. It sounds like a device that is a byproduct of the Windows name.

Windows phone 8...(not windows 8) is defining the new OS standard of future mobile devices for Microsoft. WP will grow its fan base were ppl will know what ver. of the OS they have. I tell when asked I have a windows phone w/ the latest update & features not I have a windows phone 7.5. WP8, 8.5, 9, 10 will be just that...a windows phone with the latest update & features. Heck in years they may revert back to calling it windows mobile we don't know, but the name windows phone holds it own reputation that brought in the metro UI & features that we fell in love with. We live in a digital world now if u can't tell the difference from a mobile os & desktop then u shouldn't be using either one.

Microsoft problem is advertising...if people know they are getting the new iPhone with out the number being attached why can't Microsoft do the same

But kernel IS the OS. Kernel is the main part of every OS and the only one that is actually defines the OS.

UMH... NO. You said it yourself... "Kernel is the main part of every OS" and part is not the whole. It is what the OS is based on, not the complete OS.

Windows, Windows Phone and Windows Server are still seperate products. And the version number comes after the product name. Pretty simple, isn't it?

Has anyone given thought to what this will mean for future updates?  If they move to a Windows 8 Phone, it sends the message that the phone would then be following the desktop OS.  That would be they could release Windows 9 Phone until Windows 9 is released.  Either that or they'd have to go back to Windows Phone 9 to keep them seperate.  Likewise, the reasons listed for renaming only make sense with this version.  If Windows Phone 9 isn't based on the Windows 9 kernel, then the whole rational shuts down.

Windows NT has been the kernel for all Windows versions since just before XP. While there is a chance they could completely change the kernel in Windows 9 I don't think its going to happen thus making your argument invalid. Windows Phone 7 was Based on a different kernel, not the same kernel as Windows 7.

"Based on" is different than "implemented with".  Just because something is based on something else doesn't mean they are the same.  Look at the 2013 Ford Fusion.  It's design is based on the current design strategies of Aston Martin, however if I buy one I can't say that I drive an Aston Martin.  Windows 8's kernel is hugely different from Windows 7's in how it manages running applications and memory.  That's precisely why they decided to use it as Windows Phone 8's template.  I can almost guarantee that Microsoft will change the kernel again for Windows 9 just like they did for Windows 8 and 7 (from Vista).  My argument was that unless they remake the Windows Phone kernel along with the desktop OS (i.e. keep the two in sync), then renaming the phones doesn't make sense.

I think you were missing my point. They could implement small changes in the kernel for Windows 9, they could even drastically change it from the core but the chances are slim they are going to do that. I wasn't saying the kernel was exactly the same from XP on. The reason the kernel change in WP8 is such a big deal is because its a drastic change, a complete rewrite from CE to NT. If they make slight changes to the NT kernel for Windows 9 they should be able to implement those changes in WP9 with out leaving WP8 users in the wind.

I was under the impression your argument was to warn people that going to WP9 would leave users in the dust like the transition to WP8, sorry for the confusion.

I think it's pretty clear that from now on, Windows Phone and Windows will both have the same kernel and core subsystems. It would be madness for Microsoft to get everybody used to developing for a single Windows core, and then pull the rug out from under them by saying "hey, we're going with a different kernel/core for Windows 9 Phone! surprise!"
Since Windows is on a 3 year upgrade cycle, this move will put Windows Phone on a 3 year upgrade cycle as well, which will be good for customers as it means those who buy phones at the launch of Windows 8 Phone could see updates for up to 3 years.

voted no  while i do see its correct technically i still prefer the current name its easy to say windows phone 8 

They should change it only if Windows 8 is successful. If not, that'll send a bad message to its mobile version.

It is not Windows 8! So it should never be called Windows 8 Phone. There are huge differences between Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8. The same is true for Windows Compact Embedded 8.
It's Windows Phone version 8.

You jest, but I don't see it as being too far fetched that the OS for the next Xbox will be called "Windows 8 Xbox".
That is not to say the product will be called "Windows 8 Xbox", just the OS that runs on it.

Nah, leave it the way it is now. WIndows Phone <version number>
So the it's really  WIndow Phone, verison 8

Agreed, otherwise this site would have to change to something like 'W8P Central'. Leaving it as it is now means that you can just call the OS Windows Phone, and that sounds the best.

If think MS feels calling it Windows 8 Phone would be disengenous for the same reason calling Windows RT Windows 8 ARM would be - Neither actually run Windows 8.

We should use code names. Windows Phone NoDo, Mango, Tango, and Apollo. Like Android Gingerbread, Honeycomb, and Ice Cream Sandwich

In the summit presentation, Joe at one point called the collective Windows os's "8". Just 8, I thought that was a hint at new branding :P

Metro metro metro metroMetroMetroMetroMetroMetroMetroMetroMetroMetroMetroMetroMetroMetroMetro...........it sounds so futuristic

For marketing purposes I can see the benefit, but what happens when the versions fall out of sync? Like WP8.5? And technically isn't it Windows RT Phone?

  1. There is nothing wrong with he current name. I just call it Windows Phone. The thing you should have a poll for is to change that ugly, retarded UI that looks like dog crap.

I just say it's a windows phone. I would hope by now that windows mobile is so old, that confusion should be dying out.

If talking about version numbers, to be more specific specific, I'd say Windows Phone 7 or whatever, but it'd be nice if we could generally start calling it a windows phone and drop the enumeration unless it's pertinent to the discussion being had.

Windows ate phone=funny
Wait phone = bad...
Wait pee = funny

The reason for numbering is its a cue for you to go out and buy a new phone or device. If you already have an iPhone or iPad why would you go out and buy another one, my friend has all the iPhones and all the ipads expect 3 which he's getting ready to get it as well. Its a subliminal buy me thing, for instance if you didn't follow a site like this and the wp8 or w8 phone cameout when you went to the store a seen a win 8 phone and you have a wp7 you be like man there a new phone out and you'd have to buy it like the 3 3g 4 4s

At some point, we'll need to refer to the phone by its model name rather than the name of its OS. Once the dual-core, 1080p, 32 gig Lumia 1150 drops, we already know the OS won't be Mango...or 7.8 for that matter.

If they will call it Windows 8 Phone - what will happen in early 2013 with the first update? Or in late 2013 with the next big update?
I suspect that WP will still be updated more frequently than desktop Windows - thus it should have a version number of its own and not be tied to the version of "main" Windows.
Also, tablet edition of Windows 8 is called Windows RT (without version number) - so if anything, it should be Windows RT Phone (which I dislike even more).

I was always partial to the name MicroPhone. Of course, that would only work with a Microsoft built phone. As for the OS, Windows Phone seems fine to me. There's no real need in regular conversation for the different version numbers. If anything, Windows Phone makes far more since once WP8 lands, because it truly will be more WinPhone than it was before.

What if Windows were updated while Windows Phone aren't ready (or vice versa)? Wouldn't it seem like one of them were outdated?
Windows phone belongs to Entertainment and Devices Division while Windows belongs to Windows & Windows Live Division. Their roadmaps wouldn't always align to each other.

If we called it "Windows 8 Phone" it would imply that it's a phone with Windows 8, which is obviously not the case. Really I think the number should be dropped and replaced with Apollo. The number really is confusing to Joe Consumer. Having the same number as the current version of Windows really makes people think that the phone and the PC run the same OS.

At least with WP8 and W8 running the same kernel, and the codebase being so compatible, we'll see a lot of overlap between apps, so when people think both are the same, we can just kinda go "Eh, close enough."

Well that's kinda the idea of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Being better together. Metro apps running on both. There's a reason why they're both version 8.

I don't see how replacing numbers that are in order with arbitrary code names that have no order is better for Joe Consumer to know where he's at... 7, 7.5, 7.8, 8 follows a clear order. NoDo, Mango, Tango, Apollo has no real discernable order. With Android and Mac OS, I have no idea where Gingerbread falls in version number compared to Eclair and likewise with Snow Leopard and Lion.

Well I agree. If we're going to stick with the windows phone branding then yes it should be Winfows 8 Phone. I'm open to the Surface branding though.

Most people don't know anything about "windows mobile." They couldn't name a WM phone or tell you anything about what the OS looked like or how it operated. Maybe 5 years ago that was different, and a year ago, you could have said the same thing for windows phone, but times, they are a changin'...

i like the name windows 8 phone because it lets me know that im buying into an ecosystem i know that no one really cares thats how i feel. but thats what i think about it that being said simply WP would work with me and i read someone mention Metro2 for current version and so forth when speaking about a specific number would work as well i think the less there is to the name the better. i like the ring of "what kind of phone do you have?" i use a lumia xxx it runs metro :D

Wow good looking out on sticking up for me! Didn't see that comment till now. And my reason for asking that is that I've watched and read every post and toast on the wp8 and 7.8 and it never specified on the first Gen phones getting it. Although i will most likely get the wp8 i would love to see this 7.8 on my first Gen Samsung focus. But im sure im not the only one hoping to see the 7.8 on first Gen devices. Sk thanks for checking that asshole for me.

We've got to stick together. I don't come here for some jerk off to call me or anybody else names or talk down on us, just because we are misinformed. The purpose of this place is to get information if we don't know the whole deal, or help those that don't. I'm in the same boat as you are with a first Gen device(Focus) and kind of in the dark as to what's going to happen to with our devices. Anyways, I've seen other post by that person and he/she displays negative replies to just about every comment from someone who is misinformed or has an opinion about something.

LOL... All the uncalled for comments by that troll have been deleted, awesome :). Although my replies to his comments defending kikoswp7 were deleted too and now I feel like I wasted my time. :(.

Hm let me think... HECK NAW
I love Windows Phone, not I love Windows 8! I enjoy windows 8 as well, but let's focus on the phone here

Actually think using the Windows prefix was a negative and taken as a whole Windows Phone x was too much of a mouthful from a branding/marketing perspective - that's why iPhone, xBox and even Android works.

My quick two second thought... phONE (version whatever).

This idea seems silly, and Windows 8 Phone doesn't sound nearly as good saying "I have a Windows Phone". And I'd have to say "I have a Windows 7.5 Phone"..

NOOOOOO WAY!!!! That sounds really lame - Microsoft has to find a name that doesn't include the word "WINDOWS" in it.......Otherwise, Windows Phone 8 is fine.

They have an opportunity to rename due to this being a relaunch of sorts.

The surface announcement made me opt for the surface phone as that name.

yes I think Windows Phone(x) is better. cos if there's update to phone i.e v8.5 are will going to call it Windows 8.5 phone when the desktop/tables/surface verson remains W8.

This is just what cause the negative media propaganda against Microsoft about WP8 upgrade.
WP8 apart from features New and great hardware Not on WP7xx its running Windows8 architecture. I think if hardware is named differently from the OS running on it, will make one well informed. This not something Microsoft should be afraid of. I'm using HTC TITAN and looking forward to Windows 8 Phone.

I agree with the principle, but it only works until the 'Mango' update.

Windows 8.5 Phone?
Windows 8 Mango Phone?

There's a reason version numbers are usually kept at the end.

It's a Windows Phone. You don't call your iPhone an iOS 5 phone, or your Android an Ice Cream Sandwich phone. Windows Phone, running the eighth iteration of of Microsoft's mobile platform.

While I love how this discussion has brightened up my Sunday morning I really agree with the few posters before me. Just imagine a Windows 7.8 Phone. That doesn't work. There's Windows and there's Windows Phone. The rest are version numbers that most people outside our little fanboy world don't bother naming. My girlfriend is very happy with my old LG Optimus 7 running Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) + a few minor updates, but I don't think she knows what updates she had. And why should she? It is part of the design of our beloved Microsoft Smartphones that they can be used instead of having to be managed like Android Phones. They probably will never appeal to power users as much as Android does for exactly that reason. But for the rest of the world, they'll be Windows Phone. I'm pretty sure that when my girlfriend talks to other people about her phone - if she ever does, again why should she - she refers to it as "Windows Phone". That's it. And btw, seeking for a hidden logic behind Microsoft's branding is like the Alchemists quest to make crap to gold. You can get close, but you'll never get there. But it is nice to see how much a lot of people care about their Microsoft product - including me. It was about time that MS got cool enough to gather its community of disciples. Discussions like these among more than a handful of people let me believe that the beautiful design concept has a chance because it will be promoted feverishly.

I don't care what anyone says I still think Windows Mobile is still a better name for the product regardless of past connotations.  A modern mobile handset is now far more than just a phone.  It's really a mobile, handheld computer and data has become king, not the telephone function.  Windows Phone sounds contrived, and is an obvious, also-ran knock off of Apple's name for its company's handset, -- but without a drop of the cool factor of Apple's "i" naming convention.  (The Zune wasn't the "Windows MP3 Player," was it?)  WinPhone sounds somewhat cool, but it's a stretch.  Alas, MS never went with Zune Phone.

I kinda agree... It's a shame they didn't use "Windows Phone" 10 years ago... Then they could say "It's not just a phone, it's a mobile phone... Windows Mobile". Maybe it's a bit redundant as they're called "Mobile Phones" anyway. Do Americans still call then cellphones?

What I find remarkable about the name Windows Mobile is how unknown it is to us regular folks. I said before in a previous thread how I had no clue there was ever a Windows Mobile. Someone had informed me it was geared towards the business types. So it made sense why I was unfamiliar with then brand

They should just call it Windows 8, since at its core it is windows 8. These things are pc's, so why not treat it as such. Currently when someone asks what kind of phone I have I tell them its an Htc Titan. If they ask if it's "a droid" I say "nope, its a windows phone", I don't say it's a windows phone 7 or a windows phone 7 phone. That sounds dumb. It will be the same when it's running windows 8.

How about "Microsoft Windows NT 6.2 for ARM based Mobile Telecommunications Devices", or "MWNTARMMTD" for short. It's much more catchy than any other OS name in existence!

I have a WinPho and I love it, but the branding is hopeless, as it usually is with Microsoft products. The other vendors made their brandnames into the name of the device, it was no accident. "I have an iPhone", "I have an android", "I have a blackberry".  Microsoft? "I have a Windows Phone".
You just own a phone. It runs windows. You don't own a singular entity that you can form an emotional (Or zealous) connection to. Two words, the redundant inclusion of the word "Phone" and so forth. Even "Surface" sucks because it's too ambiguous. "Where did I put my surface?"  Are you on about your countertop? Some rockwall? A plank of wood? OHHhhh, no sorry you're on about your iPad. Sorry, I meant your MS Windows Surface RT.
"Zune" never worked as a name for a *thing*. iPad, iPod, iPhone, An-Droid, Black-Berry... People need to be able to form an attachment to the device to retain brand loyalty. I don't feel an attachment to my phone, that happens to run an operating system called Windows. I don't feel attached to my PC, which is a generic x86 Intel system running a Microsoft OS.
Hell, even "Razr" was better as an offering from Motorola, and I despise marketting words that drop vowels and sub in numbers.
Microsoft need to get their act together on the marketting front. Their new abortive logo and branding is just another indicator of this very obvious and frustrating fact, piled on top of a legacy of giving things hopelessly un-human names that no-one cares about, or are too convoluted and complicated to care to remember.  "Hotmail" and "MSN" and "Windows" are about as good as they've ever done.

Xbox seems to be the one that has bucked the trend. But even then, it still sounds a bit weird to say and its been over 10 years. I just refer to it as 360. As for Kinect, I don't think the name matters really. At least for core gamers who really don't seem to care for the product regardless

It could be worse... It could Wii or iPad. Wii = wee (as in to pee) and Pad = female sanitary napkin. If it makes you feel better just call it Metro.

IPhone, android, BlackBerry, palm, windows. I have the lumia 900 but when asked what kind of phone I have I just say windows phone (and then I add the not to be confused with windows mobile line just because it's such an injustice to have the two compared.) none of my friends say they have iPhone 4 etc... Blackberry does end up with curve kr bold or storm alot of the time but usually only if asked. I'm fine with juts windows phone but if I has to choose windows 8 phone would make the most sense.

Oh and iPhone phone? That's never been discussed because no one says it so I don't buy in to the redundant use of the word phone

As a blogger i know exactly where you are coming from wpcentral. I also use the Windows Phone 8 device but it sounds weird.
Make it Windows 8 Phone MS!!!!! I doubt that will ever happen though. :/

Leave it. 8 is just the version number. Windows Phone is the platform wether it's version 9 10 11 or 100. Don't muddy it by sticking it between the name.
When people ask me what kind of phone I have, I say I have a "Windows Phone". It's not as complicated as people make it seem.

No! They should never change the name to Windows 8 Phone.. 
I'll give you, that it makes more sense, when you look at the kernel - but, if Windows Phone gets like as sub-division af Windows, we get problems, when WP gets updated..
What would you call it, when WP gets updated to 8.5? Windows 8.5 Phone? What will then happen to Windows? Should it also get an updated call 8.5?
Think about the confusion that will make!
And, have you ever heard of Windows 7.5, og Vista.5? (only Windows before 95 had a second version number).. Instead Windows use Service Packs.. Should WP then also get SP?
Windows 8 SP 2 Phone..
No! Keep the 2 divisions seperate in name
Windows 8
Windows Phone 8
They are not alike in their update cycle..

They will never get away from Windows Phone name because if that happened, they would be starting all over again with mind shares..imo

Shouldn't be called windows anyway, neither should the upcoming desktop / tablet OS... Should have called it Metro or Tiles etc. windows involves having "windows" for applications and explorer etc

I was thinking along the same lines. It's not really windows any more. It's something else. What that something else is I'm not exactly sure. Like a lot of others have said it's about mindshare. To some Windows has a negative connotation, while to others it may be something else. They have a lot invested in the name Windows Phone. It's their brand. I like the use of the Surface name followed by the version number. That just my opinion.

"Windows" doesn't have windows, and glasses aren't made of glass, and rubbers aren't made of rubber, that happens all the time. It's been windows from the get go; it's what it is. Any negative connotation to the name is fading. Just as the "windows mobile" association is fading.

Same core, so it's important that people know (especially devs) that it's the the same platform. I was talking to a dev the other day who was talking about learning to build an iphone app but he wasn't looking forward to buying a Mac to do it... After talking to me he was super excited at being able to develop for W8 (tablet & PC) + WP8 (+ possibly Xbox 720) with the same codebase (obviously with modifications to the display and control interfaces).

Dumb idea. The phones aren't running Windows 8. Nor are the ARM-based surfaces, for that matter - they're running Windows RT.

They're ARM hardware running the core of Windows 8 RT. Not all that different from the Surface.

Actually it's Windows 8 with WinRT or Windows 8 with RT and Win32. Those are the two flavors, one for ARM one for X86.

Yes I'm wrong, there are 3 flavors of Windows 8 not 2.  However, they all fall under the Window 8 moniker.  Also, I have to say Brandon kind of contradicts himself in that article.

I would like to see them drop Windows from the name but unless they do that it would not be worth the effort changing it.

< I have a Windows Phone 8 phone
Did you also hear anyone say I have the iPhone Phone? No, Windows Phone is a perfect name and the fact alone that you report "windows phone phone" propagands shows how you were trolled by apple fanboys

Don't drop WINDOWS!!!!! Anything from that is STUPID...
even the XBOX MUSIC IS DUMB.. ZUNE WAS PERFECT THEY (MSFT) just have to advertised it... But they never did... Xbox music is just cheaply named.. ZUNE was competitive...

Stay with Windows Phone, it has a classy ring to it and it also sounds proffessional. The version number should be in the specs list and not advertised.

The argument is still valid, though. What if the update cycles don't exactly coincide. Typically, there isn't really a progression of numbering in full windows until the next full version (with service packs in between). Yet the phone gets advanced with "point" updates (e.g. 7.5). What happens if there's WP8.5?

NO... they should not change the name, beacuse then they would have to change it with every version of the OS.  Look at iPhone and Android, their names never change.  Our name is and the branding is simply Windows Phone.  You dont need to call it WP7/8.
Windows PC, Windows Phone, and Windows Tablets.

Hmmm, that would make my Lumia 900 a "Windows 7.8 Phone" vs a "Windows Phone 7.8"? They both suck for one simple reason that Microsoft has never admitted to. The "brand" value of 'Windows' is negative. Frankly its been holding them back since Windows Me and the numerous disappointing and frankly con-jobs their "Windows"branded operating systems have been for decades. After shelling out thousands of dollars on dysfunctional Me and Vista OS's,most people associate 'Windows' with dysfunction, disappointment and drudgery. Win 7 is immeasurably better and Win 8 may be even better, but regardless, "Windows" is a drag.

Xbox is for kids and wasting time. Ask any CTO if they want to give a presentation to their Board proposing to switching the company over to XBox anything!

I would go with the Surface brand. It sounds good, its off to a good start in the Public imagination, and among its features is the closest integration with a phone imaginable. And does anyone doubt that the Surface 2.0 Tablets won't offer built in slots to dock your 'Surface Phone' for a charge and a cellular connection?

Ditch Windows. Its been an anchor on Windows Phone from the beginning, and steer clear of XBox. Go Surface!

I think it really doesn't matter how or what they "officially" call it, I have always said I have a WINDOWS Phone and honestly, that's what's printed on my Focus S as well. When I ask someone what phone they have , I 99.9 percent of the time hear "I have an iPhone" or "I have an insert brand name phone here" if its an android. version numbers complicate things, windows is all we ever need to say imo.