WPCentral sneak peek: SuperTube gets a major facelift [Video]

With the rise and fast fall of MetroTube in the Marketplace, SuperTube for many was and still is the best alternative. For those of you set on MetroTube though, you'll want to take a gander at the new overhauled SuperTube app called YouTube Pro, which is currently in beta. We'll be curious if that app name sticks but regardless, we're more interested in the way it looks and performs.

YouTube Pro

We've been using Beta 2 for a few days now and are quite pleased. Live Tiles for your subscriptions, push notifications, background downloading, video uploading, low quality (LQ)/high quality (HQ) and high definition (HD) playback--this app has it all.

No word on release or pricing but we don't think it'll be too much longer. So fret not, YouTube lovers, you have another alternative.

For now, you can try the current version of SuperTube which will run you a cool $1.29 in the Marketplace, or you can get the free ad-supported version here


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WPCentral sneak peek: SuperTube gets a major facelift [Video]


Thx for the great video, Daniel. Just had one question I wasn't sure about. Is this app gonna be an update to the current supertube or will this he a new stand-alone YouTube app? I've already purchased supertube so I wasn't sure if I will have to pay for this new one or if it will be an update.

Thx again.

Has anyone gotten the error in Supertube where not all of your subscripstions show up? They show up in the main feed, but when you go into the Subscription list to manage which pages show up in your main feed, not all of my subscriptions are there. About half of them show up and the others just don't show up.

Nice!!! Not as pretty as Metro Tube though.
I hope it has a black theme?
One thing thats not that great in MetroTube is the comments section, its a bit small and gets a pain in the ass flicking through after a while, this looks much better.
Another thing that I really dont like in apps is when one section gets two pages, like the top rated videos here. Its just weird and if you usually scroll through that section it becomes annoying having to swipe two times. Add a sidescroll (like Pulse RSS reader has) instead.
But looks awesome overall.