WRC Live now available for Nokia Windows Phones

Nokia has already showed off their exclusive ESPN sports hub at Nokia World, and now they're set to offer World Rally Championship fans an app too. This free app will enable Nokia users to keep track of the latest happenings of the event, calendar, maps and videos. This should not come as a surprise since Nokia announced a partnership with the FIA WRC, and is also a listed sponsor.

Nokia owners can download the WRC Live app from the Marketplace for free.

Source: 1800PocketPC


Reader comments

WRC Live now available for Nokia Windows Phones


I don't like this. Nokia exclusive WP7 apps ? That's not a good idea. Make it free for Nokia owners, but available for $ to everyone.

I agree! We have to buy a Nokia phone to gain access to this apps? That's so unfair. BTW fantastic app!

Exactly! Now people are pissed because Nokia cares about bringing these nice little apps to their users. They should either get a Nokia if they want it, or petition their WP oem to try to do something similar.Thing is, I don't recall anyone crying foul about HTC's equalizer app or HTC's current 'burst mode' camera feature.

Andorid fragmentation ring a bell?If people keep having a mentality like yours then that's where WP7 is heading. I agree Nokie has the right to do what they want with their app, but why crate a seperate marketplace? It doesn't help WP7 build any market share with that practice.

Nokia didnt create it MS allow every vendor and carrier to have their own section in the marketplace if they wish. This is nothing new, the only difference is Nokia believe in WP and are prepared to pump money into seeing it succeed, the other OEM's dont.

Nokia created this app, not Microsoft. Why is unfair that Nokia creates apps for its users? If you have a HTC, Samsung, or LG WP, why don't you ask them to create apps for you?There is absolutely nothing stopping the other WP oems from stepping it up to bring goodies such as this to their own user base. Don't be hatin' on Nokia!

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Well, the problem for me is that as an American fan of WRC I can't get this app because there are no Nokia WP7 devices in the US yet. Oh well, another reason to wait for the Ace.

I agree I want a WRC app, but can't justify buying a new phone just for that if a Nokia device was even available.Make it free for Nokia, and pay for others.